snow on the hill

This morning I got up and realized: Wow! Snow on the top of the hill on the other side of town.

A nice and welcome reminder that winter is coming, for sure, and with it the season, the holidays, x-mas and all. Actually, it is just a couple of weeks from now and we will be in advent mode.

Thus, for once, the timing is right for the long awaited glycerine soaps to arrive, here, in my online boutique. I got them, hundreds of them. All nicely packed and cellophaned and I will soon be offering them. Today's picture shows you what you will be getting. - - - -But wait: I am a one man show, most of the time. And next week, I will be travelling to the US for some business and meetings and an appearance at the Fumerie in Portland (Nov. 18.... Hurray!)

This appearance will rock for a couple of reasons, surprise, surprise... I will write about it a couple of days before getting there.

When I am travelling I have a back-up and I am always feeling sort of sorry when leaving with a new product in the online store because it is hard work to get shipments ready and out. And I am also feeling sorry for myself because everytime I bring a new product, my email box gets filled with a lot of often the same mails, such as:

" why don't you ship here (Italy, Haiti, Swaziland... you name it)? "

" I love your products but can't buy right now. Please send anyhow (no kidding)"

"My credit card does not go through. Please ship by email (no kidding)"

"Is it cruelty free?-  is it gluten free?- can I send the packaging back for recycling?- give me the formula of what's inside! - how did you do it?-  I ordered yesterday and it did not arrive yet".

"I wish it came as body lotion. Why don't you make one for me".

So there you go. I will be heading for the factory now and sooner or later will put the soap online. You will learn about it here, on the blog. Thanks for following!

8 thoughts on “snow on the hill”

  • Oh the joys of working with the general public. NOT.
    Have a blast in Portland! Try the smoked salmon & geoduck chowder too.

    • ha! Yes, Bibi.... But there is a very bright happy side to it, too. You just have to love people. They come in all colors and make live colorful.

  • Congrats on getting those wonderful soaps ready for the holiday season! Love the packaging as well, and so looking forward to trying them!
    I can imagine all those funny comments, but it does give you a laugh, in any case! Have a great visit in the U.S., and wishing you another success!

  • Oh Andy I know you're not kidding. You only prove my long-standing opinion that love about perfumes gathers also a lot of freak people! :-)

  • Wow, the soap packaging is gorgeous, I love it! As for the crazy comments, just wow. :-)

    Wish I could visit Fumerie when you are there, alas too far. Hope all goes well!

    Wearing Au Coeur du Désert today for the first time, it is so beautiful. It is going to get a lot of wear this winter!

    • Greetings, dear Tara. I am glad that you like the Coeur du désert and thank you for your compliment on the packaging. My designer guru did a great job there, indeed. (today I posted pictures of the other side as well....)


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