Day 2 of the advent calendar draw

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Thank you to all participating!

Good morning. Today is day two of the advent calendar. Today's picture: The BIG mountain and the many dunes.

You can continue following the story of the people of Bankonupatut in my advent calendar. Please visit it daily, also to learn more about draws and more. Here is the advent calendar page.

And you can win a discovery set today. (that's a set of 5 x 1.5 ml samples in a tin box. You can choose your scent from the list of scents that we offer online for this set)  Just leave a comment and tell me what your happiest day was this year. Thanks! (or just say "Hi")

Fineprint: we pick a winner using The discovery set ships from Zurich, Switzerland. And wherever you live, local taxes, VAT, and import fee may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible for making sure that they are allowed to import the prize. The draw is open for anybody, but winners from these countries should provide a mailing address elsewhere: Italy, Russia, Spain, Croatia, Greece.

Good luck! And a cheers to storytelling!

115 thoughts on “Day 2 of the advent calendar draw”

  • The happiest day this year was definitely getting accepted as friend from the legendary Mr Andy Tauer on Facebook. I invited with my Facebook name Frostbite Subzero and got accepted~
    Also, Mr Andy Tauer has opened my mind to the world of niche fragrances! Thank you!

  • I try to make every day, my happiest day! Even if the weather is bad, or if I have problems, I try to look at the positive side of things. With so much sadness in the world, I feel lucky I have my nice, and normal life.

  • I'm not easy with superlatives, but a good moment was to move together in a new home as a patchwork family.

  • My happiest day so far was visiting my Girlfriend after 3 months of not having seen her and seeing that she had changed, grown up and become a woman.

  • Hi Andy
    The happiest day of this year was hearing my cat was ok after surgery. I love that old girl and she had me worried. X

  • One of the happiest moments of this year was when I started for a walk through the Calanques from my beloved Cassis, South France and found myself mesmerised by a smell that was so familiar yet I had never smelled it in nature before. I looked up an saw I was standing underneath a fig tree in the heat of an August noon. I only knew that smell from fragrances like Dyptiques Philosikos, but the real thing was even more beautiful. Since then I am working on my own fig leaf scent.

  • Hi, Andy
    the happiest day of this year was when one of my boss's most chalenging projects received funding- lots of work ahead but such an opportunity to try and find a cure...
    thanks a lot

  • The day I discovered Sleater-Kinney.

  • Hi Andy, have been following but haven't commented in a long time! my happiest day was when I was on holiday with my family in October and we all scuba dived for the first time in our lives! It was a wonderful experience :-)
    Thanks for you generosity again this year :-D

  • i have many happy moments. i have two autistic children so when they achieve small steps in progress such as giving me eye contact or saying a new word i feel happy

  • A very happy day this year was when I smelt Phi. I joke you not! That jammy rose is absolutely delicious, reminding me of childhood. Thanks for the draw!

  • I am happy nearly every day, but my happiest day recently was a week ago, when all the family were home; on the beach at twilight, watching the setting sun stain the sea pink and purple, then walking back though the woods by moonlight, chatting away.

  • My happiest day this year, must be the day my daughter was born. Since then, it's like relive the childhood from another perspective, quite an interesting and magical experience!

  • The happiest day of this year was August 15th. It was my son's first birthday and we invited all of our family and closest friends for a party. Before opening gifts we announced that we were going to have another baby. I went to to miscarry a few weeks later, but that one day of sharing happiness and positivity was priceless.

  • Many happy days this year! The happiest? Probably the day when it became certain that my brother's mother-in-law would live after a severe stroke. She is slowly recovering.
    Thank you, dear Andy, for your generosity!

  • Happiest day this year was when I got a new job!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Happiest day of 2015 will definitely be being picked as the winner of the draw as I have never won a draw in my lifetime.
    Good Luck To All~

  • Bumping into an old friend I'd lost contact with almost 15 years ago!

