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  • technology is a miracle

    Today's blog post comes from within a train that brings me to Berne. I wish perfumery technology had advanced like IT. Imagine! Today's picture shows you the state of works in perfumery. Flacons with perfume inside: These are actually PHI-une rose de Kandahar flacons sitting in the factory, waiting for labels and decoration.

    The train runs fast, comfortable and the ipad is connected with 4G to the www. The last time (last week) I was travelling to Berne, I was fiddling in the backend, of tauer perfumes online,  the part that runs the shop: 10 years ago this would have been totally impossible. And I do not dare imagining what the world will be like in 10 years.

    In perfumery, not much has happened there in the past 100 years. We perfumers still work on benches, sniffing things and coming up with a formulation. Most perfumers do not mix and weigh things themselves, though. They have technicians for that. I formulate and mix myself which I think sometimes helps as I am constantly smelling the state of works. Thus sometimes it happens that I realize how lovely an accord is per se, and make a mental note.

    Anyhow: There has not been happening much in the perfume technology. There are some combinatorial approaches where folks mix  more or less randomly following some rules for head, heart and body notes, and pick the nicest to move on from there. But all the "liquid processes" are still the same. We got more chemicals, more naturals but that's not disruptive.

    So I sometimes wonder when will we see something truly disruptive happening in perfumery?

  • Fragrantica. A review and a thought beyond it

    picture credit: Fragrantica

    Today, I share with you a review that just appeared on Fragrantica, about my novelties and I invite you to read about the newest release from Tauerville, my other story besides Tauer Perfumes.

    Here is the link to Fragrantica (where I got today's picture, too).

    And here's a thought that goes beyond the review. is a very successful addition to my core line on Tauer Perfumes. Back then, when I came up with Tauerville, I mentioned that it is my creative outlet and a place where I try new things, like doing facebook ads. There, on tauerville, I am a bit faster, freed myself from packaging efforts by going nice but simple(r) and recently, I even came up with a claim.

    Trust your nose (tm).

    Trust your nose because.... well: We live in a perfume world of too much and too similar and too aqua banalis. A term that a perfumery owner in Italy used when confronted with scents that were nice but not necessary. In this context, I feel it is important to trust your nose. By doing so, you are on the safe side not to fall into concept traps or price traps.

    And, maybe you will also realize that there is a red line that goes from Tauer Perfumes to Tauerville and back. The nose behind it all. Tauer, they say, comes with a style. And even if I would try very hard to become different: I could not.

    Of course, there's an irony and the rules of engagement: I also need to use pictures for my tauerville products because at the end of the day it is visuals that create interest, but the nose should guide you when you got your samples.

    You can get your tauerville fix these days by sampling, too. Here's the link to the product page on tauerville. Enjoy!

  • a wonderful scented bubble

    So I am back from Pitti, the fragrance fair in Florence, Italy. It still feels like I am in the midst of a big Tauer Perfumes cloud after 3 days of intense spraying and spritzing and talking about my creations.

    Time to get back to crisp and clear Swiss air.

    Pitti is a glamour world, with a lot of gold and black, strong evocative visuals, perfume bottles without end, and in the middle somewhere, a guy in jeans and bright sneakers: Andy. Looking at it from a distance sitting here in Zurich and trying to get control of what feels like the perfect communication storm, I realize that the Tauer guy at the stand, me, is probably one of the only perfumers there in sneakers. I made a TAUER T-shirt: That was neat. But otherwise: Andy is a bit displaced there. Or is it that he's at the perfect spot?

    I think, me, Andy, is there at the perfect spot because what I do is a bit different.

    Let me explain.

    There were about 250 perfume brands at Pitti. Some brands, houses, I highly appreciate for their honest and authentic appearance, like Sarah from 4160Tuesdays or Oliver from Oliver & Company or Olivier from Olivier Durbano or Neela from Neela Vermeire and some others. We all share one piece of DNA. Phenotyp: Authenticity. For 11 years Andy is playing the perfume selling game in a corner of the industry, referred to as niche, and with every year passing by, the corner gets more crouded and confusing. So I am standing there, still not bought by Esthee and not financed by Puig, with what I have to offer and wonder where we are all heading and my Italian friends come by, visit my stand and wonder about the same questions, too. Because they are in the know.

