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  • still going green

    Yesterday, I packed 240 kg perfume and because this is so super boring I took breaks. Usually, I do not do "lunch" breaks in the sense of : I usually do not eat much during the day, but instead of eating I paint or do other brain twisting things. Like thinking about perfume formulas.

    Yesterday, I tried another self portrait based on a selfie on the ipad. Yes, I know: No smile. (there was a time when people did not smile when their picture was taken. ...) When I showed it to my partner I got back: "This is a serious picture. Could end up on a bank note." -And I replied: " but then we have to hurry up as bank notes might disappear". Sometimes, I have clients paying cash, a couple of thousand Euros, on the dining table, and yes: They end up in the books, no cheating there. But I just love it when I am paid in real money, as real as it can get when we are talking about Euro.

    For two years now, every time we get some Euro that I will not spend by sourcing in Euro: I get rid of them as fast as I can. I do not trust the Euro.

    And here's the thing: I am not the only one. And because this is so, the Swiss Franc is strong and the Euro weak and at the very end of the day it is just paper. The older I get the less I worry about money. Funny.

    So I was working on the portrait, and thinking "green". I am still working on a fun experimental green scent that might end up as this year's fun splash scent (but not water based) on Tauerville. A client of mine asked me whether I will do another one in tauerville (the last one was the highly experimental water based vetiver & petitgrain). Maybe I am in for a tradition there. But I am undecided.

  • Hyacinth and other treats

    It is spring in Zurich, for sure and for real and it is fantastic. The hyacinths are in bloom on the veranda, more than last year as I planted more bulbs in autumn. Not all of them are equally fragrant and they do not smell exactly the same. But they smell and it is very inspiring, indeed.

    And it is not the only thing that smells. With the warmth of the March sun, the damp earth smells of rotten leaves and mushrooms and more. Maybe I realize it more because I am dealing with it when keeping the weeds under control or when replanting (pique) the various seedlings that grow these days in the house of tauer: Tomatoes, egg plant, paprika, and a couple of vegetables that I have never tried. Exciting and so far: Success.

    Quite a success was also the Fruitchouli flash on Tauerville: If you haven't tried it yet.... well, you might want to give it a try. It is good. I do not offer samples on Tauerville, but you find the fruitchouli online at your favorite tauer retailers. So yes, Fruitchouli is doing nicely. With one side note: I think, just because of the name, a lot of perfume lovers think "this is not a serious perfume". Which is a bit odd. I mean: In light of what IS taken seriously (no names here)...

    There for sure is less humour in the community than I'd thought. And it is a pet line of me: Don't take perfume too serious.

    Not even me, when composing, take things entirely seriously: The other day I was working on a couple of ideas. One of them is green, super green, and fresh, and more. It is a fun idea, totally not meant to be an oeuvre that will change the world. Just a fun idea and it actually turned sort of nice. And it fits with the spring mood these days.

    Also fitting with the spring mood these days: This week I will be packing a lot of perfume boxes, for a shipment leaving the factory in a couple of days. Busy days ahead.

  • some lonesome statistics and stories

    Here's a some statistical data for you.

    I changed the sample pricing for my Lonesome Rider on and charge 4 $ (US) per sample now. I was kickstarted to do so after a couple of zero price orders from perfume lovers. Before I share the data, here a few anecdotes and bits that are funny.

    On facebook, there was a lot of "ah I wish you would ship to ..." Canada and Lithuania, for instance. I learned that many of these wishes do not materialize in the end. And hence, ... well: You can draw your conclusion. Here's one funny experience. I never got an order from Lithuania, besides one, whereby the client could not order by credit card. Thus, I was super flexible and told them: Pay me what you think is fair by just sending money  through paypal and we'll ship to Lithuania.

    I got an "order" for 5 samples, and was sent through paypal zero (0) $ for the samples (I got 4$ for shipment as this rate was fixed). I shipped it and - of course, as Lithuania is not top of the list when it comes to postal service,- the samples did not arrive, and the client asked for a reshipment; a wish that I did not fulfill but I just sent the money back.

    I also stopped shipping to Spain, like 1 day after I started shipping there, because most perfume lovers there ordered their samples for close to nothing.

    I also got an email from a German client asking me why he had to pay for samples anyhow, as samples are my marketing expense. My take on that statement: Very German, and totally true for your average industry brand where you pay for the marketing expenses. I like the statement as it tells me a lot about the race to the bottom.

    My take on it all: - my lips are sealed. And yes, this was an interesting experiment and I will take the results into consideration for a couple of things that I want to get done over the year.

    I leave it to you to come to your own conclusions.

    Paid price in $ US on average per sample from Feb 1- Mar 21. In brackets:  total number of samples ordered by region.
    USA 2.4 (366)
    Switzerland 2.8 (33)
    Germany 2.1 (79)
    Netherlands 1.78 (30)
    Spain 1.25 (44)

    Picture of today: My left hand, pencil sketch.

  • Heracles, without fragrant wonder molecules

    Today, maybe hormone driven, I got up at 5 and recorded for 15 seconds on the balcony the birds singing and published it on Instagram where I have an andy tauer chanel. I guess, with Warhol's "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes"  in mind, this is the birds' 15 seconds of fame.