  • MIne was when I passed my traning in the new job and started working.

  • Arriving in Toledo in Spain where I spent a spring-time week exploring. Magical and fragrant.

  • My happiest day was my 20th wedding anniversary, when we had just finally moved into our new home in Germany after being nomadic for two months and had escaped briefly to Alsace to celebrate at a special restaurant we visit every 10 years. We stayed at the inn at the restaurant, too, for the first time, and the service and food and accommodations couldn't have been more amazing.

  • The happiest day was when I survived surgery that had been rather scary for me. As soon as I was able, I went out to the garden and smelled the flowers, and was glad to be alive.

  • Bev Frederickson 2. December 2015 at 12:53

    I try to find happiness in each day and usually succeed.
    One day I was heading off to work and a little,old lady asked me if I would walk her to church as she was feeling dizzy. I knew this excursion would make me late for work but I decided it was a good reason. This action made both of us happy. She's feeling better now, by the way.

  • Seeing my daughter after 2 weeks again (to private to write what happened)

  • When my daughter Minnie was born. Thanks!

  • It would have to be my wedding day, it was perfect and so romantic. I can't stop looking at the wedding pics to try and go back to the day.

  • I can't identify one specific day, but some of our excellent sailing days must be it. Sun was shining the wind was nice and the boat was gliding across the water

  • A friend's touching wedding ceremony. The San Francisco sunset was gorgeous.

    A friend's baby shower was a happy day too - useful information and funny stories shared.

    (Sorry if this shows up twice - I don't see my comment so retrying)

  • Philip Faustin 2. December 2015 at 13:58

    My happiest day this year was finding out that grandchild number two is on the way. Just a few more weeks now until his arrival.

  • My happiest day was in July, floating in a bubbling outdoor pool under the hot Alabama sunshine with one of my best friends, cold beer in hand. Thanks for the chance!

  • my happiest day was in May when my best friend got married to her soul mate.

  • I received some very reassuring medical test results earlier in the year (March)

  • My happiest day was in August when after much careful planning, we finally managed to get our far-flung family together for a weekend. It was so wonderful seeing everyone again!

  • Each new day is my happiest day! Thanks for the wonderful drawing!

  • Hi there,
    with the help of your Adventskalender i get more and more in the holiday and festive mood: Now that most of the buzzing years is over i gather more thougths on spreading joy and happiness on people around my family, like neighbors. A single elderly women (78 !) next door with her puppy (her only family left) she takes out for a walk every day. She never leaves without a "few" drops of her vanderbilt she loves so much. I think we will repeat our last christmas gift to her and splurge on another bottle this year. Pure joy of giving happiness to someone ...i am very happy about to be able to

  • The happiest day was when I learned that I'll be leaving Job from Hell.

  • I try to be happy every day of the year. No matter how I feel, there is always someone who needs a smile and a kind word. Thanks for the drawing! Hope to share with friends, if I win. XO

  • My happiest day of the year was the full day I spent driving to move in with my fiance after living long distance for over 2 years.

  • My happiest day was on a rafting trip with the women in my family--we camped on the bank inside Santa Elena Canyon and were treated to a beautiful view of the Milky Way in the slash between the canyon walls that night.

  • I reunited with an old friend earlier this year. We had a falling out several years ago and didn't speak for the longest time. A mutual friend brought us back together. It was so wonderful seeing her again.

  • I had many happy days this year (and I hope all of you do as well), but I was especially giddy on the day I realized that I could afford to retire on December 31st. I imagine that might prove to be the best day of 2015. Thanks Andy for your generous heart.

  • My happiest days were my grandchildren's birthdays, it is so much fun seeing their happy faces. Thanks for the draw.

  • I had a wonderful birthday this past September. My friends and family threw me a surprise party. It's heartwarming knowing you're loved and appreciated.

  • My happiest day this year was the day my fiancé proposed to me at the top of a lookout point. Afterwards we had champagne!

