day 13 of the advent calendar- an explorer set

This draw is closed. Thank you to all of you who participated and shared.

Today, day 13 of my advent calendar, I am a bit late. But on the other side: You can win an explorer set today (details of this set you find here on and you are free to pick three 15 ml size bottles of the set's range if you win this prize. I will leave this draw a little longer open, like around the 15th. Thus, good luck.

Here, after a super busy Dec. 12, with our yearly scented gathering together with Medieval art&vie (the book store in Zurich selling all my products), after a long day and even longer night, and a couple of aspirin as Dec. 12 saw me walking around with a head that felt like somebody was hammering on it over night (yes, super timing!), thus after a super Saturday that was really fun, I will do (almost) nothing on this Sunday.

Except working on a couple of fun ideas that are totally not $$$ related.

The scented gathering: Medieval art&vie and me saying thank you to our clients and fans and friends in and around Zurich. With scent, sparkling wine and some lectures. This time, I chose AMBER and AMBRA as topic, quite confusing actually (there is a great AMBRA article on Wikipedia). We sprayed and enjoyed natural vanilla CO2 extract, labdanum, some benzoin, and some Ambroxan (a lot of love for that molecule). It was really great, and after the event, traditionally, we organizers get together and look back at the year and our friendship. Always nice.

And no: My headache has nothing to do with the sparkling wine. I guess it is just the crazy weather these days. It feels like spring; This again is totally perfect to work on some light spring perfume ideas :-)

And here’s the fine print: we pick a winner using The soet ships from Zurich, Switzerland, with Fedex. And wherever you live, local taxes, VAT, and import fee may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible for making sure that they are allowed to import the prize. The draw is open for anybody, but winners from these countries should provide a mailing address elsewhere: Italy, Russia, Spain, Croatia, Greece.

117 thoughts on “day 13 of the advent calendar- an explorer set”

  • Winter robin hopping about in the frost this morning. The bird feeders are full and ready with a winter feast for them, my little feathered friends.

    Peace and love.


  • It is 5 AM here - and I awoke remembering I needed to post here - LOL!! Hang in there w/ that seasonal headache to be GONE!! We are sinus-ed w/ Springtime like weather here too :-) That will change in 48 hours, though...Cinnamon tea may help your head! :-) Celine Dion belting out ``NOEL`` ~~~ like no one else can! :-)

  • Grey and chilly here in Provence. Off to walk the dog and pick wild rosemary.... my first ever attempt at making sourdough bread is in progress. Excited too to see if this works. Excited to be entered in the Tauer draw!

    Peace to all this Christmas. x

  • Hi Andy! I think it's better to stay indoor for the time as we really don't wish to see you fall sick when Christmas comes.
    Take care & Cheers~

  • Would really love to be picked as the winner of explorer set :)
    Good luck everyone^^

  • I think I'm sunburnt after an outdoors weekend with our family. exhausting but lovely. Rebecca, sourdough is so much fun. Do you bake bread Andy? Your yearly get together always sounds like fun.

  • Earlier in the evening, I went out to place bread scraps for the birds (who will visit in droves tomorrow) and then later it rained, so I went out to listen to the rain drops and was surprised to see a possum helping himself (or herself) to the bread. Such a long snout with so many whiskers. Andy, I like to imagine you drawing the possum eating his bread, in the midst of rain puddles.

  • Hello Andy! I wish you a speedy recovery! Thank you for this draw, another opporunity for all of us to win your great products.
    Good luck to everyone!

  • Bev Frederickson 13. December 2015 at 12:49

    Atmospheric pressure changes will do it every time in relation to the headache. I like the sketch as well. I'd love to discover more Tauer fragrance.

  • Get some rest and get well, Andi! Thanks for the draw!

  • Next time try some ibuprofen instead of aspirin if you choose to imbibe. It works wonders if you overindulge.

  • I had no idea ambra and amber were so different. thanks for the draw!

  • Fragrantica also has some notes about amber/ambra.

    Happy Sunday!

  • I also miss true December weather, with snow and frost. And white Christmas, of course. Oh, well...
    Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  • Robert Matthews 13. December 2015 at 13:40

    Headaches are no fun! Thank god for ibuprofen is all I can say.

  • Thank yOu for the opportunity to win this generous gift!

