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Spring greetings from Zurich, using a photo that I took yesterday in the factory. I found the flower (dandelion) when taking a break, on the road, picked and forgotten. So I took the flower up to the factory room and fooled around with the phone and fruitchouli flash. Doing so, I realized again how important pictures are. A take home message for every day.

I have a couple of ideas there and I would love to start using a picture world for Tauerville that goes beyond what I have done so far. Tauerville, well..., it's a place where I can go a bit wild and try new ideas, working on cliches, serving them, too (if I feel like it) or swim to shores that are new to me. Maybe, in that context, we will see "sex on the beach, eau de toilette" in tauerville one fine day with a picture world that will bring in the facebook censor. This censor comes in actually pretty fast.

I was born and raised in the sixties, am a boy of the seventies and a man of the eighties. And, maybe hard to get for folks that are in their twenties and thirties: I am amazed how prude and Victorian "we" got in some areas. There's a lot of super clean zone out there, and this in a context of an oversexed society. Kind of odd and amazing. In perfumery: The same. Everybody seems to want the "beast" but reaches out for iso E and buys clean.

Anyhow, I have a thing with pictures and could spend hours just looking at them. I find pictures very inspiring, too. Often, I see a picture and there 's somehow a direct line to my perfume formula cubic centimeter area in my brain that says: Ah... another perfume!

This morning, I watched a bird, quite early in the morning, a "turdus merula", common blackbird, picking what it could find to build its nest. It is probably the same common blackbird that destroyed twice so far my urban farming pea efforts, by hysterically digging out what I sowed and nourished for weeks. Do I hate it for that? Yes. I am fantasizing about turdus merula grilled to perfection. Think: Appetizer. Do I love the picture of it picking stalks and dry grass, flying to a going to be nest with a spout full of stuff and returning after a minute or two? Yes.

A bird building a nest is a wonderful picture, and having to sacrifice some pea seedlings is an adequate price to pay.

What's next: I will spend some 10 minutes on, looking at pictures.


5 thoughts on “clean zones”

  • We here in the UK have a nursery rhyme about blackbirds baked in a pie. They were eaten in the past!

    But, like magpies, they are so beautiful.

  • Turdus merula en pate brisee avec le coulis de framboises. Wonder how many carbs per serving?!

    "Sex du Desert Marocain, eau de toilette" sounds like a Flash idea to me :-) :-) :-)

  • I never knew the latin name for that bird... The first four letters mean poop in American slang... Weird image created when hearing the name....

    As for perfume, I think I have maxed out on Iso E Super. Sex on the Beach sounds a lot nicer. :-)

  • hotlanta linda 23. April 2016 at 2:21

    You know you have my head humming Sir Paul`s ``Blackbird``:-) Whatever you go for will be a good scent! Maybe play something from the great, late Purple One, Prince :-0 for the erotic inspiration....TOOOOO many pop music greats gone to heaven this year!!!

  • I've had enough iso super e to last a lifetime...and whatever that "sugar" smell is in so may department store brands. Maybe they are just used poorly, and are so linear is what bothers me...but it's like taking a hammer to the nose. Enough! I protest by skanking up the joint at every opportunity (hello, Musc Ravageur!) And, of course, by swanning about in either Marocain or Kandahar. Someone has to show the young what, "amazing," is...and how complex and intriguing scents can be. Bring on the Sex on the Beach, and I'll bring the Tequila.


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