  • Thank you for your generosity! A happy day this year was the birth of Maya, my first grandchild!

  • My happiest day this year was my 40th birthday. I was lavished with love from near and far. Everyone made me feel so special!

  • This has been a pretty rough year so I am ready to start anew. My best day was getting a promotion in August, though sadly it made me vulnerable to a lay off in October. I'm optimistic for 2016 though.

    Thank you as always, Andy.

  • No specific day and nothing dramatic. Just meeting with friends for a meal and good talk.

  • It was the day my boyfriend and I started talking about getting married and well now we are in the process :-).

  • My first grandchild was born this year and although it made me feel old it was suprised how happy it made me. It certainly has reminded me to make the most of life while I am still reasonably fit and able.
    I like the smell of babies but don't want to smell like one!

  • A tie for happiest day - our first day swimming in the ocean together as a family on beach vacation in January, and in October, the day my daughter realized she could read books on her own, silently or to her brother, after struggling with her dyslexia. Great memories!

  • The happiest moment for me this year was retiring from my job and moving cross-country to my new home. :-)

  • Hello, Andy!
    Many happy days this year! Surely many more to come!

  • Any day I get to share our living room couch with my fiancé, gorge on pizza (some wine doesn't hurt too) and binge watch Netflix after a long day at work, is exquisite.

  • I don't think i had some kind of day this year, i mean no child were born or stuff like that. But i enjoy all days and live this beautiful life.
    I wish all the best to everyone!
    P.S.: I still have a lot to try from Tauer's creations, so this discovery set will be a great win!

  • So many happy moments this year. I think my happiest has been the gradual diminishment over the last three years of some chronic pain that's kept me feeling down. After over three years of almost daily yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness training, it's so much better this year. Health is everything! Thank you for the draw.

  • The most recent happiest day will be today: seeing my students' hand designed books in their complete form for the very first time.

  • My happiest day this year was August 27, my last day of work. Oh, I'm still working, but semi retired and working on my terms now. I love it!

  • My happiest day this year was finishing the first short film that I wrote and produced and pushing the button to submit it to festivals.

  • I have many happy days, as I look forward with eagerness to special treats such as an opera trip with my dear husband, or the visit of my aged mother who lives far away.

  • I have had a very bad year, all year. Worst year ever. It all went down hill early this year...don't have a favorite day...they have been all bad:(.

  • Definitely the day I realized my new job is great!

  • Happiest day was graduating University in May!

  • My happiest days of the year were when my daughter graduated from high school and my 12 year old son won an award for being an "outstanding jazz soloist". I am a proud mama. Thanks for the draw.

  • My days here unfortunately tend to run together a bit with studying and commitments, but I think the happiest ones have been the ones I where I manage to get in some pleasure reading, nice conversations over lunch, and a good show or movie-watching with friends and wine (hooray college!).

  • The day I started a new job, which unlike the last one, I love!

  • Its been an up and down year, but I had several great days. All spent with friends, either on joint holidays or visiting each other and just enjoying the good company! Friends (and family) is what makes the world go round for me!
    Thanks Andy for setting this all up for us, just 'opening' the door is excitement enough! Looking forward to the rest of the story!

  • The day I graduated, I made my dad so proud.

  • After almost two years of pain in my feet, not being able to walk of stand I experienced some days without pain, completely unexpected. And I could walk! The pain is back but those wonderfull, happy days give me hope that recovery is possible.

  • My happiest day this year was a perect afternoon in my backyard with my partner. The work was done, the weather was glorious, the plumeria was blooming, and we both had drinks and books in our hands.

  • Meredith Russell 2. December 2015 at 18:24

    Hi, Andy, my happiest day is when I complete a cherished project, and then start a new one! I am a big fan of your work, by the way. Thanks so much for the chance to get a discovery set.

  • One of my best days from the past year was when I re-connected with a relative I hadn't been in contact with for too many years to count.