  • The weather is spring like this weekend in NY. Rather unusual. Hoping that winter is spring like too.

  • I like a lot this picture with fir trees. You're so multi talented, Andy :)

    Thank you for the the draw!

  • Hi Andy,
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway.
    Hope the headache gets better.

  • May you be blessed Andy. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


  • I hope you are well already!

  • Feels like spring here, too...all the plants are rather confused! Still feel the need for a good log fire to bring in the Christmassy mood. Thanks for the draws - hope the headache passes, a neck massage may be in order!

  • Beautiful Christmas trees! I hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks so much!

  • Hi Andy! I've been testing your Tauerville scents recently. I think they are quite a bit different from what you normally do and can be appreciated even by those who don't care about so called niche perfumes. Should I say you went with Tauerville into a little bit more acceptable and commercial direction? Cause these are my feeleing about them. BTW Rose Flash and Incense Flash are my favourite ones.

  • Yes, I know what you mean about this weather, we had such a chilly summer here in England - it was 14 degrees in July and now it is 14 degrees in December! I hope our planet can survive all this environmental damage and craziness... but I hope it gives you lovely spring thoughts :)

  • hello greetinga fromTicino, it's spring also here,

  • I hope you have had a nice quiet Sunday, Andy.

  • Happy Holidays!!


  • Advent is a season of preparation and it certainly sounds like you're doing your share!

  • We do take Christmas seriously here in Scandinavia, so I am busy wrapping fragrant presents for family and friends. Everything from special chocolate to scented soaps and lotions.

    We have had such a mild weather (enough so that it really shows in the statistics), but now we seem to get some days with frost. No snow in the city, but the ground is white from the frost.

    A happy Advent Sunday to everyone!

  • I hope your head feels better soon!

  • Hello Andy, you deserve a day of rest!
    The drawing is beautiful once again!!

  • happy lazy sunday !

  • Thanks for the giveaway! One of the hardest things about having moved to Florida is adjusting to the lack of a winter. I miss having a cold Christmas!

  • Foggy creepy winter, here! Time for cuddling with the cats, by the fire....

  • Hi Andy, hope your headache is gone ...

  • My headache today has a lot of to do with wine

    Have a nice day!

  • Mircea Dragomir 13. December 2015 at 16:04

    I have not won anything yet , it's time to start

  • Ich bin auch bereit für echten Winter. Meine Snowboards langweilen sich schon. Schnee, bitte!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to win an explorer set. Have a lovely Sunday!

  • I just purchased a sample of L'Air du Desert Marocain for my husband -- he wore it yesterday, and he has never smelled so wonderful! Thank you for this fantastic fragrance! I would love to explore your other scents.

  • Weather is very mild here! Not at all like Christmas weather. But, my tree is up, and most of my shopping is done, and now will relax, and enjoy the upcoming festive season! Thank you, once again for this wonderful Advent giveaway, and wish everyone the best of luck!

  • Good morning!
    Having coffee with my cat, Marmalade. I add some spices to the coffee, because I love the extra added scent. Marmalade is on the back of my chair, wrapped cleverly around my shoulders. It's a pretty warm, sunny day here. Merry Christmas, Andy!

  • Christmas music is Charlie Brown soundtrack and Handel Messiah.

  • Thank you again Andy! We're only3 days from my birthday and I'm so excited!

  • Hi Andy! Try the ice pack!! It really works.

  • Hi Andy. I wonder if the Spring-like weather has to do with global warming? I read that even in the USA, plants are blooming all along the East Coast right now (when they should be dormant due to cold winter temperatures). Alas, let's hope that the global initiative/accord just agreed upon in Paris will not only make things better for us, but as well as for the beautiful rhinos!

  • We're getting close to Christmas and the pressure is on! Wishing a lovely and peaceful holiday to you all.

  • I hope, you have no longrt headache. Have a nice 3. advent.

  • Andy---I would be curious to know if the scent of peppermint helps you with your headaches? Or any other scent? Thanks for the opportunity to explore three scents!

  • another grey and rainy day here, but hope springs eternal that the sun will come out, and that I will win one of Andy's fabulous prizes!

  • Good luck to everyone :)

  • I hear you on the headache, last couple of days I have felt trashed in the morning. Need to get to bed earlier I think. Your party sounds wonderful! Have a nice relaxing Sunday!

