the first one

Here's a little "making of" before I am heading for the factory where more bottles are waiting for me to fill them, label them or pack them.

Usually, I do a bit of everything as I am easily bored and cannot just do one thing all day.

So the making of: Today's picture shows you the first bottle of the body oil, called "rose delight", that I filled yesterday. The scent was pretty intense while doing so. The reason: I got the body oil mixed for me following my recipe by my provider of essential oils and other fragrant goodies. They fill the mixed oil into dispensers, 5 kg each. And this dispenser is tricky to empty into the glass bottle with dispensing pump.

So... yes, Mr. Tauer spilled some of it (on paper that I laid out) and there it sits and smells.

Yesterday, on the balcony, I told the helpful partner: "you know: If this product takes off (you never, never ever know), then I have somebody else filling the bottles. I do not like this oily stuff to fill."

Ethanol has its disadvantages, but so does oil. It won't evaporate when spilling stuff.

Besides that: I am totally happy, having filled 200 and doing some more today. The labels will reach me towards early next week and then we will see. The body oil, 50 ml, will ship without box, to save some $. If I feel like I need a dedicated box, I can always get one but this adds to the product price.

OK: Off to the factory, filling rose delight into bottles.

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  • The first image that popped into my mind was from the movie "Perfume" in which the girl is found in the vat of oil in the vain attempt to capture her essence via efflurage....but, I would still happily fill bottles full of rose oil. My skin is crazy dry and I have a love for all things rose scented (even my lip balm is Melvita 3 roses nectar!) Looking forward to this. I would be completely content in a rose scented world.

  • Andreas Schmid 23. August 2016 at 16:03

    Ich bin ein Berliner


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