bad nose days

Good morning from Zurich, we I have an excellent nose day. This means: The nose is clear and what I smell is lovely or at least interesting. Yesterday was an office day and as always when I sit in front of the computer: I put some trials on paper strips and smell them while I go through excel files or work on other digital stuff. You know, these days, computer work can fill an entire day when running a business: and the trend shows that everything goes more online and more online means more computer. No problem with that.

But, like one of the google guys said in an interview the other day in one of the Swiss newspapers: Companies have to become (Information Technology) tech companies. Me, too. Whatever that means.

Today, again, is sort of an office morning. The paper strips from yesterday are still here, sitting next to me; and that's why the nose day is a good nose day. A whiff of Ambroxan and Cashmeran makes me happy. It does not need a lot. Especially Ambroxan. A wonder molecule. Amber gris, salt, metallic vibrant woods, floral tonalities. Just amazing stuff. And not cheap but not tremendously expensive. It has this magical power to be present, without being loud or suffocating. Even if you use a lot, it is never really loud, in that sense it feels like a Swiss molecule.

A bad nose day, happens, too. Like when being brave and spritzing a trial early in the morning and realising that on skin the scent is totally different and that it is made to last, like nuclear fallout sitting there all day long. It happens, is not tragic, but still: Totally annoying. That's - by the way- why I absolutely hate it if strangers spray something near me or worse: on me, when I enter a mall or alike. Usually, it is crap, with a half life of plutonium, and if sprayed onto the jacket, a companion for weeks.

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  • Dear Andy, I'm glad you have a nice day for a nose :-)
    I also have good and bad days, but I'm not engaged in the production :-) but I can understand and share :-)

  • haha. cute pic andy!. i agreed with getting zapped in the mall. no respect for personal space which in my opinion should be wide and far reaching!!. have fun in the shop today. thanks for sharing. fun to hear about. rose flash lingering on my shirt from yesterday. so mellow today.

  • "Nuclear fallout....with a half-life of plutonium"! Oh, how often have I had sample spritzes smell so wrong on me!
    I'd like to carry a competing spray with me to the mall, and give the ninja sprayers a taste of their own medicine. *psssssst!* :-)

  • I just love these drawings, if you ever get tired of making perfume you should consider becoming a cartoonist!

    Perfumes that smell bad always seem to last the longest. LOL on the comment about Ambroxan being a Swiss molecule. ;-)

  • hotlanta linda 4. November 2015 at 17:45

    The getting spritzed in public is the worst thing in the scent world - yt pays for samples to try at home to avoid this! :-0 Very cute sketch - the fellow needs a mug massage!! :-) Huey Lewis and the News ``Sometimes, Bad is BAD`` :-)


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