Mark the date: Tauer's coming to Chicago

Yes, I will visit Q-Brothers in Chicago and they were so nice to organize a meet Andy event:
Saturday April 30, from 1-4 pm

And look what great poster they did for their shop window! By the way: Q Brothers (4716 N Lincoln Ave) is in a lovely area that I visited about 4 years ago and it is one of the best places for niche, there in the windy city that was never windy when I was visiting. That's why I am there, at Q Brothers, with my products. It is worth a visit even when Andy is not there.

Other highlights today: Building more stock of Le Maroc pour elle. Stretch goal: Label 500 bottles and (midterm) pack them. And this morning, when watching the dark sky at 5.30 am and looking at the first pink haze on the sky and thinking Le Maroc, I said to myself: one fine day I need to correct this (and others) mistake. What mistake?

Well, the name of the perfume is wrong. Le Maroc is fine, but pour elle is wrong. It is actually also pour lui, at least for some. And it says "eau de parfum", but actually it is so intense and rich and concentrated that it could and maybe should be sold as "extrait de parfum", the way it is formulated. And at the very end, it should be priced much higher; that's what my bookkeeper told me the other day, signing a rose absolute bill. Here's a hint: Le Maroc is of orange, almost red color because of what's in there; not artificial coloring, it is the absolutes of rose and jasmine that give the color.

By the way: Jasmine abs. is limited by Ifra (0.7% ) and the Jasmin absolute ( grandiflorum from Egypt) concentration in Le Maroc pour elle is just about there. And yes, it is a bit crazy, this perfume.



7 thoughts on “Mark the date: Tauer's coming to Chicago”

  • Le Maroc sounds absolutely wonderful. When you get to the windy city can you spray some Le Maroc in the direction of London!

  • That did it, El Maroc is now on my must-have list. EL MAROC POUR TOUT LE MONDE! (Is that too much to fit on the label?)

  • Andreas Tauer 16. April 2016 at 9:01

    Sounds like a great idea, Peter. Tell me when it got there :-)

  • Andreas Tauer 16. April 2016 at 9:02

    My designer guru would hate me for that, Melissa :-)

  • Le Maroc pour Elle was my first Tauer, in the old square bottle. It was indeed bright orange, proof of high essential oil content, and very potent. Guess I better order another one before the price skyrockets! ;-)

  • Andreas Tauer 17. April 2016 at 8:40

    No worries, Tara! :-)

  • Looking forward to your visit at Q Brothers! I've only had the chance to smell one of your fragrances. Had no idea your line was available in the Chicago area. Really excited!


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