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  • Goodbye 2016, welcome 2017

    It is time to say goodbye to 2016, and welcome to 2017. I wish you all a peaceful 2017.

    I am ready for 2017. I cleaned my desk. I archived old folders on my computer. I organized all novelties coming in 2017 together with my design guru body, including some fun and totally not necessary projects that I will do because I just have to do them. Psst: Don't tell my bookkeeper....I consider this my privilege of being small and independent: There is a lot of room to play and run perfume related projects that might drive some of my business partners crazy because they are sort of not commercial.

    Like every year: I won't come up with new year's resolutions either. I try to change during the year. By the way: Here's a great thing and rule of thumb. The human brain is super plastic, meaning it adopts pretty easily. My rule of thumb is: It takes about 2 weeks to build a strong pattern. Like: Let's assume I have the goal to sit every day for 10 minutes without doing anything, no smart phone in the hand, no music no nothing. Just sitting. I need to do this for about 14 days, trying to build a routine. After 14 days it will have become part of a regular scheme and I will not have to remind me of it. The brain will have learned. The same is true for brushing teeth or anything else....Anyhow:

    I won't do a best of list here, and for sure not a worst of list; like best blog or worst blog, or best perfume or worst perfume, or best retailer or worst retailer. If there's something I have learned in 2016, then it is: "Best of" is tricky and critics do not like to be criticized or questioned.

    I also won't come up with predictions for 2017; like trends for perfumes, or where the world is heading to. I find the world has lost a couple of degrees of predictability in 2016 which makes 2017 feel like a grab bag.

    There's one thing that I know: 2017 will not be boring.

    So let's tackle it!

  • a promise made true

    With the year coming to an end, it is time to make my donation promise for December come true.

    I promised, early December, in  a video post on Facebook, to donate 10% of all online store turnover of the month December to charity, charity being the international committee of the red cross.

    I rounded a bit up, donating 2000 to the ICRK.

    Having said this: Thank you to all of you who ordered in December, and to your continued support of my venture. 2016 was an all time record year for my venture, in all possible ways to measure it, and I am glad that I can give a bit back.


  • end year cleaning

    This year, I gave myself a Christmas present: A new office bench. One that allows me to stand when working on the bench. It turned out to be a necessity because my shoulders do not handle sitting and writing on a keyboard anymore. Thus, I gifted myself with a new desk and before setting it up in my office, which is a room in my appartment, I had to clean the old desk from a paper and glass vial mess.
    The vials, you see them in the picture, totally non glamorous, are some of the trials done this year. Let's say: The best ones. The bad ones usually go to perfume heaven quickly. Every year, towards the end, I kind of filter them out, keeping only those that really work and that are worth following further. It is a nice way of looking back to what I have been working on during the year. Mostly, these days, I do not talk about what scents I am working on as I learned that it raises anticipation that I mostly cannot fulfill.

    Especially, as some scents that I am working on are not really with a clear goal to come up with a product. Often, it is l'art pour l'art. Just fun pieces that do not really fit into any marketing or business plan. Not that I have a written down business plan anyhow.

    I also keep a box with "items", that are inspirational. Bottles, objects, that are somehow linked to perfume, like a simple bottle that is unique (no bottle really) and would be a perfect container for a room fragrance that should not be expensive. (yeah... roses :-)..... )

    These objects just sit there and wait for their moment.

    I will try the desk now and try to get used to standing while writing and doing Excel stuff. Exciting!



  • mechanics

    Today's picture shows you a screenshot of my Tauer Perfumes Facebook page, the way I see it. I see different things there than you. Let me share some insights about the facebook mechanics, and why you might have seen "promoted" content there coming from tauer, and why there are no free samples.

    If you look closely, you may see that at the bottom of the picture there's a bar with two numbers: 2288 and 6161.  These are the numbers of how many people have seen this post about the perfume in a soap in their feed. They see it because they liked Tauer Perfumes' page.

    2288 were organic views, meaning: I would have gotten these views anyhow.
    6161 were paid for views, meaning: Without me paying these views would not have happened.

    As a page owner, you have to pay to get out there. It is like paying by providing free samples to make draws with blogs, something that I have stopped completely. Why no free sample draws on blog? Because, and many of my colleagues could tell you the same, it has zero effect on sales. No return. Zero. Nada. Nothing.  Furthermore, there, on the blogs, you talk to a closed circle. I could go into details but won't. Just take my word for it. Zero effect. Totally useless. Except for the fact that you might make some folks happy because they get a free sample.

    Thus, as a facebook page owner, you have to pay for exposure. This why you might see promoted content. Now, of course, the next question is: Is it money well spent?. The answer: Yes, it is.

