Fragrantica. A review and a thought beyond it

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Today, I share with you a review that just appeared on Fragrantica, about my novelties and I invite you to read about the newest release from Tauerville, my other story besides Tauer Perfumes.

Here is the link to Fragrantica (where I got today's picture, too).

And here's a thought that goes beyond the review. is a very successful addition to my core line on Tauer Perfumes. Back then, when I came up with Tauerville, I mentioned that it is my creative outlet and a place where I try new things, like doing facebook ads. There, on tauerville, I am a bit faster, freed myself from packaging efforts by going nice but simple(r) and recently, I even came up with a claim.

Trust your nose (tm).

Trust your nose because.... well: We live in a perfume world of too much and too similar and too aqua banalis. A term that a perfumery owner in Italy used when confronted with scents that were nice but not necessary. In this context, I feel it is important to trust your nose. By doing so, you are on the safe side not to fall into concept traps or price traps.

And, maybe you will also realize that there is a red line that goes from Tauer Perfumes to Tauerville and back. The nose behind it all. Tauer, they say, comes with a style. And even if I would try very hard to become different: I could not.

Of course, there's an irony and the rules of engagement: I also need to use pictures for my tauerville products because at the end of the day it is visuals that create interest, but the nose should guide you when you got your samples.

You can get your tauerville fix these days by sampling, too. Here's the link to the product page on tauerville. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Fragrantica. A review and a thought beyond it”

  • Nice article! I am looking forward to sniffing the new releases when I get to the US in November. I agree that Tauerville has turned out to be a great complement to Tauer Perfumes - it pays to go out on a limb, that's where the fruit is! :-)

  • Congrats! Very positive und motivating reviews. I think Au Coeur du Desert must ba a masterpiece - I would like to try it. Pitti must be a wonderful place for anyone who loves scents. Your two new scents will surely become successful as everything you created in the last 10 years. I know there is much work and effort behind it but unfortunatly the perfumes become the more and more less affordable to me.

    • Thank you Juno. To be honest: the Pitti fair can be too much- even for hard core perfume lovers.
      I know about the affordability issues. That's one of the reasons why I came up with Tauerville....

  • Dear Tara
    You know: when I started Tauerville (same thing with tauer perfumes) everybody around me told me: Don't. I did and never had any regrets. Maybe I will have to hire a part time here in Switzerland sooner or later, but then: That's maybe a good turn, too. I sometimes think: Everything else is better than not moving. Even if I make mistakes on the journey... keep on moving!

  • Very well done, great review - one should never forget, that this all sits on the shoulders of persistence and hard work in the last ten years, I raise my cup! Buuut ...when can we have the Coeur-thing here in CH?? Btw. on the bottle it says Extrait d P, well there is a plan behind, isn't it? ...Rrrrr so sorry I didn't made it to Piti, was busy with shop-sitting ... ;-)

    • Hi Till
      Yes, it is hard work. Especially these days. The Coeur thing :-) well.... somewhen between now and Nov. 1 I will make it available on my site. (it will go to the bookstore in Zurich earlier). The reason for this particular long lag time: I will be travelling mid October and if I start offering samples and products nowish then things will get out of control. I have to be careful there. For instance: I still have not found a back-up here in Switzerland for the time when I am travelling. I am working on it but it is not easy!


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