    Another good day was my birthday, when neighbors surprised me with a planter full of beautiful spring flowering plants.

    And then there was the summer day I found many excellent fruits and veggies at the farmers' market, had a meal and good conversation with a best friend, received a package of something I ordered online (perfume, of course!) and got to spend the whole afternoon outdoors and there was the right amount of sun and a perfect temperature.

    Hard to select one day!

  • Hi,
    the happiest day was coming back home day, a wonderful moment after long years of living elsewhere.

  • A very happy day this year was when my daughter left me a hidden "I love you" note. And then we ate beets from the garden together. ;)

  • One of my happiest days was recently when my husband and I went to one of my most favorite Christmas events. Every year in Seattle, a grand, old and beautiful hotel fills up its lobby with decorated Christmas trees (that are later sold with the proceeds going to charity). This year there was also a wedding going on in their very public (and very beautiful) landing. Walking around this beautiful lobby, smelling trees, seeing all of the happy families and sipping hot cocoas with husband was perfect.

  • I have many happy days but one I think about often is the summer day I wandered through my friend's vegetable garden and rubbed the tomato leaves in my fingers to smell the scent

  • My happiest day this year was hearing my children sing in the Boston Children's Chorus, a song about unity and love. I cried, but they were tears of love, appreciation, and hope for the future. God bless us, every one.

  • This year was a complicated one..Maybe the happiest day was when I was informed that one brave small boy has overcome his disease and will have a chance to live a long life now:) This day just showed that we can help each other if we are together...and that some days and efforts are really worth of living:)

  • Many happy days this year and many sad so a great balance overall!! Happy Holidays!

  • I had two grand daughters born two weeks apart this summer. I cannot chose between the two which was the happier day. It will have to be a tie.

  • I loved to read your story! You are very gifted and talented!
    The happiest day....hmmm....well, I think it was 9 august, the day I saw Greece for the first time. I spent my holiday in Thassos island and for 11 days I forgot about all my problems.

  • The first day of my summer holiday this year - I just felt the stress melting away in the sunshine. Thank you.

  • Happiest day this year was meeting my boyfriend! July 4th weekend!

  • My best day in 2015 was getting the news that my husband was accepted as a fulltime teacher in our school system! He is LOVING his new career as a high school teacher, and ending his job search too! :)

  • My happiest day this year was kayaking with my family through the sea caves on the Lake Superior coast. Of course, they are not really 'sea' caves, since they are on a lake, but they were beautiful, and we were lucky to have weather nice enough to allow us to see them.

  • My happiest day this year was when I realized that although my 20 year marriage was over, I was going to be just fine, thanks very much.

    Thank you for the draw - I am wearing your Sotto Gardenia right now.

  • Happiest day this year: When my five year old said " You make the best food in the world. Better than mommy."

  • It has been a rough year, but every day above ground is a good day indeed. Cheers, Andy!

  • This might have been up there in roughest years, but there was the extremely happy night, having just completed a project (& a trip to Canada's arctic) where after great conversations and satisfaction of work accomplished... I stepped outside and saw the Northern Lights.

  • Hi, The best Day this year was coming in from working out of town to spend the Holiday Season with family. The kids greeted me at the airport with loud shouts and big hugs. And we've been enjoying the Christmas Season, we celebrate all month, by skiing in nearby fields and cooking food and eating together.

  • Your question demands too much from my weak memory :) One of my happiest moments was running through the rain a few weeks after having a laser procedure on my eyes. I was made deliriously happy by the fact that I could see - no glasses to get wet and smudged!

  • The most memorable day of this year and perhaps of my life was the day I gave birth to my son. Thanks!

  • Robert Matthews 2. December 2015 at 23:41

    We took a three-week trip to Europe this past spring and it's hard to choose one day for the best of the entire year, but it would probably be one of the days we spent in Florence, the most beautiful city on Earth, and went to (among many other places) San Miniato Al Monte, the highest point in the city, where a young couple was having their wedding pictures taken against that breathtaking backdrop.

