white frost

Yesterday, the sun showed again, after a couple of days under a thick fog cloud. I went jogging, up the hill, and found myself in a fairytale landscape. All trees glittering in bright sunlight, covered with white frost. Amazing! The picture only vaguely reflects this magical moment.

What a perfect start the jogging in crisp but clean air. It was very inspirational (think my clean/clear/soft scent that I am working on).

When jogging -and as I have a pretty long Sunday jog of around 21-22 km through the woods and fields and returning home along the river- I have a lot of time to reflect; and quite often I think about what I have read, some blog entries sometimes, but not that often anymore as I do not read the blogs: More on a random base based on what's appearing in my never ending facebook feed. Some of these posts these days are so horrible that I get into private conversations with perfume creating friends from the world. Few of us dare telling the truth, publicly, however. I do not really know why nobody from the other side starts fighting some of this sh$$$, as the online communication about perfume in the blogosphere became irrelevant. Contrary to the situation it was 12 years ago. But still: No fighting back. No discussion really. Strange. Maybe it has to do with their irrelevance.

When I have a bit more time after the holidays, I will have to pick one of the posts that kept me going thinking "am I the only one who thinks this is so wrong?" and write a memo, here.

I also think about existing perfumes while jogging. Some that give me troubles because I am close to being out of stock. And some that were sort of in the center of attention for whatever reasons....

Like Hyacinth and a mechanic. Here's a smart and insightful review of this scent that you might have missed and that I use as a reminder here about something..... 
Hyacinth and a mechanic is part of the tauerville collection. And there, in tauerville, it is special. It is the first of a couple of scents that I do not sell online and nobody does. It is only available during events, hand-to-hand, while I am in store.


I think that online is wonderful, but at the end of the day, perfume is also about talking face to face, physical, telling stories, smelling together and beyond that: living in a time where everything is available everywhere, I wanted to make a statement. No, you can't get this online. No easy 1-click purchase of a sample. No. Not with this one. It is too precious. Ah... don't get me wrong. The price of Hyacinth and a mechanic is moderate. It is precious in a different way.


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  • Good morning Andy,

    can't wait to read more of your thoughts about the blogosphere. I'm not quite sure who you refer to with "the other side" though? Parfum lovers, i.e. regular consumers of scents and blogs?
    I assume you refer to a non-personal point of view, so this is probably not what you meant, but I want to mention I felt I had to answer back a while ago when a blogger trash talked about l'Air ddM: - Don't read it when you are not interested in a pointless rant. Dude even censored my reply.

    Oh, and I so intended to ask you for the Hyacinth and a Mechanic recently at the Duftapéro, and I later kicked myself that I missed that.

    PS: impressive Sunday run btw!

  • Hi Marcus, Thank you!
    The others: Those whose products or market approaches are reviewed and critically discussed by some who do so without even knowing what the story is all about, or who do not have the money to buy samples/perfumes, relying on what they get sent by brands (they should collect roadkill instead of perfume). I have not read the particular review that you mention. I checked it out diagonally for 30 seconds and got bored instantly and could well use this post as an example for why the bloggers are killing niche/selective/artisanal perfumery These days. But then: I won't spend time reading it in detail... not worth the effort. About Hyacinth and a mechanic. I will do a Zurich event in Q1 2017 in Zurich, with the bookstore.... stay tuned :-)

  • Andy I think it's precious that you save Hyacinth and a mechanic for face to face transfer. The human element persists in the digital society! I hope to some day see you in person for such a purchase... preferably in Zurich but perhaps in San Francisco. It would be great to run on the trails in Marin but sadly, I'd be finished after 10k...Merry Christmas!

  • What a stunning photo! I have had magical moments outside in winter like that, unreproducible in a photograph.

    Looking forward to reading your memo about obnoxious blog posts, I have seen quite a few and like you, don't bother reading all the way through most of them. Nowadays I only read a couple of blogs, more for the congenial conversations than anything else. I only follow a few perfumers, too much signal to noise ratio these days. It was so wonderful and special meeting you in person and discovering Hyacinth and a Mechanic in the presence of the creator. I thought it was a great idea. It does necessarily exclude a lot of people who geographically cannot access these events, but I think it's still important and valuable to connect personally for those who are able.


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