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The last couple of days were busy, with lots of emails and pre-orders coming in for samples (and bottles) of the Lonesome Rider, which is super cool.

When busy, with orders and communication that is related to orders, I often end up on the "scent bench" and the formula excel, playing with molecules and extracts, trying new ideas or working on old failures. I think it is relaxation that drives me there. And it works, the same is true for painting: The concept of time and work does not apply there. It is the side of the brain that works without the concept of time that is activated there, the right side.

The left side of the brain, that plans and fills the excel in the end, finds this pretty inappropriate; in a time of launching a new scent is not the time to think three scents ahead and plan the next one.

The right side of the brain is getting really high when jogging. This Sunday, it was grey and wet, but my usual Sunday jogging round of 22 km was sort of especially inspiring. While running through the rain, I suddenly realized: oh wow! Lonesome Rider, and the website, and all, it could be more, way more actually than just a blog about a perfume. Actually, it could be a platform for T-shirts, or wristbands, and more perfume!  (sorry, that's the endorphine rush while jogging)

And I realized that with Lonesome Rider, without me thinking about it, just letting it happen, I also go back to the roots, not only perfume related, but also how I /we talk there. Very picture and mood driven.  Funny. It was not a plan, really, kind of happened. The right side of the brain is a bit crazy.

The left side of the brain, on the other hand, paid for Facebook promotions of Lonesome Rider. And, to my amazement: it worked. To be seen you need to pay. It is as simple as that.

5 thoughts on “the right side”

  • I'm delighted Betty Edwards is proving to be an inspiration! ;-)

  • Wow, 22km run? Impressive! I could only do that on my bike. :-). But maybe a Lonesome Rider wristband would inspire me to run farther!

    Went to the desert again yesterday, still not flower time but soon. And Death Valley is saying they may get a super bloom this year, which only happens about every 10 years.

    Glad to hear the Facebook ads paid off! Counting the days until my bottle gets here...

  • hotlanta linda 17. February 2016 at 4:07

    Think you have a cactus that wants to grow like mad w/ Lonesome Rider! :-) The classic album ``Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy``for you!! :-)

  • Hi Tara
    If I don't do it, I really miss it. I took up jogging 23 years ago, when I lived in the US. I got so out of form, only driving my car from here to there ;-)
    No flowers, yet...

  • oh yes, Hotlanta Linda :-) :-)


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