Day 22 of the advent calendar

Welcome to day 22 of my advent calendar. I hope the discovery set prizes won't get boring: Promised.... Dec. 24 there's going to be a bigger prize. Thus, today you can win a discovery set.

Yesterday, I got a couple of questions about the painting that I want to answer briefly. I use Lascaux Studio quality acrylic paint. Normally, and also for yesterday's painting, I work with undiluted material, and I do not use any paste but just apply the paint, after blending and mixing them with the spatula. The painting yesterday was on wood plate, an ideal compromise between canvas and simple paper. It is stiff, better than cardboard or paper that soaks too much when applying colors thick and the pressed wood plates are not expensive.

The other question is an interesting one: How long does it take? In perfumery , you could ask the same question. My painting teacher (aquarelle) once told me: You always have to calculate the paintings that did not work into the making time. Because the one that works is the result of all the others before that did not work out nicely. In perfumery the same thing: Even if I manage to get a new perfume for a new idea done with one stroke.... it is only possible because I created a lot of failures before.

The painting of yesterday took about 30 minutes. So there you go....
Today's painting, that is around 30 days old took a bit longer. Like an afternoon. I use it today as there was no time yesterday to paint. Thus, I answered that question, too. I am trying to paint every day, at least a sketch, and I try to fit it in where it fits: Not having much time is sometimes helpful.

Fineprint: we pick a winner using The discovery set ships from Zurich, Switzerland.  And wherever you live, local taxes, VAT, and import fee may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible for making sure that they are allowed to import the prize. The draw is open for anybody, but winners from these countries should provide a mailing address elsewhere: Italy, Russia, Spain, Croatia, Greece.



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  • Thank you for the answers, and a wonderful painting jet again. The discovery sets are not at all boring, I would love to get one as I find it very hard to limit myself when it comes to Tauer perfumes :)

  • In other words, your teacher told you economic concept of opportunity cost applies to paintings, too :)

  • Thanks so much for sharing all this with us.

  • Discovery Sets are in no way boring! I prefer them to full size bottles these bottles because I flit from perfume to perfume depending on my mood that day.

    What you say is so right about failures being added into the creation time. I am teaching my son to cook and said that in order to be good at making cakes you have to make a lot of bad cakes first.

    Have a great day Andy

  • Nice painting, reminds me a bit of something from the 50s (painters potraying workers at ship yards and factories, same kind of colours at least).

  • Beautiful painting (as always :-) ). I like the idea of counting failures into making something that really works. So true and puts the emphasis on failures being important as well, not just successes.

    Switching gears a little: I received a bottle of L'Air du Desert Marocain yesterday as an early Christmas gift and am absolutely ecstatic! Have a great day Andy and thank you for all your beautiful creations!

  • Very nice and relaxing piece of artwork.Would definitely buy it to beautify my living room. Please continue to share your awesome creations Andy!

  • I really admired your talent in perfumery and paintings, Thank you for all the great things and stories shared in the advent calendar.

  • I'm on the way, so oblý briefly today - you are very talented.
    Have a nice day.

  • The success we see is the accumulation of all the hard work and failure before, so true!

  • I'd love a discovery set.
    Have a nice day.

  • we learnt something today as well.

  • Almost looks like there is a lady standing behind him...

  • I like the discovery set as a prize: a wonderful way of getting to know more of your fragrances.
    Eternity as a big pile of sand - ha, I love that!

  • I like the cult of the naked camel.

  • a few more days. the excitement builds.

  • Yes, it can be easy to underestimate the true time taken in creating a work of art, I admire your trying to paint every day as well as all your perfume work!

  • Beverly Frederickson 22. December 2015 at 12:15

    I would be very happy with a discovery set as well as all the other people. Your teacher gave you good advice because I know that I produce a lot of flops before I'm happy with a piece.

  • Nice painting! I like how you used the black on his eyes. Thanks for the draw!

  • Boring? Never!

  • Interesting analogy of painting and creating perfume. Materials are so crucial. But I guess you can never predict the outcome.

  • Yes, art as with perfume, the failures are crucial in the process of creating, each failure sets a building block to work from.

