I do not know about you, but for me the upcoming holidays are about handicrafting; they always were. As kids we used to make our gifts to parents and uncles and grandmas ourselves. I am not sure whether the little things that I made were always entirely presentable as gifts, but then: Hey! They were made by a kid's hand and therefore: Special.

These days, when looking for gifts, especially for adults, I have one parameter that is sort of key: They must disappear after a while. Because most adults who I know have everything already and cannot use much more that sits on a shelf for years. In that sense, the perfect gift must disappear with time.

Like perfume. Perfume is a perfect gift as you are giving something that is made to vanish into a big smelly cloud and then nothingness. Soaps are perfect, too. Everybody needs soaps and they will be gone quickly; again -if perfumed- leaving a nice scented trail.

This year, I want to try making "bath foam bombs", these round or heart or rose shaped things that you put into the batch and they make foam, ideally lots of fine foam, perfumed, with a rose scents. In a couple of days, I shall get everything that is needed for that venture. I worked on the scent over the weekend. Just a rose, with some vanilla, that should bloom in a Swiss mountain like monstrous foam hill when the bomb is put into the bath tub. That's the plan at least.

It was super nice to work on a scent that does not need to go into a bottle one fine day.

Maybe the best part: I will have to test run it.


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  • I caught a programme over the weekend about the film-star Claudette Colbert. She played Cleopatra for Cecil B DeMille. and there is a very famous risqué bubble bath scene later copied in the Elizabeth Taylor version.

    So if you need any inspiration...!

  • I totally agree that the best Christmas presents are those that gradually disappear. Everyone I know has way to much stuff. I enjoy giving (and getting) bottles of interesting liqueurs. But I would love to get a bottle of scent - I've been hinting to my dear husband about that... Today I'm wearing Verdant, which is such an interesting, beautiful scent, perfect for this time of year.

  • Ooh, Rose Flash bath bombs... Mmm! :-) consumable gifts are the best - all pleasure, no clutter! Of course I buy perfume faster than I can use it up... Oh well. :-)

  • well, Tara, same thing here: I will never use up what I have in perfumes :-)

  • Yes, this ... and food, too. The perfect gift Theresa :-)

  • Thank you, Peter. I did the first test (heart shaped) bombs. Tomorrow, I will use one. Hopefully, I'll be feeling like Cleopathra :-)

  • Have you ever offered any soaps? I have a fascination and wonderful collection of absolutely delightful soaps that create fabulous, smooth lather! There is a wonderful Portuguese soapmaker. I have not tried any of your fragrances and have just ordered some samples. I am really looking forward to trying them. I am so greatly saddened by the jarring reduction in quality of so many of my favorite perfumes over the years, especially with the House of Guerlain after it was sold to LVMH group. I guess they think we wouldn't notice......

  • Thank you so much, Dr. Nina!
    I have offered soaps, simple glycerine soaps, perfumed (really heavenly scented) in the past as gifts, but not really as products. But I am considering to offer them, maybe, on And be it just as a very seasonal thing.... Have a lovely day. With fragrant greetings

  • I am very much looking forward to purchasing these once released. Will they be released here or on Tauerville? In the states there is a similar item made by LUSH called Bath Bombs, but they scent and color the water without adding any actual foam.


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