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  • bad nose days

    Good morning from Zurich, we I have an excellent nose day. This means: The nose is clear and what I smell is lovely or at least interesting. Yesterday was an office day and as always when I sit in front of the computer: I put some trials on paper strips and smell them while I go through excel files or work on other digital stuff. You know, these days, computer work can fill an entire day when running a business: and the trend shows that everything goes more online and more online means more computer. No problem with that.

    But, like one of the google guys said in an interview the other day in one of the Swiss newspapers: Companies have to become (Information Technology) tech companies. Me, too. Whatever that means.

    Today, again, is sort of an office morning. The paper strips from yesterday are still here, sitting next to me; and that's why the nose day is a good nose day. A whiff of Ambroxan and Cashmeran makes me happy. It does not need a lot. Especially Ambroxan. A wonder molecule. Amber gris, salt, metallic vibrant woods, floral tonalities. Just amazing stuff. And not cheap but not tremendously expensive. It has this magical power to be present, without being loud or suffocating. Even if you use a lot, it is never really loud, in that sense it feels like a Swiss molecule.

    A bad nose day, happens, too. Like when being brave and spritzing a trial early in the morning and realising that on skin the scent is totally different and that it is made to last, like nuclear fallout sitting there all day long. It happens, is not tragic, but still: Totally annoying. That's - by the way- why I absolutely hate it if strangers spray something near me or worse: on me, when I enter a mall or alike. Usually, it is crap, with a half life of plutonium, and if sprayed onto the jacket, a companion for weeks.

  • in the mood

    I love statistics and like most human beings I am always looking for patterns here and there. So, the other day, I was looking when I create most of my perfumes that end up later as products somewhere on a shelf. Or better said: When I started working on them. I realized: It is October. The statistical basis is limited, of course, but still: There is a pattern there.

    And like most human beings, once you find a pattern, you start wondering why there is a pattern. One of the blessings and one of the human tragedies: We need to explain our world.

    Thus, today's picture, me in the mood to mix, but missing an explanation really. Usually, October is the busiest month for me. Maybe it is like a balance: Mixing scents and coming up with new ideas while trying to churn out all the parcels.

    Anyhow, I was -like in previous years- in the mood recently and worked on a couple of ideas; failing mostly but as always: the journey starts with the first step. Let's see where we are heading there. What I am pretty sure about, however, is: November will bring me to New York. Nov. 7 I shall visit Twisted Lily there, in Brooklyn, and present my line, and I will hand out samples of Dark Mysterious Woods (running title), a scent that is done and finished but I have not decided what to do with it. Maybe I'll learn it there, in NY.

  • bestsellers et al

    Good morning! Ui.... It's been awhile since I've been talking here. It was utterly busy, in a peculiar way: We got a lot of shipments that needed to get out and shipments (by truck) mean: They tell you that they will come, somewhen.  And sometimes they forget you. Thus, I ended up, stranded a bit, in my warehouse/factory place, where there is no IT infrastructure except for my phone and my ipad, and where I pack perfume and come up with ideas.

    Like "I need to join Instagram". What I did. Instagram is different. And in a very comfortable way it is a politics free zone which is nice, too. Just nice pictures and some nice videos. Of course, of course... I know: The media is the message and "we are amusing ourselves to death" (for further details see here, on Wikipedia). These days, we might also say: We are sharing ourselves to death. And in brackets "while worlds go under".

    This is food for thought.

    I will wait for another truck this morning. And pack another order. Ah, and yes: Air du désert marocain is one of the best sellers, actually in the top eight list, of Luckyscent, together with Rose and Vanilla flash from tauerville. And that, that's totally cool.

  • office day(s)

    Yesterday was an office day. I tried to deal with orders, mails and did a update, refreshing this site a bit, with less sterile pictures on the front page. Today, I am still in office mode and was trying to get an animated gif running, using photoshop. My first gif:



    Yesterday, I was scribbling while waiting behind the computer screen (see today's picture) and I ended up using this "in love with perfume" picture on the tauerville site. If there was space, I could use it for tauer perfumes, too. Because: That's the core message really: in love with perfume.

    Otherwise was my office day totally boring, but sort of productive.



  • autumn

    We are in the midst of autumn here: Still not much rain until now and wonderful colors everywhere. I wish there was a bit more time to relax and enjoy the warmth of the season, but unfortunately there isn't really. And no: I am not sitting in front of my perfume organ dreaming of the perfect patchouli. I am sitting in front of the computer and fiddle with dangerous goods shipments and other logistics.

    But here's the thing: The patchouli sits somewhere in my big fat excel sheet of everything fragrant, might need a twist here or there but is basically finished, and I am getting better everyday with dangerous goods and logistics. I realized that I know the Fedex tool better these days than many guys working for fedex and I can do the paperwork with closed eyes, it seems.

