Day 5 of the advent calendar and another draw

This draw is closed. Thank you all for participating!


Good morning. Today is day five of the advent calendar. Today’s picture: a 5 min camel pencil sketch. Just because. Funny animals.
You can continue following the story of the people of Bankonupatut in my advent calendar. Please visit it daily, also to learn more about draws and more. Here is the advent calendar page.
And as yesterday was fun: Today, you can win another a tauerville rollerball. (that’s a 10 ml rollerball size. You can choose your scent from the list of 4 scents that I offer there on tauerville: ROSE, VANILLA, INCENSE or AMBER) Just leave a comment here and I will pick a winner in the coming days.

Actually, I want to revisit camels again: on the canvas today. But first things first will mean: I have to head downtown, in search of forms for my foaming super rose bath bombs that I want to make as X-mas gifts for family and some friends.

It is true handicraft work. I did three as a prototype and tested one of them and the scent is like a super rose with a super vanilla. Great. The foam is a bit mingy, though. But I do not want to give washing powder strength bath bombs....

Bottom Lline: That's what I enjoy about the holidays. Going back to my childhood days and handicrafting some gifts. Perfect!

Fineprint: we pick a winner using The discovery set ships from Zurich, Switzerland or from the US. And wherever you live, local taxes, VAT, and import fee may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible for making sure that they are allowed to import the prize. The draw is open for anybody, but winners from these countries should provide a mailing address elsewhere: Italy, Russia, Spain, Croatia, Greece.
Good luck!

102 thoughts on “Day 5 of the advent calendar and another draw”

  • hello andy. yes Christmas is coming closer ... and I went shopping for xmas gift for my friends, family... for the first time. hmm bath bomb for gift, sounds nice!

  • Really loving this advent calendar event!

  • Counting down to Christmas with lots of shopping and preparations. Good luck to everyone in the draw giveaway

  • No shopping yet, but some gift ideas and maybe I'll see something at the Christmas markets in Colmar and Strassbourg today. Have a good day everyone.

  • 5 minutes skatch? you must be talented in more ways than just perfumery!

  • today I will enter the draw....resistance is becoming hard :) the time spent on camel sketch has taken me by surprise..i would have guessed 15-20 minutes at the minimum..this also reminds me of a high school classmate who was exceptionally talented in drawing and could draw anything he would be imagining..his fav. subject matter was nude women :D

  • What long, lovely, flirtatious eyelashes this camel has!

  • Happy Holidays, to all fragrance lovers!

  • Thank you for the draw.

  • I went to a zoo-safari experience in Ohio earlier this year (a park called The Wilds) and my boyfriend and I saw some camels there. :) They are such sweet creatures, and so unique!

    Good luck to everyone! x

  • I love the camel drawing -- really captures the camel's spirit and personality.

  • Love the camel ....not so sure about baked camels, though!

  • Nice picture. Have a nice day everyone.

  • i am enjoying the advent calendar this year.

  • That picture was done in 5mins? Nice!
    Happy holidays, thanks for the draw

  • The holidays are not only about receiving gifts. Preparing gifts for our loved ones, and seeing their smiles when they receive them, is even greater fun! :D

  • Rose and vanilla, what a heavenly combination!

  • Lovely, Andy. Thanks! x

  • Cute camel. Thanks for the draw.

  • How exciting!

  • Good morning Andy! Your Camel is very pretty! The rose bath bombs sound amazing!!!

  • Morag's sister 5. December 2015 at 11:58

    I'll be putting baby Weasus into the nativity today. Nadolig Llawen i gyd!

  • Love those bath-bombs!

  • Ahhh, here is Lady Camel again! :) I would love to enter!

  • Bev Frederickson 5. December 2015 at 13:03

    The camel sketch is lovely but I am also enjoying the story. Poor Mr Miti went to the large water hole. Ha!

  • How could I miss the beginning of your Advent calendar, Andy! Back again!

