An e-shop is a boutique, too

at the Pitti fair in Florence, I was chatting with one of gurus in the industry.
"You need a boutique", he told me. And on my objections that I am too small: "An online store is a boutique, too", he replied.
And the why is answered by: You need to show your world.

So there you go. Here's a part of my world: The happy bright bunny scarf is part of the Tauer world. I offer some of my illustrations (watercolor) as scarves, 95x95 cm, high quality 100% silk (for the experts: 14 mm), digitally printed which means "ecofriendly".
You can find the other pictures here (just click through the gallery).

I guess, my "world" is colorful.

3 thoughts on “An e-shop is a boutique, too”

  • So pretty ! Love the colours, even if I am not a scarf person. I am looking forward to the soaps. :-)

    • Dear Tara,
      I am not a scarf guy, either :-) And on the soap front, I am happy to report that the joint venture with my design guru ( is wonderful. He came up with the most delightful packaging that goes into print right now and the soap is being produced right now, too. Using my scents, of course, and hand made in Switzerland, but not by me. The scents that we produce now are the Majestic Tuberose and the Manderines Ambrées. I worked on a new scent over the weekend but I don't talk about it because I failed and failed and failed. Scents for soaps are difficult....

  • hotlanta linda 14. October 2016 at 2:39

    Simon and Garfunkle`s ``At the Zoo`` :-) :-) Happy 75th to Simon !! :-)


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