PHI-une rose de Kandahar

PHI-une rose de Kandahar was on my mind this morning, standing on the balcony, looking into morning mist and realizing how the cooler temperatures silenced the birds.

Some of them were fighting over the berries that are gleaming in a bright orange on the bushes around the house. By the time winter has come they will be gone.

Water droplets were sitting on the dying leaves of my mirabilis plant that finished blooming a while ago. I collected some of the seeds for next year, in about 6 months.

With all this in mind I started my day with Photoshop.

Enjoy the season!
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10 thoughts on “PHI-une rose de Kandahar”

  • excellent photo and favorite fragrance !

  • Andy I agree - beautiful photo composition. Funny how it tricks the senses into thinking there's a scent of Phi and autumn rain in the air just by looking at the photo.

  • I love the depth of your photograph. Visual and olfactory impressions can be experienced quite differently by each individual. While the photo speaks of vintage, autumn and melancholy, the PHI perfume is for me full of life, vibrant and endearingly youthful. One of the stars in your collection.

  • Thank you, Stephan. Yes, it is three pictures in one with different overlays and it is indeed a bit a dark, autumnis picture. The sparkling joy might be missing a bit :-)) And thanks so much for your compliment!

  • Wow, that picture is amazing! Even the color of the rose perfectly matches my mental image of the rose in Rose de Kandahar. I wore it earlier this week layered over Rose Delight body oil. It was sooo good!

  • hotlanta linda 14. October 2016 at 2:42

    BEAUTIFUL!! photo!! Thank U!! :-) Warm temps are still w/ us here - grateful! ``Red roses for a Blue Lady`` - classic!

    • Enjoy the warmer temperatures, Hotlanta Linda! Here we are dealing with below 5°C temperatures in the morning. We are so not used to it yet....


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