free samples with full bottle purchase

Some of you might have seen it already: I added a free sample with full bottle purchase(s) option on my shop.

I offer 5 samples with the purchase of one or several bottles. In order to provide flexibility I decided to let the choice of samples to the shopper.

How to get the samples: Basically, you shop a full bottle. Continue shopping by adding a discovery set to the chart, picking your 5 samples, and get the discovery set with 5 samples credited.

The 5 samples ship in a tin box, from Switzerland, independent from where your full bottle ships.

I think that's pretty cool.

(Here's more details, on my customer service page)


9 thoughts on “free samples with full bottle purchase”

  • That IS pretty cool Andy =) A great idea I think that will encourage those that fall in love with one scent to buy a full bottle and try out some more!

  • That is such a generous offer! If you are posting to certain countries, I presume you can give a friends address if their Country is on the postage list? I know there are quite a few Countries you can't post to.

  • You are so utterly cool, Andy.
    Small wonder you are so beloved. :-)

  • very cool :-) i am waiting for my lonesome rider...sad that i do not plan another purchase...
    love your scents

  • That is a fantastic offer, so generous! I bet that will increase sales once they are able to try more scents. :-)

  • You' re going to go down in history as the Santa of good little perfumisti everywhere.

  • Thank you all very much for your super lovely comments! I highly appreciate and am totally flattered. Merci!

  • Great offer, indeed. Is it valid only for a limited time? I yet spent this months perfume budget on LONESOME RIDER :-) By the way: I love it!

  • Hi Christel
    thanks! No, I do not intend to do this limited... There's time and yes: Lonesome Rider is great :-)


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