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  • we are starting shipping Lonesome Rider

    Today's picture could be me (isn't me, though): Sleeping man. A quick pencil sketch that I did somewhen the last two days. It was pretty rough, getting ready to ship Lonesome Rider, getting orders out and last minute stuff, because.... well... because I go to Paris over the weekend.

    A more or less private mission. With one business excuse to go there. Perfect.

    I have shipped all European orders. The goods arrived in the US and there, my super shipper (not anymore) will start shipping Monday. As we got more orders than anticipated, way more actually, it will take 2, 3 days until all bottles are out. But they will go out and you know what: It feels fantastic to close this loop. Not that I would stop with the website It is too much fun and I have plenty ideas. And I'll continue the sample offering: Your price, 4$ US shipment. 

    See you again next week. Have a great weekend.

  • free samples with full bottle purchase

    Some of you might have seen it already: I added a free sample with full bottle purchase(s) option on my shop.

    I offer 5 samples with the purchase of one or several bottles. In order to provide flexibility I decided to let the choice of samples to the shopper.

    How to get the samples: Basically, you shop a full bottle. Continue shopping by adding a discovery set to the chart, picking your 5 samples, and get the discovery set with 5 samples credited.

    The 5 samples ship in a tin box, from Switzerland, independent from where your full bottle ships.

    I think that's pretty cool.

    (Here's more details, on my customer service page)


  • smelling experimental stuff

    The last few days were somewhat factory driven. And there was no time to paint or play.

    But I always took some experimental, new, exciting trials with  me and while labelling or packaging or answering emails I was smelling what I came up with over the last few weeks. Some tauerville, some Tauer Perfumes. Some a bit crazy, some a bit boring.

    To me, these wearings of new experimental formulas, on skin, and smelling for hours, are important. After a couple of wearings I know how a scent develops on my skin. It does -unfortunately- does not mean that it would smell identically on somebody else. And it does not mean that what I smell will be what others smell.

    Smelling is very individual and we all have gaps, things that we do not smell, although we should. And we are all conditioned by what we smelled before. And the conditioning goes on and on.

    And then, there's another way  of conditioning, too: There is our expectation of what we think we will be smelling that influences what we smell. Here's where the power of words and pictures plays a role.

    But at least my testing of new scents allows me to say: Yes, it sits there for a couple of hours. That's already something.

    The rest of the week will see me more or less in the factory. Thus, still not much time to paint. Only quick sketches like the one going with this post. A quick meditation for 10-15 minutes.


  • a really great fragrantica review

    For a couple of reason I have to switch in full gas mode right now.

    While I am doing so: Here's a fantastic review of Lonesome Rider on Fragrantica, by John Biebel. Enjoy!

    Samples of Lonesome Rider are available (you set the price, shipment is 4$) on

  • the right side

    The last couple of days were busy, with lots of emails and pre-orders coming in for samples (and bottles) of the Lonesome Rider, which is super cool.

    When busy, with orders and communication that is related to orders, I often end up on the "scent bench" and the formula excel, playing with molecules and extracts, trying new ideas or working on old failures. I think it is relaxation that drives me there. And it works, the same is true for painting: The concept of time and work does not apply there. It is the side of the brain that works without the concept of time that is activated there, the right side.

    The left side of the brain, that plans and fills the excel in the end, finds this pretty inappropriate; in a time of launching a new scent is not the time to think three scents ahead and plan the next one.

    The right side of the brain is getting really high when jogging. This Sunday, it was grey and wet, but my usual Sunday jogging round of 22 km was sort of especially inspiring. While running through the rain, I suddenly realized: oh wow! Lonesome Rider, and the website, and all, it could be more, way more actually than just a blog about a perfume. Actually, it could be a platform for T-shirts, or wristbands, and more perfume!  (sorry, that's the endorphine rush while jogging)

    And I realized that with Lonesome Rider, without me thinking about it, just letting it happen, I also go back to the roots, not only perfume related, but also how I /we talk there. Very picture and mood driven.  Funny. It was not a plan, really, kind of happened. The right side of the brain is a bit crazy.

