packing perfume in the factory

When I pack perfumes in the factory, I sometimes see the light reflecting on the hot embossed silver logo on the cardboard sleeve that protects the tin box.

Here's a close-up photo: With my face being reflected. So you see: From time to time I just have to procrastinate in the factory.

2 thoughts on “packing perfume in the factory”

  • Andy is it procrastination, or just being in the moment that allows such reflection (pun intended)? As I look at the photo, it strikes me for the first time that the "T" in your logo evokes another T... as in a couple dancing the Tango. Oh never mind, perhaps it's just me procrastinating going to sleep at this late hour. Enjoy Pitti, and I look forward to what news this brings to Tauer(ville?)!

  • Good morning to you, Michael

    I think it is both, procrastination and being in the moment.... And I am looking forward to sharing the news in an instanst . Fragrant greetings!


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