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Today's picture is an experimental work from 10 days ago. Mixed media (ink, watercolor, acrylic) on cardboard, about 1m diameter, thus pretty large. For this painting, I just let things happen and flow and I followed the flow, or the ideas that came up. In the end I called it "the annunciation".  A bit pompous, I know, but maybe a church will buy it if I call it annunciation (just kidding).

A side note: Naming things is so important. This is even more true for perfumes.

I use this picture today, after a week silence on the blog, for a particular reason. The last week was super. In all varieties. Super busy, super crazy, super exciting and super rewarding. With Lonesome Rider, I did something that is a bit off; off from how things are done in the industry. And yes, not everybody loves it, because... well, because if you're breaking some unwritten rules there will always be someone telling you that you shouldn't.

Looking back, a couple of weeks ago: I have to tell you that there was no plan really. Then, one Sunday, I had the idea of doing a lonesomerider website. And I did it that Sunday afternoon. Then I had the idea of using gumroad there. Then I figured I want to do a special offer. And thus, like in the painting, I was following a flow and let things develop. Now that the site is live and now that we pre-sold like way more bottles than expected: I am continuing in the flow. I have to decide when to stop with the special offer and will do so in the next days. A special offer (I am talking about the price) needs to be special and limited in time.

And then? To be honest: I have no plan, but I see how can become a place where I share whatever comes up. An experiment with open outcome. Nice.

Also nice: I am a little bit a planning monster, trying to come up with excel data sheets that define how when to do what.

Not here: It is sort of liberating. And if it's all going to be a mess at some point? No worries because there's the flow.

10 thoughts on “experimental work in the flow”

  • Jackson Pollock went with the flow in his huge paintings. They are worth millions now.

    Great to hear all things are flowing beautifully.

  • Well, I would do well with 1/10 of J. Pollock's prices, Peter. But then: Money does not make happy. Maybe it is better not to sell (too much)....

  • So happy to hear you are surfing on such a huge wave of creativity! (My brain is still in Hawaii, you see...)

  • hotlanta linda 9. February 2016 at 0:07 have me humming ``Mockingbird`` a la Carly and James when they were married :-0 Lonesome Rider sample just delivered, and the roll-on foursome from Tauerville just now the cold/sinus needs to get well!! :-0 I thought Titanic!! first glance at the painting :-)

  • What a delightful discovery, Lonesome Rider. Thank you Andy for the special offer!

  • Thanks for including the link again, I see more content has been added. The design is visually appealing with the white background and vivid photographs. I'm happy to hear the response has been more than you expected - even though you tell people not to blind buy, it's apparent that many (like me) did just that. ;-) But the price was too good to pass up and I am not worried. Looking forward to more from the Lonesome Rider. :-)

  • Thanks, Melissa, and my brain is already in spring. Can't wait anymore to start seeding and planting and enjoying the sun.

  • Thanks so much Hotlanta Linda, and let's hope that the cold and sinus issues are soon totally over! Titanic. Wow.

  • Thank you, Michael!

  • Thanks so much , Tara !
    I am glad that you like the design and the visual. These days it got so easy to come up with a site. Wordpress be praised. And for some extra $$ you can get "sort of" your domain.
    I am actually looking forward sharing some client's comments, reviews and in some time the list of retailers and more information there. It is very inspiring....


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