11 years of air du désert marocain

It is 11 years that L'air du désert marocain exists. I launched it 11 years ago in the most simple flacon you can imagine (see picture of today). It has been quite a journey since then....

Overall, the journey brought me up to new lands and discoveries, but it was a bumpy way, with many ups and downs. A lot has changed since 2005. I came up with new packaging, a new flacon and many fragrances, ideas and projects and failures.  But air du désert marocain has actually not changed. I feel it is an object that will survive me which is a nice thought.

I posted today's picture yesterday on facebook and I learned: There are still bottles of this first lot out there, in use ... and: The fragrance is still ok and does well. Sometimes I think: Air du désert marocain gets actually better with maturation. On a side note: Yes, it does mature. In my nose: It gets mellower, softer, rounder.

So, let's give it another 10 years and see what happens.

In the meantime, I am preparing for Pitti 2016, THE fragrance fair in Italy, and for after Pitti. October and November will see me travelling, and if all goes well: Shipping novelties that I officially introduce during the Pitti. Exciting!


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  • Happy Anniversary Andy and LDDM! I am wearing it in honor of the occasion! The weather here in Portland is cold, dark, damp and rainy so it's a perfect warming scent for the day. Of course I wear it even in the middle of summer....! But today of all days it seems most appropriate. Congratulations Andy, I am happy and proud to wear the scent of your legacy.

  • I have a bottle just like that, from the first batch. It still smells fantastic! It's been great following your journey as a perfumer and seeing you grow and change. Here's to the next 10 years!

    Oh, and I am very much looking forward to the Pitti launches - if I understood correctly, one Tauer and one Tauerville? Just caught a reference to this on facebook. I'll be back in the US Nov. 1st so I will be able to actually order it after launch. :-)

  • Fragrant greetings, Melissa, and thank you! Isn't it amazing how fast time goes by? It feels like yesterday....

  • Thank you , Tara C.! You know: it is not a given that a scent lasts that well for such a long time. Quite often, the citrus top notes go bad after a while. One of the problems with real vintage scents: They often miss the glory of the head notes.
    And yes, yes yes: I will bring one Tauerville novelty and one Tauer Perfumes novelty. Nov. 1 or after Nov. 1 will be perfect to order (thank you!) as it will take me a while until I can offer the Tauer Perfumes scent in the US. Have a great day!


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