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Today's picture shows you some radish, growing on the veranda in a box (urban farming sort of). Radish is growing already at 5°C and it is one of the easy and fast growing treats that basically always comes, in small space and rainy weather, and with minimal interventions needed, except maybe for regular snail checks.

So we are having radish these days with the daily salad and I love it.

A quick harvest and reward.

I wish in perfumery the harvest and rewards would come equally quick and easy. Well, it doesn't. Having said that: I am blessed, having started 11 years ago, I can harvest some fruits there, too. Impatient as I am: I learn on a daily basis that in business it takes years and years and even more years to get to a point. And crafting perfumes, learning to create them, takes years, too. I got an email the other day from a perfume lover who -like so many - wants to create perfumes, too. Asking for help, because after 2-3 years the creations are not there yet.

I will not help, of course. It is not my job and if I would start helping, I could spend the rest of my life helping others. A lesson that I learned and, as I always say, when you start asking for help you have already lost. There are technical aspects: For these books exist. And there is the creative space that you need to wander and find your way and there is nobody who can help you there; except you aim at following somebody's path and copy/paste what has been done before.

Anyhow:Creating perfumes is an ongoing challenge which is nice as the learning never stops. Learning does not stop when building a brand either. Everything changes and we all need to adapt. Adaption can mean many things. We all will witness these changes in the coming months and years. We will see brands and stores vanishing, more perfume appearing and disappearing in the same year.

In LA, at the Institute of Art and Olfaction event, I was asked by a perfume brand owner: "What do you think is the next big thing in perfumery (in niche)?"

I answered: Estée Lauder.

My answer was answered by a big question mark. Like "what?".

Finally, I got something like "oh there must be more and there is so much happening and there is so much room for niche and all"
(You know... the usual self motivating niche speak).

"Nobody cares what's happening there", I answered. And I continued for myself (sort of):And there is no room left because Estee and a couple of others fill all the shelves. No room left.

Like I said above: I am blessed and very happy. But at some point, I figured it is time for some honesty.


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  • peter hurst 12. May 2016 at 12:05

    I guess the internet has helped a lot of niche perfumers to get going and be successful. And some of these big companies have been around a very long time.

    Interesting thoughts. And I also am having radishes with my lunch, tho' they are not home produced!

  • Estée Lauder is an interesting company. I find the biographies of the woman who started cosmetic companies in the 1950's to be fascinating and instructive. Estée Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubenstein and on the male side, Charles Revson of Revlon and Max Factor each had amazing fortitude and a rather harsh, cut throat approach to business which still characterizes their companies today. The cut-throat business model is old and degenerate. This is the age and time for a new business model that will rise above the greed and still soar and succeed. I believe this is the way of the future, and I hope the future is not so far off.

  • Andy, which books about perfumery can you recommend to read? I love perfumery in general, your perfume in particular, and I would love to read books that you think are worth reading

  • Andreas Tauer 12. May 2016 at 16:42

    Hi Dariya
    May I recommend Mandy Aftel's Essence and Alchemy. It is a lovely book about natural perfumes and natural raw materials.
    If you happen to speak (read) French and are interested in more technical details: I recommend Guy Robert's Les Sens du Parfum.
    I hope that this helps.

  • Andreas Tauer 12. May 2016 at 16:43

    Good evening, Laraffinee
    I have to be honest: I admire Estee Lauder as company for their sales power. It is a true sales tractor and sales machinery. And it seems to have an almost perfect sense for what will do well in the markets....But then: Yes, I hope so too that there will be new business models thriving in the future.

  • Andreas Tauer 12. May 2016 at 16:44

    Oh yes, Peter: Some of them are around for a very long time by now. I am still an infant in comparison :-)

  • In my mind (and nose...) bigger does not equal better or more desirable. Rather than employ a giant tractor, I'd much prefer to carefully harvest by hand a tiny jewel of a radish. Or one small perfect tomato :-)

  • Andy basically people are group beings and therefore all sort of want to dress the same way and (by instinct) want to smell like a member of the groups...which might explain the success of Estée Lauder e.g. Estée Lauder might wish to have you as their perfumer

  • ...I meant they might wish as "in their wildest dreams"...

  • Hilarious answer to that perfume brand owner... I can just imagine his mind boggling. :-)

    Fresh home-grown radishes are a delight. Fortunately we have gorgeous open-air markets here in Montreal with delicious arrays of fruits and vegetables, since my tiny apartment balcony is not really suited to gardening.

  • hotlanta linda 17. May 2016 at 0:14

    Laraffinee, yt is on your side of hope! :-) Andy, you will always have a part of you that is young in heart - which explains your gift and charm!! :-) Amy Grant`s ``Baby, Baby`` to lift spirits! :-)
    Sorry for reading in quiet - ``Blue Meanie` and walkered/wheel-chaired father has been rougher than usual....BUT WE KEEP ON!! PTL!!

  • Andreas Tauer 17. May 2016 at 7:45

    Good morning, Marianne
    That's what I find fascinating: Human beings aim at being distinctively different and underline their uniqueness, they nevertheless and at the same time act as herd animals, trying to blend in. Most of them (us).

  • Andreas Tauer 17. May 2016 at 7:46

    Totally agree, Melissa. To feed the masses, you need tractors. But the delight of a freshly picked sun warmed tomato in the own little garden is just priceless!

  • Andreas Tauer 17. May 2016 at 7:47

    Hi Tara! You would be amazed how much you can grow on meter square :-)

  • Andreas Tauer 17. May 2016 at 7:47

    Fragrant greetings, Hotlanta Linda
    Nice having you here.
    Enjoy your week!


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