Today's picture shows you a complete failure before it failed. It is anecdotal but a nice example of failing because of trying too hard.

I had to gift wrap a booklet and decided to do a special thing: I wrapped it in thick drawing paper and sketched a rose with a soft pencil (giving high contrast) on the parcel and then bind it all together with some golden ribbon. So far so good and convincing. Then I had the idea to add one of these plush toy animals that you can use as key ring. So far so good and it looked superb.

Then I put it into a bag, onto the bike and I rode the bike for an hour. When unpacking and handing it over, I realized that lovely plush toy animal got a dirty black-grey back and the drawing lost a lot of the graphite, looked totally smeared and almost abstract because the stupid bird was moving forth and back over my drawing with its back while being transported by bike.


Because of too much.

This is also totally true for ads, for promoting products on facebook, for instance, where being too loud and present can go totally wrong.
Or it is true for mixing perfumes. Too much is quite often just too much and bad.
Unfortunately, these lessons go forgotten by Andy Tauer regularly.

Bottomline: Before gift wrapping with a pencil drawing, fix it with a fixation spray.

On a positive note: When doing the sketch, I was figuring that it would be a nice X-mas "thing" to get wrapping paper with my drawings on. For private or business use. To be considered....

6 thoughts on “failed”

  • This post brought a big smile to my face! Reminded me of silent film comedies with Chaplin or Buster Keaton.

  • Nothing is a failure if you learn something from it.
    PS: What a great idea, wrapping paper with your drawings on it!

  • hotlanta linda 6. April 2016 at 18:16

    A love-ly, loving thought and effort are what counts! :-)!! Sir Paul`s ``Wonderful Christmas Time`` :-) We have been battle-ing a slow-to-go-flu! and just reading :-0

  • Andreas Tauer 7. April 2016 at 6:04

    Oh, I am sorry, Hotlanta Linda. It's the season, and it will pass. Get better soon!

  • Andreas Tauer 7. April 2016 at 6:04

    Thanks, Melissa!
    When I find some time I will have to follow up on the wrapping paper idea :-)

  • That's disappointing about the smudging, but it was very thoughtful. You get an E for effort. :-)


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