Advent Calendar day 8, Wikipedia, and the power of change

This draw is closed. Thank you for all your comments!
Greetings to you, and another chance to win a samples discovery set from my line (see below for details). And today, we actually have two prizes. One, 50 $, already went to We are not healing and feeding the poor there, but I want to support one of the greatest venture on the internet that comes for free, without ads, for everybody. Knowledge for the world. Quite ground breaking if you think about it. Disruptive.

But that's the nature of the internet: It is disruptive and changes everything, and it all has just started. We are in for more. Exciting! ?

My tauer perfumes venture and other ventures would not have been possible without internet, without blogging, without online sales.

Right now, as I spending a lot of time in the factory, labelling bottles, I have some time while doing repetitive work to think about what to do with my painting.

And right now, I am considering starting to offer them , some of them, on the internet, too. Selling them, the originals. And who knows? It might work.

We will see... (today's picture: Acrylic, spatula/knife work, on wood, around 20x20 cm)

Here's the fine print for today's prize that YOU can win:
You can win a discovery set today. (that’s a set of 5 x 1.5 ml samples in a tin box. You can choose your scent from the list of scents that we offer online for this set)  Just leave a comment and say hi. Thanks!

We pick a winner using The discovery set ships from Zurich, Switzerland. And wherever you live, local taxes, VAT, and import fee may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible for making sure that they are allowed to import the prize. The draw is open for anybody, but winners from these countries should provide a mailing address elsewhere: Italy, Russia, Spain, Croatia, Greece.

Good luck!

107 thoughts on “Advent Calendar day 8, Wikipedia, and the power of change”

  • I really like the paintings I can see on this site. My favourite is the snow-covered advent calendar tree, so peaceful.

  • You have really great painting skills. Have a nice day!

  • Love the artwork! Merry Christmas!

  • I love all the camels! They're such great animals -- lots of personality, and you capture that. Thanks, also, for donating to Wikipedia -- something I use daily! It's a great service and blissfully free.

  • I really appreciate a free access to knowledge in the era of internet.
    Have a nice day!

  • Spreading knowledge is an important step in healing and feeding the poor, so I greatly appreciate the gift to Wikipedia.

  • Hi! Thank you so much for contributing to Wikipedia! It is fantastic you are thinking of selling your paintings--I love the camel!

  • It is a very good idea to start offering the paintings! I think they will be appreciated. Also, it is such a great gesture to donate to wiki. Maybe more people will be motivated this way!

  • Looking forward to more of your creations and charities~
    God Bless You!

  • Hi Andy, I really love your contributions to the society and fragrance industries. Good Job!

    "Heal The World
    Make It A Better Place
    For You And For Me
    And The Entire Human Race"

    Heal the world with fragrances when perfumers doing their part contributing to the poor and needy~

  • Hi Andy,
    pretty picture again.
    Have a nice day!

  • Wikipedia is a worthy cause.

  • The internet helping spread knowledge is one of the greatest advance brought by advancement in technologies. Have a nice day!

  • Yay to knowledge! Yay to art! Yay to your perfumes, dear Andy!

  • Once there was a pheasant
    Whose feathers were a sight;
    Red and gold and purple
    He shimmered in the light.
    The snow fell hard upon him
    And covered him in flakes,
    So he flipped it off his body
    With rainbow-coloured shakes.

    Happy day to everyone and shake that rain or gloom off! XX

  • What a gorgeous camel! My kids love camels (although they have never seen them in real life) and their grandfather made up a series of stories for them about "Charlie the Camel" and his desert adventures. Thank you again for the generous giveaway.

  • Hi there! This camel looks a bit serious but still a lovely painting! You should exhibit your work with an added olfactory element maybe?!

  • Robert Matthews 8. December 2015 at 11:49

    I donate to Wikipedia every Christmas — I use it daily so they've earned it.

    I bet people would buy your paintings and drawings online!

  • Knowledge is power. I support Wikipedia as well.

  • I love the daily painting. I'm also a great fan of Wikipedia. Thanks Andy!

  • Morag's sister 8. December 2015 at 12:32

    There was a nip in the air this morning - time to knit some warm socks for the Christmas fox!

  • Hi Andy :-)
    What a pretty camel lady.
    Have a nice day.

  • Good morning Andy! Thanks for the draw.

  • Oh, I love the richness of the cherry coloured background in contrast to the warm colours of the camel :)

  • I love your paintings, and your giving spirit! Thanks for the offering!

