countdown for Lonesome Rider special pre-sales offer started

I started the countdown for my Lonesome Rider full bottle special offer: Feb. 15 I will end it and we will go back to some sort of normal state of works.

Shipment of these will start end Feb. Uff. (US, CH and DE/FR shipment of full bottles only)

Somewhen between now and then, I have to finish labelling and packing them. Today's picture gives you an idea. Again: I am in for a change there which is nice. I got so tired of the sticky labels. But the rest of the packaging will be the same.

So far, this whole lonesome rider thing, all the activities and talking about it was fun and quite explorative, with a new payment interface that works ( and a blog ( that works, too. And me and my US shipping friend, we are busy shipping samples. There, in the sample program on the lonesome rider website, I tried something new: The client can pay the price he/she wants. I just define the shipment costs of 4$.

So far this worked very well, but yesterday, I got an order of 50 (five zero) samples that a particular client bought for 10$ (one zero). Which means: 20 cents per sample. That's less than what I pay for the sample vials. And, clueless as I am, I posted about it on facebook and my friends there commented: So I learned through their comments that this is probably a reseller (I did not come up with that thought). My FB post was not entirely clear, and more of the sort "would you ", like "would you sell it" OR "would you buy it"?

Some interpreted it as: I am selling 50 pieces for 10$ and were all enthusiastic :-)

The world is full of misunderstandings.

Anyhow: Besides this one order, I am happy with the sampling program, too.

Finally: Will I ship this 50 pieces order? No way.


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  • Andy, there's a point which is not clear to me: full bottle offer ship also to Germany?
    you say "Ships to US and CH",
    but if I try to buy, the droplist of nations contains also Germany. So, which one is correct?
    Thank you!

  • Hi Lorenzo
    thanks! I corrected the mistake there. Full bottles ship to US, CH, DE, FR, and Austria.
    Best regards

  • When I saw the name-your-own-price offer for samples at the LR website, I wondered how many people would try to game the system.

    I live in the Upper Midwest where people often have extra garden produce in the summer. They'll put ears of corn or fresh tomatoes out on a table by the road with a list of prices and an honor-payment jar.

    People I know who've done that say that almost always they end up with more money in the jar than what they've asked for, but that once in a while someone swipes all the vegetables and doesn't pay (at least the thief is eating healthy?). I heard about one incident (only one) where someone took the jar with the money and left the vegetables.

    I'm glad you didn't ship that 50-piece order! Best of luck with the LR launch (I'm eagerly awaiting my sample, which is on its way).

  • It is a pity we can not enjoy his new fragrance in Spain.

  • There is always one rotten apple in the bunch! But I am glad it worked in general.

    As for the label, I dislike hang tags and will remove it, stickers work better for me, since I have a lot of bottles sitting very close together. The sticker on the top edge of the bottle is awesome, easier to see which scent it is, in a big row of Tauers. :-)

  • Good morning, Tara, now that I think about it, from your collector perspective, I get it. Yes, a hang tag is not really optimal, I totally understand. My rationale was: set it apart a bit from the crowd, at least for now.
    To be very honest: If I made a mistake than it was probably this. you wound not believe how fiddly it is to work with the cord, to knot it and put in through the little hole of the hanger. :-)

  • 50 samples for $10?!? Pffft.....probably a reseller who would sell each sample for $4-7 each. Brazen, that one.


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