    Besides all that: We have big discussions, here in the house of tauer, about the markets. Yes I know: "Yawn". A boring topic, but with a thrilling aspect. You know: Everybody says how there is too much of everything. And how there is more and more entering the shelves. And in a market that does not grow, it means: The slices of the cake get smaller for everybody, or at some point some need to get out, or give up making money. Actually: You would not believe how many perfume brands do not make money at the end of the day.

    Thus, when drinking my first coffee this morning, I figured: Actually, everybody tries to make the slice of the cake larger for himself by making more and pushing more into the market. More and faster. And as everybody does it: The slices won't get bigger. And then, not having had my full dose of coffee (I am fishing for excuses here) I said to myself. Well, maybe, it is time to go the other way: Make less. And do it differently.

    Like in the phone industry, where you actually do not have to pay anymore for the phone. You get it for free. What you buy is something else. A data contract in the case of phones. In the printer business it is similar. You pay virtually nothing for printers , but you pay by buying consumables in the end.

    Still without enough coffee, I thought:I just need to figure out what data contracts means in the case of perfumes.

    So you see: Sometimes my mornings are totally exciting.

    And now: Off to the factory where my parcels wait for Fedex.

  • sometimes I do that

    I am heading for the factory, but before doing so, in light of my bio rhythm and an idea I got yesterday while packing PHI - une rose de Kandahar: I went a little bit wild and abstract on my canvas. Today's picture shows you a little bit what it looks like. I will post a larger picture on Facebook.

    I call this "perspective".

    Today's perspective: Lonestar Memories and packing air du désert marocain for my US warehouse. We shipped so many of these LDDM that I have to stock up. Actually, I should have stocked up yesterday already. Thus, the perspective there: Great!


  • sometimes we do this

    Greetings from Zurich, after a couple of hectic days. Like: Really hectic! One reason is the Tuberose sotto la luna.

    The other day, I watched a documentary about Steve Jobs and was amazed. I learned a lot of details that I did not know. And I was amazed about how pushy and smart he obviously was. Pushy also in the sense of: Super not modest, like telling everybody that this, this PC is the best in the world. Well, I guess some of them really were top.

    So I said to the bookkeeper the other night: "you know what: I think it is about time to be a bit less modest."

    "like what?" he replied know my bookkeeper is always getting suspicious when I talk like that; quite often a sentence like "it is time to..." ends up with spending money for an idea.

    " like telling the world that some of my scents are some of the best there are. In the world. Period."

    "Ok, that should work", the $ gatekeeper replied, all happy.

    So there you go: Luca Turin mentioned during a recent event organized by the Perfume Society in London :

    "....Oct 3:Here's snippet 4 u. reckons L'Air Du Desert Marocain is on par with Shalimar & will still b with us in 100 years." (copied recklessly from Persolaise's twitter feed)

    Then, of course, the house of Guerlain and Tauer cannot be compared. I am still a baby, and maybe not focused enough on making money, like really, yes, seriously.

    That's why, maybe, I do sometimes things like this, a hand painted birthday card going with an order (see today's picture). This, well, this cannot be explained to a business development manager, as it does not pay off in $$$, but only in smiles. And no: It is NOT going to be a standard service that I 'll offer.

    But then: A smile counts, too. Somehow. Although it does not pay the bread, and for sure not the butter.

    Ah, and yes, I forgot: You know what. The Tuberose sotto la luna is one of the best tuberoses out there.

  • Tuberose sotto la luna is now also in the US

    Yesterday, I finally sent the Tuberose sotto la luna newsletter out. If you did not get it, you can read it here. And yesterday, it went online in some US stores, and in my online store, and I read the descriptions, especially the one on Twisted Lily's website. And because this text is good, I made a video that you can watch on facebook these days.

    Here's the thing: When I launch a scent, I always make a one page PR sheet, where I mention some notes and my idea behind the scent. What Twisted Lily did is simply amazing, and it highlights the difference between a creator's mumbling and someone who gets inspired by what a scent is to him and her. And maybe it is also the difference between a native speaker and a Swiss guy trying to come up with text.

    So all is fine and I am happy. And I am shipping discovery sets which is just wonderful, too. This set was and still is one of the best products that I have. Neat, nicely branded, thanks to my designer guru from Designer's Club in Zurich, affordable and obviously a preferred choice for many to discover the fragrant world of Andy Tauer.

    I placed an order with my discovery set box supplier a good month ago and I am still thinking about doing special sets there, but right now: Too much's going on and I stick to what I have.

    And guess what: I am thinking about new perfumes. I was on the phone with a perfumer friend and I told him that more's to come and we both agreed: Crazy! But then: We all need a bit craziness these days.

    And the Tuberose sotto la luna: Not to be missed, under no circumstances. It is good. And unique, mumbles the creator.

    Have a great weekend!

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