  • Thanks Andy, for the chance to win a super-goody prize.
    Fingers crossed!

  • Hi Andy, Love the camel! Pencil is great fun to draw with. Have you done anything with charcoal? Have a great day!

  • Have a nice day, Andy!

  • Robert Matthews 5. December 2015 at 14:14

    LOVE the camel attitude.

  • Lovely camel, lovely draw. Thanks.

  • Oh, I'd love to smell Amber Flash. Thank you for the draw

  • Perhaps I will wish for camel-length eyelashes for Christmas...

  • Dear Andy, I had no idea that such a detailed and expressive drawing can be done in 5 minutes. I have not yet started my proper Christmas shopping, but the gift ideas are lining up :-). And I will be wearing lots of Eau d'Épices all along the holiday season. Thank you for the draw!

  • That camel is looking at me! Hello, Camel:)

  • Thank you for brightening my day with the adorable camel - I can just imagine her (her?) fluttering her lashes...
    Also brightened my day with the funny image of people disappearing under a cloud of washing powder strength bath bombs :) I hope your friends realise how lucky they are!

  • :) Your camel sketch has brought a big smile on my face. Thank you, Andy!

  • What a pretty camel she is. Thanks for the draw.

  • Poor Mr Miti! It has made me a bit sad for him and for the bald camels which must have been burnt by the sun.

    Let's hope for nicer things waiting for all people and animals in 2016!


  • Nice sketch, Andi! You have talent! Thanks for the draw!

  • Thanks for the draw, and thanks for the continuing story.

  • Love the camel, and thank you for a chance to win!

  • Boy, would I love to try your super rose bath bombs! Sounds heavenly. Your friends and family are some lucky folks.

  • Have a beautiful day!

  • I want to smell a North African leather scent with a camel accord.

  • Dear Andy!
    You know, your advent calendar does the one important thing it is intended to do - it really brings a holiday spirit to our hearts, even though we are grown-ups:) The most precious is the feeling of hope and expectation of a miracle...thanks for that:)

  • Hello, Andy!
    This camel sure looks glad!
    Bath bombs are fun - go for them. My kid and I are making candles and cookies this Christmas to give away!
    Thanks for the chance! I am wishing on a star for Rose Flash. Or Vanilla Flash. Or the ambre one...So hard to chooooooose!

  • What a cutie! Thank you, Andy, for the draw!

  • Happy holidays. You still amaze me with all of your creativity!

  • Eek! I almost forgot it was time for your Advent calendar, my favorite time of the year!
    This camel has a look in its eye of "I've seen things you can't even imagine". Nice.

  • Thank you for your generosity, Andy

  • Thank you Andy

  • Andy, many thanks for this.

  • So much talent :-) Thank you for keeping up this Christmas tradition, Andy

  • Shaved naked camels and Mr.Miti - the story brings some blues. But the life is full of them... Thanks for todays draw. Lubka

  • In honor of your camel, I'm wearing LDDM today :-)

  • Handmade gifts are the best. Thanks Andy!

  • thanks for the bit of daily excitement;, Andy! and good luck with your rose bombs. I sure would love to smell one!

  • Thank you for the draw, and the drawings! Love the camel today. Wishing you warmth and cheer as the days get colder...

  • Very impressive sketch for 5 minutes work! I love hearing about your bath bomb project. :-) Thanks again for the draw!

  • Andy, I love your five minute drawing....reminds me of the timed writing prompts we used to do in creative writing class. A topic or an image or a quote and within a limited time you had to craft a story. Great to exercise artistic muscle.

  • I like the happy camel :) thanks as always for the opportunity

  • I love the perspective on the camel. Thanks for the draw!

  • The camel puts me in the mood for some Middle Eastern scents. Are you inspired?

  • Camels and bath bombs-what an interesting post!

  • Thanks for the opportunity. I love your sketches.

