Day 20 of the advent calendar, a prize for the African Wildlife Foundation, an explorer set for you and me making bath bombs

This draw is closed. Thank you to all of you who participated. Thank you! Welcome to today's advent calendar give-away: We have two prizes.

In the year of "Cecil the lion" a prize of 100$ goes to the Afrian Wildlife Foundation. Their mission "The African Wildlife Foundation, together with the people of Africa, works to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever."

And you can win an explorer set with 3 scents, in 15 ml, your choice (see here for details, and the fine print below). Good luck.

Today's picture shows you my scent bath bomb with somewhat limited foam results so far. Making the balls is super tricky. I will stick to hearts therefore. They are a touch too big, but much easier to prepare. The scent: Absolutely amazing rose&vanilla. A bit sweet but then: Hey! It's X-mas.

One last word about Cecil the lion. I do not know how you think about it. For me it was a prime example how a discourse should not happen, an outcry, the shaming, hatred facebook posts but no actions;  and only few asked the real questions, like what is happening with wildlife in Zimbabwe besides Cecil? This is maybe, for me, the most saddening part in the story. Cecil died for nothing.

I tend to think  these days about what happened during this crazy year, the closer we come to 2016, the more. And when thinking about it: Actually, a lot of great things happened, too.

Fineprint: we pick a winner using The explorer set ships from Zurich, Switzerland. And wherever you live, local taxes, VAT, and import fee may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible for making sure that they are allowed to import the prize. The draw is open for anybody, but winners from these countries should provide a mailing address elsewhere: Italy, Russia, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Australia, Ukraine, most countries in the middle East.

100 thoughts on “Day 20 of the advent calendar, a prize for the African Wildlife Foundation, an explorer set for you and me making bath bombs”

  • I am continuing to be surprised by the twists of the story!
    I am very sad to hear that nothing changed as a result of Cecil's death.

  • What a great Choice, The African Wildlife Foundation! It is correct, a lot of people condemned the horrible thing that happened to Cecil, but not many suggested what should be done to prevent these terrible acts. It is so important that people are made aware of the Wildlife situation, as a whole.
    Thank you once again, for your generosity with this wonderful Advent giveaway, and wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas, and New Year 2016.

  • Happy 4th advent! Those bath bombs look absolutely delicious, rose & vanlla - yum! And Cecil, what a sad, sad story. Your donation is very generous and goes to a good cause.

  • sanjin kastelan 20. December 2015 at 9:27

    :) bravo,Andy. cheers to your mission!!!

  • A very sad situation. Thanks for supporting a great cause.

  • Merry xmas Andy!

  • Hope your bath bombs will be ready for sale in 2016~

  • Christmas in 5 more days....Yay! It's so hard to contain my excitement for all the goodies and gifts

  • Christmas creeps nearer, like a deer stalking the world.

    Think of those with less than us and hope for them for the future.

  • Frohe Weihnachten Andy!

  • And what is even more horrifying is that Cecil was such a small part of the suffering we humans visit on animals in general...

  • Hi Andy, great cause you donated for!

  • wonderful gifts, Andy- thank you

  • Lions are so beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing Andy.

  • big cats are awesome ! small ones too.

  • they look good enough to eat!

  • Love the bath bombs. It's so lovely to get a present that someone has made with their own hands.

  • A bath scented withe Rose and vanilla sounds heavenly

  • I love bath bombs, and rose &vanilla should be sweet bubble! Thanks

  • Good cause. There was a lot of outcry about Cecil, but not. much action.

  • I normally only take showers but the bombs would make a bath very nice.


  • Bev Frederickson 20. December 2015 at 13:29

    I bathe as opposed to showering. A Tauer bath bomb sounds like heaven.

  • rip Cecil...

  • What are bath bombs? They look like something you would bake .

  • I am not one for bath bombs really, even if they smell great and look festive. I much prefer bath oils or a splash of cologne in the water. Perhaps I would change my nind if I had one of the Tauer bath bombs.

    Good thing to support wildlife conservation. I find it is a shame some people hunt only to get a trophy to put on the wall.

  • It is a great thing to support conservation--unfortunately, sustained efforts require sustained attention, which is hard to come by in a sound-byte world.
    Bath bombs! I really want to learn how to make them! Today I might be trying to make baked alaska with a friend, which is also very sweet and tricky but not really the same at all otherwise.
    Have a nice weekend!