    The left side of the brain, on the other hand, paid for Facebook promotions of Lonesome Rider. And, to my amazement: it worked. To be seen you need to pay. It is as simple as that.

  • countdown for Lonesome Rider special pre-sales offer started

    I started the countdown for my Lonesome Rider full bottle special offer: Feb. 15 I will end it and we will go back to some sort of normal state of works.

    Shipment of these will start end Feb. Uff. (US, CH and DE/FR shipment of full bottles only)

    Somewhen between now and then, I have to finish labelling and packing them. Today's picture gives you an idea. Again: I am in for a change there which is nice. I got so tired of the sticky labels. But the rest of the packaging will be the same.

    So far, this whole lonesome rider thing, all the activities and talking about it was fun and quite explorative, with a new payment interface that works ( and a blog ( that works, too. And me and my US shipping friend, we are busy shipping samples. There, in the sample program on the lonesome rider website, I tried something new: The client can pay the price he/she wants. I just define the shipment costs of 4$.

    So far this worked very well, but yesterday, I got an order of 50 (five zero) samples that a particular client bought for 10$ (one zero). Which means: 20 cents per sample. That's less than what I pay for the sample vials. And, clueless as I am, I posted about it on facebook and my friends there commented: So I learned through their comments that this is probably a reseller (I did not come up with that thought). My FB post was not entirely clear, and more of the sort "would you ", like "would you sell it" OR "would you buy it"?

    Some interpreted it as: I am selling 50 pieces for 10$ and were all enthusiastic :-)

    The world is full of misunderstandings.

    Anyhow: Besides this one order, I am happy with the sampling program, too.

    Finally: Will I ship this 50 pieces order? No way.


  • experimental work in the flow

    Today's picture is an experimental work from 10 days ago. Mixed media (ink, watercolor, acrylic) on cardboard, about 1m diameter, thus pretty large. For this painting, I just let things happen and flow and I followed the flow, or the ideas that came up. In the end I called it "the annunciation".  A bit pompous, I know, but maybe a church will buy it if I call it annunciation (just kidding).

    A side note: Naming things is so important. This is even more true for perfumes.

    I use this picture today, after a week silence on the blog, for a particular reason. The last week was super. In all varieties. Super busy, super crazy, super exciting and super rewarding. With Lonesome Rider, I did something that is a bit off; off from how things are done in the industry. And yes, not everybody loves it, because... well, because if you're breaking some unwritten rules there will always be someone telling you that you shouldn't.

    Looking back, a couple of weeks ago: I have to tell you that there was no plan really. Then, one Sunday, I had the idea of doing a lonesomerider website. And I did it that Sunday afternoon. Then I had the idea of using gumroad there. Then I figured I want to do a special offer. And thus, like in the painting, I was following a flow and let things develop. Now that the site is live and now that we pre-sold like way more bottles than expected: I am continuing in the flow. I have to decide when to stop with the special offer and will do so in the next days. A special offer (I am talking about the price) needs to be special and limited in time.

    And then? To be honest: I have no plan, but I see how can become a place where I share whatever comes up. An experiment with open outcome. Nice.

    Also nice: I am a little bit a planning monster, trying to come up with excel data sheets that define how when to do what.

    Not here: It is sort of liberating. And if it's all going to be a mess at some point? No worries because there's the flow.

  • Lonesome Rider

    I just shared a little news today on Facebook and share it here with you, too.

    Lonesome Rider is up and running for presales on  (US and Switzerland for the time being)

    There, and only there, you can get samples and full bottles of Lonesome Rider. And there, and only there, you can get some information about what this newest fragrant offering by me is all about. I will update the content there from time to time, too.

    And here's the best part:

    • Samples ship for 4$ and you are free to define how much you want to pay for a sample or two.
    • Full bottles ship for 11 $ and are offered for a limited pre-sales price of 75$

    Lonesome rider comes as 50 ml edp, in my pentagonal blue Tauer bottle, packed in the regular tin box.

    And yes. I am totally excited.

    And yes, in a way this is a Thank You! post and a Thank You! fragrance after more than 10 years of Tauer Perfumes.

    And yes, the name Lonesome Rider fits with how I do things differently here. We will see what happens now....

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