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Yesterday was an office day. I tried to deal with orders, mails and did a update, refreshing this site a bit, with less sterile pictures on the front page. Today, I am still in office mode and was trying to get an animated gif running, using photoshop. My first gif:


Yesterday, I was scribbling while waiting behind the computer screen (see today's picture) and I ended up using this "in love with perfume" picture on the tauerville site. If there was space, I could use it for tauer perfumes, too. Because: That's the core message really: in love with perfume.

Otherwise was my office day totally boring, but sort of productive.



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  • Love the charming "in love with perfume" character.

    Meanwhile I absolutely do not like the gif. It makes feel as if I'm trying to do a pirouette which I'm unable to do without feeling nauseated. (Of course the same thing happens to me on a carousel/merry-go-round, so just may be my poor sense of balance).

  • Good morning, Lindaloo
    here's an honest answer: While answering a few comments there on Facebook onthe turning vanilla flash post: I got almost sick watching the round and round and round gif. :-) My next gif needs to be cool and calm :-)

  • I love this picture! It makes me think of a mouse and an elephant at the same time - very happy and whimsical. :-)

  • A very Thurber-esque little mouse! I love how his little nose is twitching with love for perfume.
    PS: I mentioned your name all over London in the perfume shops and made people smell my wrist (LDDM). Your fragrance received many compliments - or maybe they were just afraid of the crazy American lady :-)

  • hotlanta linda 19. October 2015 at 21:49

    Agree w/ Melissa :-) :-) Your mouse would be a great plush toy too :-) It would give us all a warm partner to snuggle with! :-) and maybe help us decide what scent to wear :-) The Classic song ``Smile``

  • Thank you, Tara, exactly, somewhere between mouse and elephant :-) I love it too, and I figured: The perfect message for the tauervill starting page. Tauerville=funville, most of the time ;-)

  • Thank you, Melissa
    I feel you are the perfect embassador :-)

  • Ha, Hotlanta Linda, that might be something for the future. A softly scented plush toy ;-) To snuggle with in the evening.


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