  • Thank you for supporting this charity, Andy, enjoy your day today.

  • Peace in the animal kingdom.

  • As a North American wildlife tracker who hopes to someday go to Africa and learn from the trackers there, this sort of charity is near and dear to my heart. Thanks for supporting it.

  • Great idea to support this Foundation! Happy Holidays Andy!

  • Great cause but such a sad sad story. Thank you for your generosity.

  • Enjoy your own soap opera :)

  • Oh, rose and vanilla is such a special combination - I don't think your friends will notice the modest foam - they will be closing their eyes to focus on the scent!

  • Such a treat to your family!! Also a lovely charity to support!! Have a great week!

  • Thanks for the giveaway, and thanks for your charity donation!

  • Would love to try one of those bombs (but anyway I don't have a bathtub).

    I didn't know about Cecil and the whole story. It's really sad...

  • What happened to Cecil has happened to a lot of other animals that don't have a name. And it will happen to a lot of other animals, the ones with a name and the ones without a name. Legally, with permits and everything.
    Killing animals for a profit or for food - I can understand that, in some cases. But killing animals for fun - I just don't get that.
    Now, much more my kind of fun is taking a bath with an oversized Tauer bath heart. If only I had a bath ...

  • Those bath bombs look like strawberry ice cream :). Thanks, Andy, for the draw, and of course also for your donations to charity along with the draw

  • International environmental efforts are SO COMPLICATED! Agreed that actions need to be taken, and sometimes the closer you are to it, the harder it is to figure out what to do! Not that it means we should let that stop us from trying, of course! Thank you for bringing folks' attention to the issue. Merry Christmas!

  • Would love to have one of those bath bombs. They look like they would be relaxing.

  • Wonderful choice for a charity. Thanks for the draw!

  • Thank you for supporting a good cause!

    I used to make a lot of bath bombs. Lovely. Like a huge Alka Seltzer in the tub. And I prefer scent and oil to bubbles. Your rose vanilla combo sounds like a treat!

  • Ich wünsche einen schönen 4. Advent.

  • Mm.. Rose and vanilla bath bombs sound lovely!

  • I agree that the instant vilification and shaming by social media often covers over the real issues (and also makes people believe they have done something about the situation). Yes, it is important to ask why is is possible to get a permit to hunt big game, and do any citizens at least benefit from the money earned, or does it all go into the coffers of Mugabe and his cronies preventing the country from being able to preserve its game?
    Thanks for always raising awareness and for the generous draw opportunity.

  • Thank you for supporting this charity. It's a great cause!

  • Thanks for everything Andy.

  • Thank you for your thoughts and actions in giving so much.

  • Great charity choice Andy. Eek - only 5 days left.

  • Thank you for giving attention to charity and raising our awareness ...

  • Thank you for your generous donation to African wildlife <3
    It's unfortunately true - a media frenzy often leads nowhere. It's the quiet and steady effort of truly dedicated people who effect change.
    And now - a compliment to your bath bombs! Clever you :-)

  • Hi Andy, The threat to not only African species, but those throughout the World is quite scary. Yes, I agree that we should hope for the best in 2016.

  • Mm, I'll bet these bath bombs are the best. Thank you for supporting our wildlife and for the draw. Glad you've recovered!

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the aftermath of the Cecil business. I agree -- it's easier to blame than to take real action, and unfortunately blaming seems to register with many folks as action itself.

  • The bath bombs look lovely and I prefer when there is not too much foam. Thank you for supporting a great cause!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to win fragrance. I am so excited about trying more of your scents. Anyone who formulated LDDM must be a genius!

  • Yay for bath bombs. I love them especially when fizzy and well scented but not full of too much color or sparkle. Yours look wonderful, like a reminder to take a moment for restoration, reflection, and rest.

  • Thank you again for this generous gift!

  • thanks Andy.............hope you had a great weekend & are well on the way to wellness.

  • I'm glad that we are remembering the good things that happen in the world, too!

  • Elizabeth Watson 20. December 2015 at 18:47

    I hope with all my heart that Cecil will not have died in vain, when people stand up for the animals and against the big game hunters. It should not be a "game", a sport, in this day and age. Here's to a better 2016, and a crazy one in only the best way--Peace!