  • I love your painting style -- I imagine it's even better in real life, with a lot of texture.

  • I am so very fond of my little 'Clown of the Sea', Tammy Norrin as they are known in the Shetlands. To what do I refer? That is your quiz question for today everyone! Happy Christmas.

  • Live and let live this Christmas. Fatten the prodigal nut and leave little animals to their happy lives in 2016.

    Peace and love.

  • Hey Andy,
    I have asked before a couple of times. Will do it again - who are the people in paintings? People you have come across or people you imagine.

  • Thanks for the info Andy, I've never heard of those paints but i see I can get them in the UK, I'll have to give them a go, I've tried quite a few different makes but my current favourite are Winsor Newton Proffesional acrylics. I am still looking for an ultra opaque acrylic .

  • You're paintings are looking more robust. You must be feeling better.

  • Me too, I'd like a discovery set, such a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with more of your perfumes.

  • A face Francis Bacon could love

  • busy shopping, brb

  • Great painting!

  • Of course they are not getting boring! And thank you for letting us see your fantastic paintings!

  • I am wearing Eau d'epices today - a sure sign that Christmas is coming :-). Thank you for the draw and for your gorgeous perfumes!

  • I like the thoughts on how long something takes.


  • Elizabeth Watson 22. December 2015 at 14:24

    I enjoy seeing your paintings and the progression they represent. This makes me want to try my hand again at some paintings. I like the thought from your teacher: how long it takes must factor in the paintings that didn't work. Have a great day!

  • I like the concept that sometimes less time helps in getting more done. Today that will be my mantra. Thank you Andy!

  • I love seeing your paintings every day. I will miss them when the advent calendar is through.

  • A short deadline certainly focuses the mind. Sometimes it's better to not have too much time

  • great talent

  • The set is perfect, actually. :)

  • So wonderful that you make time most days to paint! Thank you for the draw.

  • The discovery set is certainly not boring. I'm still trying to win one!

  • Interesting story today about the cult of the sand-eaters. You have a great imagination and creative streak. :-)

  • " You always have to calculate the paintings that did not work into the making time. Because the one that works is the result of all the others before that did not work out nicely. In perfumery the same thing: Even if I manage to get a new perfume for a new idea done with one stroke…. it is only possible because I created a lot of failures before."

    I agree completely! Art of any kind, really. Music takes many hours of practice, dance, drawing, all of it trains the body and one's artistic sensibility.

    I don't think the discovery of new scents to love would ever get boring, either ;D thank you for your generous draws

  • Merry xmas Andy :) love your paintings

  • Another beautiful painting:)!Thank you and have a nice day!

  • Thanks for describing your creative process for painting. You are a Renaissance man!

  • Some interesting parallels between painting and perfumery :)

  • Merry Christmas Andy! Thank you for the draw.

  • It is never boring--who doesn't enjoy a new fragrant discovery?

  • The paintings are very good! Thank you for the drawing!

  • Not boring at all! I would be thrilled to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Great painting you do. You are such a talented and gifted person and I admire you for that.

  • Always interested to hear from an artists about process. thanks again, Andy!

  • A favorite quotation from Duke Ellington: "I don't need time. What I need is a deadline."

  • I had never thought of including the creative time for efforts that do not work out, but of course! Thanks for sharing this.

  • I agree that all our failures add up to our success. A wonderful thing to remember. I wish everyone a Happy Solstice. Hope your celebrations were meaningful.

  • Would love a discovery set! Success is only possible from the failures that precede it. Wonderful thought going into the new year.. thank you.

  • Hi Andy, thanks for the responses to my orevious question about your artistry. 30 minutes or 30 days, the results are great!

  • This is so interesting that generally talented people are so much talented in various fields and so much creative. Always wanting to be one of them, but... :) Instead of creating perfumes I started to love and wear them only :)

  • So true that not having much time is sometimes helpful. Action or creativity not blocked by too much thinking.
    Thanks for the draw opportunity.

  • How about Classic rather than Boring?

  • I'm impressed you allow yourself time for creativity when you are working so hard! What a great way to stay balanced!

