a wonderful scented bubble

So I am back from Pitti, the fragrance fair in Florence, Italy. It still feels like I am in the midst of a big Tauer Perfumes cloud after 3 days of intense spraying and spritzing and talking about my creations.

Time to get back to crisp and clear Swiss air.

Pitti is a glamour world, with a lot of gold and black, strong evocative visuals, perfume bottles without end, and in the middle somewhere, a guy in jeans and bright sneakers: Andy. Looking at it from a distance sitting here in Zurich and trying to get control of what feels like the perfect communication storm, I realize that the Tauer guy at the stand, me, is probably one of the only perfumers there in sneakers. I made a TAUER T-shirt: That was neat. But otherwise: Andy is a bit displaced there. Or is it that he's at the perfect spot?

I think, me, Andy, is there at the perfect spot because what I do is a bit different.

Let me explain.

There were about 250 perfume brands at Pitti. Some brands, houses, I highly appreciate for their honest and authentic appearance, like Sarah from 4160Tuesdays or Oliver from Oliver & Company or Olivier from Olivier Durbano or Neela from Neela Vermeire and some others. We all share one piece of DNA. Phenotyp: Authenticity. For 11 years Andy is playing the perfume selling game in a corner of the industry, referred to as niche, and with every year passing by, the corner gets more crouded and confusing. So I am standing there, still not bought by Esthee and not financed by Puig, with what I have to offer and wonder where we are all heading and my Italian friends come by, visit my stand and wonder about the same questions, too. Because they are in the know.

They, perfumistas, and average consumers, do not buy in department stores, there are less of these mall kind environments anyhow, but they buy in perfumeries that are abundant, also for selective perfume offerings. In this country where you stumble over historic mementos of rise and fall of empires on every corner you have more selective perfumeries than in the entire US. Think: 10 times more. Italy is different.

And so are the Italians. You cannot cheat them into buying an industrial salami by telling them it's the real thing. There is this thing in Italy that always amazes me; they all seem to be born with a style gene. The resulting phenotype: Whatever they put together it comes with style. And before leaving the house: Perfume makes the difference.

Italy has always welcomed Andy with cheers, and the Italians forgive the Swiss guy his missing style gene, but love the fact that his perfume creations are different because the Italians, they know their perfumes. Again: It's in their genes.

So I presented two novelties, one in Tauerville and one in Tauer Perfumes.

Both novelties will be talked about here and there; the Italians deserved to get them first. Now, I use my Swiss busy worker genes to build up stock (we sold too much in Italy) and to continue telling the story to you, too.

There is time.

As I was jogging in Florence, running my way through centuries, I met David, the white marble beauty, the amazing, eternal, and I could not but look up and feel humble.

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  • Andreas,
    You are a wonderful man. The one thing that exceeds your skills as a perfumer is your modesty. And your kindness, too. So, your sneakers will be forgiven ;-)
    Looking forward for your new perfumes in the Netherlands, too! For the semi-Italians here...

  • Hhahah, loved this post :)

  • Thanks, Hester :-)

  • My pleasure, Fazal !

  • Your authenticity (and the bright sneakers) are all the best part! I am a boring Hausfrau in Deutschland...but with a secret...I have great taste in fragrance. I can be in line at Aldi, and when someone walks by and says, "oh, Sie riechen aber sehr angenehm", I can smile and continue about my day of laundry, shopping and cooking. I was in Florence, Milan and Rome recently and I just sat, gawking at the way an italian woman can wear a plain cotton dress and look like a goddess. I wore harem pants, red shoes and hats...and felt like Ronald McDonald! Doesn't matter though...I smell incredible. I loved the parfumeries in Italy as well! Much more patient and kind staff working there too. In Germany there is often an air of "You don't know anything"...which is ironic since I usually am more educated about brands and notes than most staff...this Hausfrau likes doing research ;) Keep doing what you're doing...we love you for it!!!

    • Guten Abend, liebe Susanne
      Thank you very much for sharing. I experience the same thing, too. Quite often sales assistants here in Switzerland are clueless but want to force you to test what they have on their target list. A question about notes, or perfumers or anything else is usually not answered, but what I often get is: "It is new"....
      so there you go. I think, we could learn a lot from many Italian perfumeries there :-)

  • Andy, like I said on FB, you have your own style. You make your own style and don't follow anybody else. More power to you :)

    • Thanks so much, Barry! Guess what: At my distributor in Italy, blue jeans and a white shirt is called "tauer style".... :-)

  • Deborah Lane McGuire 14. September 2016 at 18:11

    As Americans say, you're "the REAL deal"--no phoniness or posturing. Stay true to your vision and the world will be a better place for it. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  • :-) Merci, Deborah
    me thinks: The world is in desperate need for the real thing. Not only in perfumery, but everywhere. Like in politics, the time we spend together with people actually talking and not just whatsapping (is this a verb?). That's why I started calling people these days again, not sending a message. It is so different....Fragrant greetings!

  • Love the Tauer style - I am a jeans and tennis shoes girl too but I smell like a million bucks! :-) I have only been to Rome but my husband worked in many places in Italy and he confirms they have the best perfume shops in Europe. Fortunately I can have Tauer beauties delivered to my doorstep in the US. Thanks for being you!

  • When I hardly got in the hall of Unscent, since I didn't have a real business card to show (in my opinion this hall was a prison of once independent perfumeries), a region marketing representative there asked what shop I represent and what perfumes do we sell. I mentioned Tauer - "Sorry?" she asked. "Andy Tauer" - I explained (like - James Bond). Oh, THAT ONE - she said. :)
    It was great to meet you in Firenze, hope you keep going there anyway.

  • Thank you for your travelogue!! :-) :-) And for always!! being YOU, no matter what else swirls around you! :-) ``True Colors`` from the one and only Cyndi :-)


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