  • The bath bombs are looking fantastic! And rose&vanilla sounds too good to be true. Your friends are a lucky bunch. I'm baking cookies for my family. There's nothing like self-made gifts.

  • Thanks for your generous gift toward animal welfare. Those bath bombs almost make me what to take a bath (I'm a hot shower girl, myself)>

  • Thank you for sharing your generosity with so many worthy causes.

  • There is a skin product company called 'Lush' that makes fantastic bath bombs out of all natural ingredients! The scents are also quite nice with some. Merry Christmas!

  • Absolutely agree that the discourse missed the larger, longer-term issues that are so important to conservation. Thank you for bringing this up again and reminding us to look beyond one specific instance and focus on the bigger picture.

  • I wish everyone a happy and peaceful holiday season!

  • Great cause! Thank you for doing this.

  • Cecil s case was an example of how corrupted are the values of such people as American dentist has. Their own pleasure and fun overweigh value of beautiful wild creation. Killing for fun... For me something really condemnable... Thanks for your support of wildlife foundation. Lubka

  • ``The Lion King`` - Cecil is patrolling the heavens and looking down :-)

  • Scented bath bombs look great..are perfect for a pleasant bath!!

  • A rose/vanilla bath bomb sounds amazing!

  • Thank you!

  • Yes rose vanilla sounds so relaxing, thank you for always finding the beautiful and positive.

  • Animal Welfare is a constant problem in the united states and around the world. Thank you for contributing to it. Rose/vanilla my favorite combinations!

  • The bombs look so fun!!

  • Frohe Adventszeit! Thanks for the draw, and the kind charity donations.

  • Happy Sunday

  • If you are making bath bombs, I bet you feel better already!

  • Great causes - thanks for sharing Andy

  • Thanks Andy for these excellent causes. Bath bombs look wonderful - I am sure the smell is luxurious.

  • Thanks once again fot your draw and for your additional donations!

  • Your bath bombs look lovely! Thanks for the draws & even more for the charity gifting.

  • Thank you so much for you donations, and spreading the word about these groups. Thanks for the draws.

  • It was devastating to read about Cecil lion, a beautiful creature taken down for sport, the actions of that person are very upsetting, and the affects on the lion pride in losing Cecil are detrimental. Thank you Andy for your generous giveaway and for bringing awareness to the welfare of animals. It is all our responsibility to look out for the more vulnerable species.

  • yes too many death all the time in the world, including animals just killed by human for fun. that's too sad. too bad.

    amazing you can actually Make a bath ball yourself? that sounds fantastic! wow!

  • Cecil the lion's death was of course barbaric and unfortunate, but you're absolutely right in that the focus was more on outrage than actually doing anything productive.

    It was a bit disheartening as well to see how passionately people felt about a lone lion they'd previously never heard about, in contrast to the widespread apathy regarding recent HUMAN rights issues.

  • I feel the same way about Cecil. I know that on some level hunting helps control the population but that thin line is obviously easily crossed. The details of his slaughter were also unusually gruesome.

    That's probably all we should say about that. :(

    Thank you Andy.

  • Thank you for combining your already generous giveaways with a charitable aspect. You and the Tauer brand continue to be a class act. Thank you.

  • Excellent cause. It makes me so angry and sad at the same time. I'm proud of everyone who takes an effort to fix these problems, including myself. Those bath bombs look mighty fine to enjoy. Thanks Andy for sharing and caring.

  • Thanks for the generous giveaway and for the donation to charity!

  • There's just not enough time nor space in this thread to talk about the sadness, coverage, and ramifications surrounding Cecil's death. My disgust over the idea of killing anything for any reason even extends to the doctor who had to go into hiding after receiving death threats for something he didn't realize was wrong.

    The African Wildlife Foundation is a beautiful charity. No doubt they'll appreciate both your donation and the awareness you've spread through this site.

  • They look good enough to eat. Thanks for the draw and your donations.

  • Those bath bombs look amazing!!

  • Bath bombs are really cool but I've thought they look so difficult to make! My hats off to you.

  • thanx for the draw.merry xmass!

  • Thank you for sharing Andy!

  • Following your stories everyday..and waiting for the good things to happen!

  • Thanks for the draw! No winter in sight - These bathbombs would make my day.

  • Hello Andy, the bath bombs look (and I am sure they smell) great! Not long to go now :-). All the best!

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