    They, perfumistas, and average consumers, do not buy in department stores, there are less of these mall kind environments anyhow, but they buy in perfumeries that are abundant, also for selective perfume offerings. In this country where you stumble over historic mementos of rise and fall of empires on every corner you have more selective perfumeries than in the entire US. Think: 10 times more. Italy is different.

    And so are the Italians. You cannot cheat them into buying an industrial salami by telling them it's the real thing. There is this thing in Italy that always amazes me; they all seem to be born with a style gene. The resulting phenotype: Whatever they put together it comes with style. And before leaving the house: Perfume makes the difference.

    Italy has always welcomed Andy with cheers, and the Italians forgive the Swiss guy his missing style gene, but love the fact that his perfume creations are different because the Italians, they know their perfumes. Again: It's in their genes.

    So I presented two novelties, one in Tauerville and one in Tauer Perfumes.

    Both novelties will be talked about here and there; the Italians deserved to get them first. Now, I use my Swiss busy worker genes to build up stock (we sold too much in Italy) and to continue telling the story to you, too.

    There is time.

    As I was jogging in Florence, running my way through centuries, I met David, the white marble beauty, the amazing, eternal, and I could not but look up and feel humble.

  • packing perfume in the factory

    When I pack perfumes in the factory, I sometimes see the light reflecting on the hot embossed silver logo on the cardboard sleeve that protects the tin box.

    Here's a close-up photo: With my face being reflected. So you see: From time to time I just have to procrastinate in the factory.

  • 11 years of air du désert marocain

    It is 11 years that L'air du désert marocain exists. I launched it 11 years ago in the most simple flacon you can imagine (see picture of today). It has been quite a journey since then....

    Overall, the journey brought me up to new lands and discoveries, but it was a bumpy way, with many ups and downs. A lot has changed since 2005. I came up with new packaging, a new flacon and many fragrances, ideas and projects and failures.  But air du désert marocain has actually not changed. I feel it is an object that will survive me which is a nice thought.

    I posted today's picture yesterday on facebook and I learned: There are still bottles of this first lot out there, in use ... and: The fragrance is still ok and does well. Sometimes I think: Air du désert marocain gets actually better with maturation. On a side note: Yes, it does mature. In my nose: It gets mellower, softer, rounder.

    So, let's give it another 10 years and see what happens.

    In the meantime, I am preparing for Pitti 2016, THE fragrance fair in Italy, and for after Pitti. October and November will see me travelling, and if all goes well: Shipping novelties that I officially introduce during the Pitti. Exciting!


  • smelling perfume brings the brain into a different state

    Over the weekend, I was also playing with scents. It always helps calming down. I guess you experience the same: Smelling perfume brings the brain into a different state. To me, it is a state that comes close to meditation.

    The same is true for drawing, thus today's picture: The Sunday pencil sketch of yesterday. Two hours meditation with Ms. beautiful and Ms. sad. These days, I have three ways to relax: I draw, I run or I play with scents.

    The website is up and running again. There are some details that I need to address in the coming days, and a couple of design elements that we will need to address in the coming months. But more or less : We are up there again.

    Lighter, less design but easier to maintain and more secure for my clients.

    I find it exciting; and I like some features the best. Like going through the payment process in $ and EURO. Or like having larger pictures on the blog. Although there, I think my joy made me a bit go over the top and I will have to come up with a size standard.

    So... what's next? The website needs to load faster, I need to come up with more starting pictures (sliding pictures on the front page). And I need to finish preparing for Pitti in Florence, like sample making.

    And here's another highlight: I will meet a soap producer here in Switzerland for a joint venture with yet another company for my fragrant soaps. Now that I can ship for a reasonable price to the world, and in light of the fact that I could sell hundreds of perfume soaps: I am seriously considering getting it done. Exciting!


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