  • We're having a real gully-washer here today -- a day to cozy up and decorate our Christmas tree and maybe venture out with umbrellas later. Thank you for the draw!

  • It is pouring rain here! Quite unusual weather, but perhaps that is what Christmas is like in the Bay area. I hope you feel better soon!

  • That is a moody snowy scene. I would like to be there! Like others, I miss the snow. Wow, 15ml x 3 ! That is super exciting.Thanks Andy. Enjoy your no $$$ thoughts day!

  • Hi Andy and thanks for the draw. I'm happy that you're planning a light springtime scent. I can't wait to try it. Noontide Petals and Zeta are excellent fro Spring and I would welcome some more! Any plans to bring back Cologne du Maghreb? I loved that.

    Warmest wishes from dark and damp Wales.
    Samantha xx

  • Hi Andy -- hope the head stops pounding and you are able to enjoy your day. It's warm here, too...uncommonly so and I am longing for a winter wonderland!

  • HI Andy
    Thank you for the advent calendar and the wonderful stories behind each one of them. I enjoy reading them. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the draw.

  • Hello Andy, Yes we here in Toronto, Canada are having warm almost balmy weather for this time of year. I have used Basil essential oil for headaches and it is so calming. Thank you for your support of Save the Rhinos. The hunting of such a peaceful animal is heartbreaking. I am going to donate. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  • It's been a dry, mild day here, which is great...................but it doesn't make you feel that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!
    Cheers Andy

  • Thank you for the draw.

  • hope you are soon feeling better

  • Have a nice sunday

  • I also have a seasonal headache, but I think mine is indeed sparkling wine induced. Holiday parties are in full swing here now!

  • We're having unseasonably warm weather here. While nice, I want it to get colder, so we at least have the possibility of a white Christmas

  • I love Ambroxan as a perfume note as well. It imparts such a velvety feel to a composition.

  • The weather is very cold in here! I wish you all the best!

  • A scented gathering sounds like great fun. Wishing you a joyous holiday season!

  • Ambroxan is magical stuff indeed! :)

  • Love the red trees in the snow! Thanks for the draw.

  • I only recently started to discover amber based scents. Would love to smell and compare different sorts of "amber" to be able to tell apart the real thing from the synthetic stuff. I assume most amber based fragrances I have tried were based on the synthetic alternatves.

  • Hi Andy! Sorry to hear about your headache. Since you bring this up, at some point I'd love to hear about what benzoin extracts you find most appealing (producer/origin/extraction type). By the way, the weather has been crazy in New York too - just had a few days around/above 10 celsius. If it wasn't for the amount of sunlight I'd swear it's October. Cheers!

  • Thanks for the draw, and happy 3d advent!

  • Beautiful picture! I love how the red and white melt together. Thank you for this draw!

  • Such a lovely picture!
    Thank you for the draw, as always, and for the story.

  • Had a bit of head hammering this weekend as well and an overdose of good food. But that's December for you :) hope everyone's had/having a good Sunday!

  • The weather has been off here as well. Very warm for December! Hope you are feeling better. x

  • Winter is coming ;-)
    Thank you for the draw!

  • I love sparkling wine! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • I hope you feel better and thanks for another opportunity to enjoy your creations.

  • I love the landscape! Makes me feel dreamy and think of cotton floss in a sunset color :)

  • Thanks for the chance

  • Sorry for the headache! The weather has been crazy everywhere these days, it seems.

  • It has been uncommonly warm in Boston. I've enjoyed walking through the city at twilight just as the festive trees and decorations turn on. Not shopping - only enjoying the sights of the season.
    Thank you, Andy, for your generous spirit.

  • oh it feels like spring there, too? hope your headache's gone now. sounds exiting the lecture , about AMBER and AMBRA . I hope that kind of great shop exists here too.

  • Sorry to hear about the headache. I agree that it can be related to the unseasonable weather. Here on west coast of Canada the weather has been so variable. Cold with beautiful sunshine, followed by heavy rain and winds, followed by a day or two of warm sunshine. And on to something else. (All within 2 weeks!) A head-spinner for sure.
    Thank you for drawing to our attention the many deserving charities and for the generous draw opportunity.