  • Cute camel!

  • Nice picture and great job giving to charity.

  • Here's wishing for more creative disruption in the future! Thanks for leading the way.

  • Philip Faustin 8. December 2015 at 13:22

    Yes, because of the Internet I know of your wonderful perfumes.


  • when internet and wikipedia will have olfactory dimension, that will be the day !!! until then, discovery sets ;)

  • I love the story of Bankonupatut. It's fascinating reading. Enjoy your day.

  • Hello Andy! Many thanks for this draw!

  • Hi Andy,

    Great to see your artwork! Nice technique.

  • I love the color palette you've used in the paintings you posted so far. It's very warm and earthy-much like the land described in your writing.

  • This seems to be a busy period of the year for you. I am ready to give you a helping hand in the factory at any time :D Thanks for the draw!

  • Bev Frederickson 8. December 2015 at 14:10

    I always comment on your facebook page. Oh well...

  • Hello Andy - please keep bringing on the camels ;-). I would definitely be interested if you were to sell them at some point (and not only the camels).

  • Hello Andy,

    Fabulous colors and textures. Again.

    I agree--offer your artwork for sale too.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks for another generous opportunity, Andy, enjoy your day!

  • Hi All,
    Hope Tuesday is a good day for everyone. Thanks for the draw.

  • I am no art expert but if your art work is 1/100th as good as your perfume it is a masterpiece already

  • Thank you for the donations - these group are well chosen.

  • Very clever idea to donate to Wikipedia, it had not occurred to me to do that. And I like the idea of offering your lovely paintings for sale too!

  • Thank you again Andy! Hope your holiday season is a happy healthy one!

  • Hi!

  • I love Wikipedia! I will donate as well. Thank you for the draw!

  • Yay! I'm glad you're thinking about selling your paintings.

  • I think I use Wikipedia every single day for something or other. Thank you for helping keep them going!

  • I completely agree with your views on Wikipedia. Knowledge is power. Thanks and have a great day.

  • Hi Andy, the Internet is a great tool, both for good and for harm. We must always nourish the good (like Wikipedia!).
    Have a great day.

  • Thank you for the reminder to donate to Wikipedia!

  • As a librarian, I fully support the free access to information that Wikipedia provides. Just remember that any information (especially that which is found on the Internet) should be approached with a certain degree of skepticism.

    Good luck for the drawing, everyone!

  • So glad about the contribution to Wikipedia. And I like your hard nosed, kind eyes camel. Who knows maybe thanks to the internet you will have a career as a painter besides the one as a perfumer.

  • Thanks for the giveaway! Another thing I would suggest to you, is that you make Christmas cards. I would love to be able to send an image of your painting of a Christmas tree to other people!

  • Thanks again for the draw and wanted to support the comment above in taking care with sources of info. I personally use Wiki a lot, but I am aware of quite a lot of political manipulation on sensitive topics. There are interest groups that have people monitoring certain sites and erasing edits that counter the line they want to promote.

  • Hi Andy,

    Your graphics have always been a hit with me! Hope for the best in 2016.

  • I donate to Wikipedia too. It's hard to imagine our current lives without it honestly. Thank you again for your draws. When I saw that there were two prizes I was going pine would be that spunky camel painting! So cute.

  • good morning, Andy! hope your day goes well. Thank you for the thrill of anticipation every day in this holiday season.

  • Or limited edition packaging with camels etc.

  • Im a wikipedia fan too! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Love the artwork. I look forward to seeing it each day.

  • Great thoughts.
    The other end of the perfume journey - the one of the customer or rather obsessor - would also not have been possible without the internet. At least not without far more time, effort and money.

  • Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the opportunity and the cute camel painting.

  • Hi, Mr. Tauer

    Some of your paintigs are very beautiful. It looks very good in the scarfs you have for sell in the Tauerville website. I think it's a good idea to offer some of them. It can be very decorative.

  • Hi, Andy
    wise choice to donate to Wikipedia, thanks
    your art evolves quickly- the painting looks wonderful
    thanks for everything

  • Adorable camel!

  • hotlanta linda 8. December 2015 at 17:48

    CUTE!!!! camel!! Thank you! :-) :-)

  • Hi Andy, I really appreciate your painting style, it is full of feeling and kindness. Thank you !

  • Merry Christmas & hurrah for Wikipedia :)

  • Hi Andy! I agree with many comments that you paint lovely pictures- perhaps you could give one away as a prize!

