sometimes it just happens

Today's picture has nothing to do with the pre-spring feelings that we are treated with, here in Zurich. It just happened. I made it in oil, a little bit following the Bob Ross technique, wet in wet. If you wonder who Bob Ross was: Here's a picture in a newsweek article. After a crazy day in the factory, with felt hundred mails about shipments from here to there and the other way round, I hit the canvas and started with nothing and ended up with this.

To me, it is the moon shining through heavy rain clouds over a rough sea.

Anyway: I just wanted to share this with you because the picture just happened. At some point, I saw the clouds and the sea and followed the pattern and just finished it. The same is true in my business life. Sometimes, I am working there on a scent or an idea for a set or something else and suddenly, without me doing much, there's a line appearing, a thought, and suddenly I know what I have to do. Often, it does not work out, really, and while thinking it through the glorious plan shatters and falls apart because it is not feasible. Sometimes, I follow it to the end and have to inform my business partners about it.

Quite often they do not like it, because it is different. Mostly, I have to argue like "I have the gut feeling that this is going to work". Because of this and because I just HAVE to do it, I'll do it and then we see what's gonna happen and if it fails we change.

One of the plans for 2016 wants me to start selling in the US on Amazon. Here in Europe, there is something suspicious about selling on Amazon, although we all buy on Amazon: It feels a bit like real niche should not be sold on Amazon.

But here's the thing: I often feel that many of my perfume loving friends are on Facebook where they meet friends, share some pictures on another platform or two where they find beauty and fun, and they are on Amazon where they shop. And I am convinced that the longer the more, the internet is for many this, and that the longer the more we all will not need to leave amazon and facebook etc. and that these platforms cover the internet and the 90% of the time we spend on the "internet".

And, I think, one needs to be there where your clients are.

And then: I have the gut feeling that this is going to work.


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  • Amazon always seems too vast for niche products. Too impersonal. So be interesting to see where you go with this idea.

  • gorgeous pic andy! you can just feel the flow of it. absolutely love it! thats cool that you are going to use amazon. why not!! whatever works for you is the right thing to do. i have bought products from very small companies that sell on amazon. things i have seen in catalogues that sell new products from small businesses. stuff you would never see advertised mainstream and then there they are on amazon. sounds like a good move. p.s. have been enjoying the winter days and rose v. such a treat. peace...

  • When I first looked at the painting, I saw the aurora borealis. Then after looking more, I saw the sea and the clouds. Very nice!

    As for Amazon, I say why not? It will add another place for your perfumes to be found and purchased. Luckyscent does it, I don't think it affects their brand image negatively. Go for it! If it doesn't work out you can always stop, but if you don't try it you'll never know.

  • Green is my favorite color and the shading in your painting is beautiful, it reminds me of malachite. I enjoyed watching Bob Ross on PBS here in the US, when I was little, he was such a laid back hippie :)

  • I do love Bob Ross and love the painting. I think a lot of people have mixed feelings about Amazon just as they do with sites like Frangrancenet, Frangrancex, and on and on. With them it feels like some of the joy of purchasing is gone. The customer service doesn't love fragrance, they just have a corporate job. I forget where it was, but I read an interview where you discouraged decants because they take away from the bottle which is part of the experience.
    As much as I am for expanding the brand to more avenues, one of the cool things about a niche brand is that it feels niche.
    I buy everything on Amazon as a loyal little Prime user, but I don't think niche fragrance brands belong on there.

  • Wow...that painting is so soothing and mesmerizing....wonderful.
    Amazon - my nephew sells niche peanut butter (Homeplate Peanut Butter) on Amazon and is happy doing business with them. As a consumer, I have had issues with quality control with Amazon, such as items not being stored properly arriving separated and such. If the items will be coming directly from your warehouses and Amazon is just the coordinator, that could be useful. If they will be storing the items, that could be a disaster.

  • Thank you, LaRaffinee for sharing!
    The idea is not to stock goods with /at Amazon. That would not work; I totally agree with you. It will ship from my stock....
    My experience with Amazon: 100% satisfaction. I am not a big client of them, but every order I placed arrived in time, in pristine condition, nothing lost, nothing too much. Easy shipment across the border. Just perfect. I have to admit that....Amazing: I would never have thought that you can make a business by selling home made peanut butter through amazon. A good example of how the world is changing.

  • Thanks Anton for your opinion. I highly appreciate. As you might imagine, I have mixed feelings myself. But nevertheless the gut said yes!
    Part of my mixed feeling comes from my looking into the world and seeing the big ones getting bigger, dominating maybe (no word on tax evasion here) and the small ones struggling. But then: Here's the thing. There's a reason that the big ones got big and get bigger.

  • hotlanta linda 31. January 2016 at 4:01

    Catching up reading - sorry!! :-( Almost have flu bug fought down to size :-) Your tune for the day is Billy Ocean`s ``When the Going gets Tough...`` :-) Agree w/ the thought to try and see how things go, but Lucky Scent and other perfumeries can showcase your line w/ the aplomb it deserves - not sure that happens on Amazon :-0

  • Oh poverina, Hotlanta Linda! How annoying. It is the Season but still: I hope that you are getting better soon! Not sure myself, what happens on Amazon, too :-)


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