  • Each time I read about one of your talks I get so envious. I'd just love the opportunity to go to one of them, hearing and most of all smelling more about the backstory of your scents. But then, maybe I'll be able to at least console myself with your explorer set, who knows ... ;-)

  • I hope that you are feeling better Andy. There really isn't a dramatic seasonal change in California but it's crisp outside. The 3rd candle in the Advent wreath was lit today at church and that somehow evokes snow and snowmen in my mind.

  • Beautiful red trees!

  • This year winter here in Ukraine is a bit warmer then usually... now it rains here and it is also windy. But I am happy my friends make the world warmer for me with their presence :) and i hope i do the same for them. Wish everybody to have good friends and be happy the coming year, notwithstanding all the difficulties:)

  • I hope your headache is better! Try no to stress too much and enjoy the holidays.

  • A few days late, but I made it! Please count me in.

    Winter? I think it's changed its mind here.

  • Working through one of those headaches myself today. Hope all is well.

  • Hi Andy,
    Hope your headache is better. I'm late today, too. The weather here in Florida is warm & muggy - really anxious for some cooler temps. Have a good week, & thanks for the draw.

  • Andy, I hope your headache has abated, and that you can continue to work on fun ideas soon. Thanks for the draw.

  • How nice to have a community of perfume lovers. And what an exciting win an explorer set would be for anybody. Thank you, Andy.

  • Sorry to hear about your headache, I feel your pain. I have been experiencing spring/summer allergies now in the winter. The weather cannot seem to make up its mind, one week we have cold rain and snow the next week highs in the 60's. Thank you for this generous advent calendar drawing the explorer sets are a great deal! Feel better.

  • Lazy Sundays are lovely every now and again. I had a fairly busy Sunday today, but I had a lovely late morning in cozy in bed while it was raining outside. Somehow it feels cozier inside when the weather outside is cold.

  • I understand only so well"headache"-changing weather, my personal foe
    feel well quckly, Andy

  • Hope you're feeling better! Sounds like a fun event that you had, though.

  • Still working my way through Rose and Vanilla Flash but look forward to trying Incense soon.

  • I am really inspired by your creations and how you have managed to create masterpieces that enhance my outer aura. Looking forward to winning. Cheers - Zee from Dubai

  • yes, weird weather - standing barefoot in the garden drinking coffee yesterday - in Alpenvorland....we have our very own advent calendar spectacle: a mule digging 1 to 2 beautiful proud hills per day across the lawn. We are calculating that on 24th it will be traversing to our neighbors - if it does not change general track, that is. Suspense. Thank you for the draw, as always

  • I am quite happy today as I found a new home for 3 household items that I no longer use (one item that my mother never ever used!) rather than throwing them away to become trash. I'm looking forward to getting rid of a lot of clothing and shoes over the holidays too.

  • Unusually warm here today. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!

  • Hope you'll get better from the seasonal headache! The event sounds so interesting!

  • I am sure you had great time at the gathering, Andy! Amber is a bit tricky to me - most of the scents it plays center part in are quite nice, mellow and safe, but there are amber perfumes that give me a weird rubbery feeling I don't like at all!
    Anyway, I am glad I have a chance like this one - thank you!
    Looking forward to the first relaxing day of Christmas...!

  • Arghh, those annoying headaches! Hope you are already better, Andy!

  • Hello Andy - as always, thank you for the generous draw. Unless I missed it, there was no reference to the drawing, but it seems to me very appropriate for a headache-ridden day. I hope it went (and will stay) away - I fully agre about the weather being weird.

  • Hope you had a nice lazy sunday, Andy. Mine was spent at work... Ah, the joys of working retail before Christmas. Hope you're feeling better, too.
    I love the sketch. It has a very soft, cashmere-like feel.

  • Thanks for running these draws!

  • Waiting for snow, and for new Andy paintings in fb.

  • Hope you are fully recovered, Andy.

  • Hope you get better soon. Sounds like a really interesting event.

  • Hi Andy. Thanks for the wonderful draw!

  • The busy days and nights of this season often leave me with a bit of a headache, but it is a small price to pay when there is so much to enjoy. I hope you are feeling well in the coming days.

    And thank you for the reminder in yesterday's blog post that I need to shop for Oblaten. They only come to my corner of the world at the holidays. The last time I checked the shop they were sold out! Less cookies for me equals more for someone else. I hope they are enjoying the unexpected bounty that can come with these dark winter days.

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