  • hotlanta linda 2. December 2015 at 23:59

    Can not!! believe we missed the first day of Advent - sorry!! Too much ick over here....Best day is every day, cause no matter what the trouble around here, we are glad to be alive and try to thrive :-)

  • The happiest time of this year was a day spent with my cousin and his girlfriend in Los Angeles. I hadn't seen him in five years. We did a wonderful road trip, visited many cities, museums, restaurants. It felt good to know we still had a lot in common. And that we could still be carefree. Thanks for the draw!

  • Happiest, most satisfying day of this year was when a close relative got a cancer-free diagnosis six months after completing a grueling course of radiation and chemotherapy. Cheers all around and a celebratory dinner.

    Enjoying the daily story telling.

    Thanks for the draw opportunity.

  • I've been lucky this year, many very happy days for many different reasons. Met beautiful people, in wonderful and fun settings, accomplished myself professionnally, physically, spiritually, discovered great perfumes... I feel blessed!

    My happiest day is definitely somewhere in my trip to Brazil, visiting grand parents and family, doing intense yoga in the sun, meeting new people and new places, discovering myself.. Something along those lines.

    Thank you for this invitation to look back and be grateful again!

  • I would say that the happiest day was a few weeks ago when my employer granted me vacation time for the Christmas and New Years weeks so that I can travel to be with elderly family members.

  • Your question made me stop, reflect, and appreciate how many very happy days I had this year. Thank you for calling me to a moment of reflection and thanksgiving! In the end, I think my happiest day was also the day I shed the most tears: the wedding this summer of my only sibling to the love of his life.

  • Yay, a story again! I should just say "hi" because all year I have been working a lot. Thank you Andy !

  • I was probably happiest when I was away on holiday this summer - so relaxing!
    Thank you for the draw.

  • thanks for a great draw andy. today is my favorite day. !!!

  • Each day brings happy moments. For me these are often early walks in the cool mornings with my dogs.

  • I try to make each day the happiest day of my life.

  • I had many happy days this year. I particularly love trips with my family, hiking, long walks at seaside or just stargazing - then I'm happy.

  • I can't believe I missed day 1 of the calendar. I look forward to your calendar every year and this year is interesting with the story you are telling. Pregnant camels and unpredictability! Indeed.

    My favourite day this year was a month ago when a group of us who have been running a community library were able to open our second branch. Ours is a social justice project and it was a moment to believe that we can 'bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old.'

  • The best day for me this year was during a trip to Spain where I saw Sevilla play Madrid and despite all of the big name fancy players that Madrid has, Sevilla managed to beat them! It was a fantastic experience, particularly the home crowd who cheered happily throughout the match.

  • My happiest day this year was when my significant other of 10 years reaffirmed his love, and proposed a romantic getaway in response to my confession that I would probably be getting laid off. My birthday was a close second, when I went downstairs to go to work (I usually eat on the way), and was instead greeted by surprise smiley face pancakes. Thanks for reading!

  • My best day this year was with my family for my mom's birthday--a great restaurant, my family all there, what more could you ask for!

  • The best day of this year was spending my birthday with family that I haven't seen in over a dozen years.

  • My happiest day this year was during a holiday in France. I finally got to visit the perfume museum in Grasse.

  • My happiest memory this year was swimming at the beach with my dog on a beautiful clear Australian morning. It was so quiet and perfect. Funnily enough, every time I spritz myself with Zeta, the fresh, almost salty scent reminds me of that day.

  • I'm not sure exactly why but this website is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I'll check back later and see if the problem still exists.|

  • Thanks fro the chance, Andy!
    My happiest day was the day my daughter went to school for the first time! It was hectic but gratifying! And it still is!
    Happy holidays!

  • My happiest day this year was two weeks ago when I successfully defended my PhD Dissertation. Officially a Dr. now!

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