  • I guess it is a camel girl :)

  • Hi Andy, I look forward to your advent calendar so much every year! Happy holidays and thank you for your generosity. Your friends and family who will receive those bath bombs are really lucky - they sound divine!

  • Lovely story, Andy. Thank you!

  • Poor Mr Miti! Thanks for the draw!

  • I enjoy reading your blog and the comments posted. Is it because fragrance-lovers have a certain attitude toward life? Maybe, it is because we will actually stop and smell the roses and the air and scent of salt by the ocean. I love Advent. It allows me to savor the approach of Christmas and slow it all down a bit before it flits away.

  • I love the advent calendar. Such a surprise every day. Thanks Andy.

  • I actually look forward to the story every day. It is nice to wait to gratification (getting harder these days ). You should probably try writing scripts Andy ( I am assuming you are the author of the moving dune story).

  • Hello for today! Thanks for today's story and this draw. Now, I have to figure out what I will make for this year... no ideas! I need some new Andy perfume for inspiration. I will start with the camel picture - that's inspiring, too. I hope you found some good forms for the bombs!

  • I am also enjoying handmade gifts at this season of the year. A number of babies are arriving in my circle of family and friends, so I am making newborn-sized hats. I finished hat number 2 last night, three more to go. The act of Making with a purpose is exciting and meditative at the same time. Thank you again for the stories. I am transported each day!

  • I think one of the things that makes camels odd looking is those amazing long, curled eyelashes, especially on an animal known also for its spitting when annoyed/angry.
    Enjoying the camel tale: my immediate response to the hair shearing was "oh no, they'll get sunburned!"
    Thanks for the draw opportunity.

  • I love the diva eyes on your camel! Those lashes :)

  • What a jaunty-looking camel -- fantastic!

  • Thanks

  • hotlanta linda 6. December 2015 at 2:21

    Your cute sketch has me humming Sting`s ``Tea in the Sahara`` :-) :-)

  • I love that camel. It looks like it knows a joke that I don't! Thanks :)

  • yes, your camel is flirtatious!

    Thank you for sharing your art!

  • happy holidays! Thank you for the story! I arrive late to the advent calendar learning I have some catching up to do! Shopping for the nieces and nephews has begun. Adults must wait for now. Love your camel...foam and all.

  • I love the camel drawing. Christmas is getting closer and time to make presents. I love the idea of rose bath bombs.

  • Love the camel! He or she needs a name :)

  • Thank you for the story, and the camel - which makes me think of the 3 wise men.

  • I love your camel! She looks mischievous!

  • I never really thought about it, but camels are very appropriate for the season! And generally charming characters to boot. Good for you for hand-making gifts. I've done it a few times, but goodness it is time consuming!

    Thanks so much for the draw!

  • I'm doing some Christmas shopping today.
    Thank you for the draw!

  • I hope your camel can have a donkey for a friend soon. Everyone needs one in these dark days. I'm sure both the camel and the donkey would smell great with a spritz of rose.


  • Cute camel, love eyes )

  • I love amber ...

  • bath bombs! i want to learn to do this,it sounds fun!
    I need to go shopping too, but I'm out of ideas for some people.
    love your drawings!

  • I will test whether this camel sketch can help fight of the cold weather when I visit family in Canada for Christmas. Looking forward to it!

  • Your story is getting quite surreal. i am enjoying it.

  • my favourite bath bomb that I've seen was in an online shop - someone sold one called "Marat in the Tub" (google it). Wished I bought it when I had the chance. The rose ones sounds lovely though!

  • Here is another one who would like how to know good smelling bath bombs. ^_^

  • I love the camel and Amber would be my choice of smell.

  • Philip Faustin 6. December 2015 at 21:59

    We have gone from homemade gifts to gift cards. One took time, effort and love, the other: little of those.

  • Thank you for the draw.

  • Thank you for your generosity!

  • Thank you for the draw

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