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I am back from NY, Brooklyn that is, and am still totally amazed. Together with Twisted Lily in Brooklyn I did an event that was totally, well.... amazing. So many perfume lovers showed up and I could feel the warmth and enthusiasm and was totally flattered. This was real life, not online chatter, and there is nothing like it. Real life. Hugging, talking, connecting, learning and feeling at ease. Twisted Lily did a great job and had my collection there, the Tauer Perfumes line and the Tauerville line (where I launched the newest addition to the flash line, Amber flash). And of course, there were many other scents in the shelves. And you know what: I love their selection. Really nice, and carefully selected and picked with a good hand. So I loved it and coming back I told myself: That was money well spent.

Back in Zurich, we are back to normal, trying to keep up with everything. And with a couple of ideas that I will follow up in the coming weeks and months. The reason for that: I just can't stop. That's one thing. The other thing: I had meetings in Southern California, where we discussed everything tauer for 2016. And you know what: I just love the way the Americans are. I guess I am getting there, too: There is an optimism and drive, a thrive to move on, go further, that is just infectious. So... I will keep you updated there. 2016 is going to be fun, and a bit different than what you have seen so far. So please stay tuned.

Of course, being an outsider, a visitor, I have seen a couple of things in the US; the US is changing, it always changes, but it does so faster for a couple of years, in my opinion. So you see more homeless than you used to -let's say 7 years ago. The gap got bigger. Housing is an issue in the cities (NY is SOOOOO expensive these days). The economy is a big topic, and the financial crisis may be over, jobs may be created, but they are different jobs than before, lower paid and although the economy is growing, you could feel that we all are not out of crisis mode, yet. Or better said: We are all hoping for a BIG recovery one fine day. I am talking in general terms here. In German, we have a saying "der Wurm ist drin" which might translate into "there's something fishy".

Not that I worry.

Besides the event: I was downtown, visited ENFLEURAGE, a super cool little store, with some fantastic naturals. I got myself a sample of an oudh from Laos. Just wow! You know: We all have to keep the economy growing. And no: No oudh from Andy.

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  • great post andy! glad you had a good trip. interesting observations re the us. for sure, the middle is disappeared(ing) and there's a lot more folks at the bottom and the top is living higher than ever. and so it goes and so it goes.
    looking forward to seeing whats going to be new in the land of tauer. what else makes sense but to create as much beauty as possible with the time we have. onward andy!!!

  • Welcome back Andy! Glad to hear you had such a great trip. Can't wait to see what is in store for Tauerville in the new year!

    "Ceci n'est-pas une Oudh"? I don't know whether Oudh is masculine or feminine, so I'll stick with Rene's version. (La trahison des parfums?) :-)

  • Good travels seem to always come your way!! :-) :-) Do you ever feel you need to get home to have a vacation from your vacation??? :-) The Go-Gos song of the same title for U !!

  • Injustice! You buy wonderful oudh samples while keeping the cure to all oudh craze under wraps!

    (Did I mention we need DMW? I'm sure I did - Saturday that is.)

  • Looks like you had a good time and got lots accomplished - I look forward to 2016 with you!

  • Thank you, Annsmith! Onward. The only way to go :-)
    and yes, so it goes and goes.

  • oui, ceci n'est pas l'Oudh :-)

  • Hi Bo, you know what: I thank you very much for your shout out for DMW, but now I am starting to worry about it's name. Isn't it a touch too ... well... technical?

  • Hi Hotlanta Linda
    sometimes, I do. But this time, it was no vacation time. Only for a day, maybe :-)

  • Oh but worksheet names are there to be improved upon! :D


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