    I do not think that Warhol has anticipated Facebook and Instagram, but he was very right in his ideas. These days, hierarchies are falling, and everybody got some sort of publishing power.

    Today's picture is a small version of an A3 quick pencil drawing that I did yesterday at the end of the drawing class, after having spent 2 hours on another statue (difficult!). This drawing was quick, free flowing, without measuring any distances and it got out right and quite 3D. It is a drawing of a Heracles statue (head only). If you have lots of time: Here's an overview on wikipedia of what is written about Heracles and his female and male lovers, and whom he killed etc. Quite a lot, actually.

    And: Heracles is still famous. And probably still will be in 2000 years.

    Anyhow, with everybody being able to publish some sort of content, the world -in my humble opinion- did not get a better place really. And what is published these days will not survive 200 years, and even an analphabet can get his account here and there and start sharing fake politician pictures. The social media are new and as a society we still have to learn to deal with them. It reminds me of the 20ies and 30ies of last century, when the radio was new and the world was not getting out of the economic crisis.

    But some things get better. When drawing the Heracles head, I was amazed how wonderful this statue is, how alive and how rich in detail. But, I told myself, the old Greek did not have sophisticated perfumes made with wonder molecules. Ha!

  • pink free

    today I posted a picture on, without much text, expect mentioning that lonesome rider is basically pink free. I love the juxtaposition of the two pictures.

    Both of them are clichée, a bit, but one of them is more honest. Funny: I have this fragrance (trial) in my excel that is pretty much pink, and pretty (sweet) and all and when jogging yesterday, I realized that I have a hard time bringing it to the markets, if I ever wanted, because: We all sit in our box and it is hard getting out of there. There is this little devil in me, though, that is constantly tempting me to jump out and to puzzle folks.

    We will see.

    On, I presented Fruitchouli flash last week, and again: We are pretty much pink free there. The fruitchouli flash is getting out these days, to the shops and to perfumer lovers, and the first men got it and love it which is super cool. In the right context: Fruits are for men, too.

    And yes, things around tauer got a bit complicated recently...There is much going on here and there and I know that keeping up to date with Andy these days might be a bit tricky. I need to think about an umbrella page, sort of,  and I hope that my new website, when it gets ready, will allow me to link forth and back....

    Have a great week!


  • learning from the classics

    Today's picture: a pencil drawing based on Segantini's painting of a dead goose. The drawing class that I am attending these days goes to museums, where we analyse paintings, discuss them, the flow, the proportions, the light, the texture and where we sketch them, trying to capture what makes a particular painting a particularly good painting. Next week, we will go and visit Roman and Greek statues and sketch them. The human figure...

    In perfumery, I do the same thing: I am looking for classics, and try to look at them, searching for what makes them special.

    The problem: There are not many new "classics", but the classics are usually old creations. This analysis is not a copy paste work. Most of the classics cannot easily be copied as some of the raw materials are not there anymore, or they were used in quantities that are not allowed today. It is more like: Trying to capture and understand the "gestalt". Sometimes, you look at them for years and suddenly, you realize: Ah.... that's the trick!


    I do not have a vintage collection, though. But I have some classics that - although reformulated over and over again- are still good. I guess a really well done perfume can stand a couple of reformulations before it loses it's "gestalt". Thus, my partner said the other day " you get really tough in your statements about perfumes". And I replied, yes, but only about the new ones.

  • art projects

    Today's picture is really too small to see. The original is 70x50 cm and an experimental acyrylic work. Let's give it a title: Broken city. Or "failed experiment". I was experimenting with spatula, brushes and lot! of water.  Not every experiment really works.

    On the perfume side of my daily life things work out nicely these days. Lonesome Rider shipped and ships and I am really happy. The idea with the dedicated website worked and I reached one goal there: Setting the tone and tonality and communicating that Lonesome Rider is special. OK: Let's face it... I could have done the same for Noontide Petals, or for Sotto la luna. I feel that actually most of my creations deserve a dedicated space that goes beyond a product description page with a buy button. But then: Keeping up with one website is one thing.Keeping up with a dozens: Not possible, really.

    So there's one of the problems in the industry these days: The half life of a new scent is weeks. After a couple of weeks everybody forgets about it. This has definitely changed in the last 10 years. And, to be totally honest: I sometimes forget, too. I do not know when I talked the last time about Noontide Petals, really. Shame on me. It is a wonderful aldehydic scent that come pretty close to being vintage.

    I mentioned it a while ago: I will get a new website. Here's my hope: I hope that I will get a bit more space there to talk about products. And to publish larger pictures on my blog!

    So, what's next? Emails! Among other mails: I got so many project collaboration  emails ; It feels a bit like every day there's a new art project popping up, dealing somehow with scent. Mostly, usually, I say no to any potential art collaborations. For a couple of reasons: (not in order of relevance) I feel I want to create fragrances, not art. I want to create them following my inspiration. I do not like my scents being shown as museum objects really. And I want to sell not show.

    So you see: I am getting a bit tough there. I could spend the rest of my life shipping free bottles for exhibitions and doing scent art projects without getting 1$ back.

    Maybe in other words: I prefer to ride alone when it comes to perfumes.

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