    My five cents: It is an example of the shifts happening; 10 years ago, it was a different world and the (few) blogs had some importance as intermediary to an interested and focused public that bought. These days, well, there are many more blogs and they talk to circles that are overlapping to a large extent and they are talking to a public that does not buy selective (artisanal limited distribution perfumery) niche, at least not in the extend they did in 2007; for many reasons that go beyond this post. And some of the blogs out there talk often in a confusing way, comparing artisanal with LVMH, expecting mass market esthetics in artisanal perfumery, pricing like in a drugstore, or in the contrary applauding 400$ fragrances, not understanding any of the market's mechanics, without questioning what is happening, mixing opinions and facts, in a fake news way. Very unprofessional many of them. Hurting more than helping.  Sorry.

    Tauer Perfumes is a one show,  mostly, with a creative director (me), a producer (me) and nose (me) and a marketing responsible (me). The marketing guy says: Hey! The world has changed: Let's talk on facebook and pay to get noticed.

    Of course, I can never pay and promote like all the Esthee Lauder brands: Malle, Ford, Le Labo, or other brands owned by big international groups, Byredo, Dyptique, and all the others.

    But at least I can try to get noticed and make a statement: I am one of the few remaining truly independent and am still moving.

  • white frost

    Yesterday, the sun showed again, after a couple of days under a thick fog cloud. I went jogging, up the hill, and found myself in a fairytale landscape. All trees glittering in bright sunlight, covered with white frost. Amazing! The picture only vaguely reflects this magical moment.

    What a perfect start the jogging in crisp but clean air. It was very inspirational (think my clean/clear/soft scent that I am working on).

    When jogging -and as I have a pretty long Sunday jog of around 21-22 km through the woods and fields and returning home along the river- I have a lot of time to reflect; and quite often I think about what I have read, some blog entries sometimes, but not that often anymore as I do not read the blogs: More on a random base based on what's appearing in my never ending facebook feed. Some of these posts these days are so horrible that I get into private conversations with perfume creating friends from the world. Few of us dare telling the truth, publicly, however. I do not really know why nobody from the other side starts fighting some of this sh$$$, as the online communication about perfume in the blogosphere became irrelevant. Contrary to the situation it was 12 years ago. But still: No fighting back. No discussion really. Strange. Maybe it has to do with their irrelevance.

    When I have a bit more time after the holidays, I will have to pick one of the posts that kept me going thinking "am I the only one who thinks this is so wrong?" and write a memo, here.

    I also think about existing perfumes while jogging. Some that give me troubles because I am close to being out of stock. And some that were sort of in the center of attention for whatever reasons....

    Like Hyacinth and a mechanic. Here's a smart and insightful review of this scent that you might have missed and that I use as a reminder here about something..... 
    Hyacinth and a mechanic is part of the tauerville collection. And there, in tauerville, it is special. It is the first of a couple of scents that I do not sell online and nobody does. It is only available during events, hand-to-hand, while I am in store.


    I think that online is wonderful, but at the end of the day, perfume is also about talking face to face, physical, telling stories, smelling together and beyond that: living in a time where everything is available everywhere, I wanted to make a statement. No, you can't get this online. No easy 1-click purchase of a sample. No. Not with this one. It is too precious. Ah... don't get me wrong. The price of Hyacinth and a mechanic is moderate. It is precious in a different way.


  • it is 9 days before X-mas and I am getting ready for 2017

    It has been quite a while since I found time and muse to write here on the blog. A lot has happened since then: My computer crashed a couple of times after updates/upgrades and convinced me that it is time to get  a new one. That will be part of the action plan 2017.

    One reason why I went silent here: We shipped orders like crazy the last few weeks. From soaps to body oils to perfumes in all sizes and yes: That's nice! And now, 9 days before the holidays, I am getting ready myself, too: Getting some gifts for the kids, printing holiday greeting cards, and trying to calm down after busy days. Actually, the prototype of the card is being printed just now. I am using a watercolor drawing from last year.

    Today's picture shows you some pencil drawings from the archeological museum where I had my regular drawing class yesterday. The guys to the right were fast sketches, where I sort of draw freely, just a few minutes, to capture something like a look or a pose. The picture to the left is a detailed study that took about 2 hours, trying to be precise and correct and all. Difficult!

    The funny thing: I sometimes like the fast sketches that are not accurate and not detailed better.

    For 2017 there is also a perfume action plan, of course, and the perfume(s) are detailed studies, so to say: Elaborated for weeks, months, years. Besides this defined action plan: I am tempted to add one fast perfume sketch...We will see.

    What we will also see: 2017 will come with a travelling action plan. Because I learned: personal visits and appearances make all the difference. But I need some planning there. Thanks for staying tuned.

  • Advent

    Fragrant greetings! I was in the US, haven't talked for a while, too, and got back and got sick.
    But now I am back up and running. Right now, I am actually on my way to Turin, where I will give a little speech about "clean". Exciting.

    And I came up with a short video where I am talking about what I will do during the advent time; for me always a time of giving, too.


    An advent video

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