    Merry Christmas to all ☺️

  • Greetings
    Thank you for your draw and reminding about Wiki donation

  • Cute camel, vivid colors!
    Thanks for the chance, Andy!

  • Nice to look a camel full in the face without fear! Thanks for the chance to DISCOVER!

  • This has been a great Advent calendar, Andy! And yes, the internet is a wonderland in every sense of the word.

  • Love your camel, Andy! x

  • Hi Andy, thanks for the draw.

    I love your paintings. My favourite was the green stockings one- a woman on a rainwashed street with the green of her stockings standing out among the grey. Fantastic.

    You have always been very kind to bloggers and social media friends and I appreciate it very much.


  • I love the sense of community that I've found on the internet. I've chatted with perfume people from both near and far that I never would have met without the internet. It really is amazing! Thank you again for the drawing.

  • great painting!
    I love the colors!

  • Hi Andy! Thanks for the draw and yes, Wikipedia is amazing. I'm loving the advent calendar story!

  • Hi Andy! Thanks for hosting this generous advent calendar every year, and for this year including charity, too.

  • Wikipedia is a great thing to support Andy. Excellent idea. Thanks for this, as we all benefit from that site :-)

  • We just finished reading Walking the Gobi, about an older couple who walked across the Gobi desert accompanied by a couple of packcamels. Camels are very eccentric and I think you captured that. :-) Thanks for the generosity of your giving Andy.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to enter into your draw & potentially win a prize.
    cheers Ellie

  • Offering your paintings for sale is a great idea. Today's camel strikes me as having a slightly disdainful look (ride me if you dare), even with its lovely lashes. I agree Wikipedia is a great tool,but also agree with Merlin. The Canadian government (or at least people in the Prime Minister's Office) have been known to try to make changes in some less than flattering wikis.
    Thank you for continued generosity.

  • I am quite late but still it is worth of trying to win your prizes. Thanks, Andy for your calendar

  • Thanks for your draw and thanks for your support of Wikipedia. Actually, I think everyone who uses it should make their contribution, either by donating or by improving the articles and adding more information. I mean, that's the great thing about Wikipedia - everyone has some interesting knowledge that he or she could share with the world.

  • Hi! I love your work, thank you so much.

  • Hi! Thank you for the draw.

  • Hi Andy! Thanks again for hosting this generous advent calendar and this year including charity, too.
    Greetings from Berlin

  • Hi Andy, I think Wikipedia is a great venture to support. It provides so much for people. I rely on it a lot. Love today's camel. I love how your Advent calendar brings together people from all over. I feel very connected with the other perfume lovers.

  • I am pretty sure that it is a good idea, and I wish you luck.

  • I wish this time of year will be peaceful and magical to everybody.

  • Hi! Your camel seems quite thoughtful, pensive, looking deep into the future with those lovely eyes.

  • My goodness Andy. Where do you find the time to paint in addition to all your other duties as a businessman? The camel looks like he is trying very hard not to smile but it still shows up in the eyes. Thanks for all your innovation and contributions to the perfume world!

  • Merry Christmas

  • thanks so much Andy!

  • Yay -I remember the camel from last year - such fun!

  • Hello to you and your camel!

  • Beautiful camel. I love the eyes. Does he have a name? First thing that came to mind was the three wise men and the camels that carried them. Brings us back to the true meaning of Christmas.

  • hello andy, I got here too late again, just my job finished 1500, and its on wed... your painting makes me smile again. nice work, thank you for sharing! :)

  • Hello! I wanted to say I love your perfumes and I also love your paintings, and I would totally consider buying one of them :)

  • Hi Andy! I wish you much continued success-- however one defines that!-- with all of your art.

    And we do indeed live in an amazing time. The internet has enabled so much connection and knowledge--it's where I first learned about you and about the whole fragrance community.

  • Thank god for wikipedia. A lot of people look down on it but I think most things there, especially ones on popular topics, are quite well-written and researched. It is certainly one of my most-visited sites - a great resource to have.

  • Hi all

    When will the snow come? I can't wait to put my boots on and go tracking. Happy Holidays to everyone, especially Andy and the scented camels.


  • Bev Frederickson 9. December 2015 at 13:42

    Cheers from Toronto with the temperature going up into the double digits today. Yay! I think it's an Incense Extreme day.

  • Better late than never, as usual. Greetings from the warm East Coast of the USA.

  • Adorable camel!
    Happy Holidays!

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