  • I have a lot of failures myself, though others who see them don't think they are failures. It's just me, I am very critical to myself and if it is not perfect - it's bad.. Surprisingly, I like my paintings after some time, in some months, and then sometimes I cannot believe I painted this :)

  • Happy holidays

  • Wearing Orange Star today and watched Albert Finney playing Scrooge with my children. Getting in the mood for Christmas!

  • A Discovery Set is a great prize and a fun way to dabble in all the great Scents. Thanks for all the thoughtful posts!

  • Like this paint about models mood...

  • Life is all about trial and error. It takes time and practice to create a masterpiece and that makes it so precious. Great painting! I love acrylics because they are so bright and a powerful.

  • i LOVE your scents Andy! I really don't need to explore any others! Thank you!

  • Yes, the things that don't work out count into the things that do. Even time spent doing nothing counts in the calculation of what it takes to do something. Yes, I think so.

  • The discovery set can never get boring! I've already went through one, but there are so many of your perfumes I'd like to explore.

  • The discovery sets are wonderful!! So are your paintings!!

  • Thank you for answering the question about your painting materials and creative process. I did not ask the question but had wondered about it, too. My daughter loves to create artwork using ink, pencil, and acrylic paints. I will suggest the pressed wood plate to her as a base for her work in acrylics. I learned something new from you today. :)

  • Not boring at all! Thanks for doing these.

  • Maybe winning this will help myou get over my own last-minute Christmas flu.

  • It's true. My husband is a musician and people do not "see" or know of the the years of practice and trial and error that it takes to get to a certain level of artistry. The end result is what we see or hear. Please keep painting and sharing your work Andy. I really like these.

  • Beautiful paintings and beautiful perfumes in one place...heaven! :)

  • Love the painting! Thank you for the draw!

  • I don't know how you make a painting in 30 minutes! Takes me weeks and weeks. . .

  • thanks andy! most generous. peace

  • People so rarely understand the work and practice that go into being able to efficiently translate art from thought to canvas! Thanks for the insight into your creative process.

  • Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway. The days will finally start to get longer....

  • Beautiful!

  • I think adding in practice/failures is realistic. Mass or any level of production can only result after all the trials and error.
    Love the calendar and the samplers. Best wishes

  • Awesome work! Thanks for the draw

  • Thank you for the reminder that we can create things of beauty and worth even in short periods of time. With a new baby in the house, I often feel like there's no point in starting any creative projects, because the time I have to spend on them is so brief.

  • With thanks. Merry Christmas!

  • Enjoy your busy day and thank you!

  • Artists of all disciplines are often undervalued because all they are judged on is their final piece. The final piece is often a single leaf on the artist's tree. Merry Christmas.

  • I like the "mistakes" in my art - often they turn into the best bits! Many thanks.

  • Such a multi-talented man! And generous too.

    Happy holidays, folks!

  • hotlanta linda 23. December 2015 at 3:08

    As in you keep crafting till it feels right!! :-) Brian Setzer`s ``Jingle Bell ROCK!`` :-) :-)

  • I enjoy your drawings and paintings. Thank you so much for explaining how they are done. I took an art class once; I was terrible! I'm better suited as an admirer. :)

  • Hope you are having a great holiday Andy!

  • beautiful

  • Thank you for the draw.

  • I love the idea of counting all of the paintings you've ever made in thinking about how long a painting takes to make. It's true that it's the product of all of your learning over time. The discovery sets could never be boring! Thank you for the draw.

  • This painting remind me of myself at the moment when I think of someone very dear to me who it's no longer with us. In this moment I feel bare and exposed front of the universe.

  • So much love for your work.

  • So true. I studied jazz many years ago, and learned that successful improvisation (which many people assume is just made up on the spot) is built from trying many, many things that did not work...

  • Art is one of the best things that turned the apes into men! And probably, the most important!
    Thanks for sharing your passion and for the chance to win something perfect!

  • oh I quite like this painting! I like the expression of the guy and the background colour, kind of matching my feeling now. hmm its difficult to do things everyday like drawing pictures, isn't it . good work!

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