when less is less and more is more

Yesterday, after shipping boxes and more boxes from the factory, and before collapsing in the bed, as I felt super sick, I did an aquarell, of myself, but I won't share it here. I look so sick there. Amazing, how somehow the subconscious guides the brushes. I will go somewhat quiet for the next 2 days to get up and running again. But this I want to share with you:

The picture to the left is a detail. Here's the full picture:

I did it last weekend, on a large paper (50x70 cm), using a super big brush, aquarelle, with brave lines, without correcting anything, within 15 minutes. I love it in all its imperfections. I did this picture after having "finished" another aquarelle, in the same format, but this one took me forever, for sure 10 hours, with endless corrections and fine tunings. And,..., well, with the result that I do not feel happy with it.

A friend of mine, painter, told me the other day "you must start painting with the clock set. 15 minutes must be sufficient. Stop after 15 minutes! If it's good it will be done in 15 minutes. If not, you can't make it better anymore!" I yet have to try it, and do not fully agree. In my acrylic painting class, I am learning these days to work on a motive for days... But still: There is some truth to it.

I have a lot of perfume trial vials sitting right next to me right now, or my mouse on the desk. Many of them are "15 minutes" oeuvres. Because I learned this rule in perfumery earlier. Often, less is more. The "Dark Mysterious Woods" (running title in Excel, part of the Unreleased series by Tigerlily) was one of them. And this morning, I woke up with the perfect idea for another body and room/linen scent (to be mixed over the weekend) that might be exactly that: A 15 minutes scent.

But it is not always like that. Sometimes more IS more. The tuberose sotto la luna, that we will start selling here and in the US Oct. 1 and that goes into the stores in Europe right now (with quite a hello!) is a scent where I worked by "more is more". More trials...Overall (I just counted in my Excel) it was 27 major trials and some trials that I stopped mixing on the go.

Why so many trials there and so little for other scents? I guess it depends on what you want to reach. Maybe it is just luck, too. A happy moment that can't be planned nor be repeated.



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  • Hi Andy, today you address a very interesting aspect of our actions. I think there can't be a general rule for less is more, or more is more. There are just too many factors involved, apart from the ingredients, their quality and quantity, the procedure, the time etc. There is also your mood, your alertness, your courage to dare something or not.
    Maybe it's easier to call all this the alignment of the stars that can help to create something extraordinary. Can you plan the alignment of stars? I doubt it. Can you repeat it? You may have to wait 18 years for another super blood moon to materialize after next Monday's phenomenon.
    But within my personal universe there are so many minor stars that populate my life, so that I hardly need to wait for the major ones that are so important for so many souls. Greatness still can happen anytime in my small universe, if I'm willing to open my senses to take notice of it. Just follow your heart.

  • Dear Andy, is recovering!
    I love this aquarelle, it has life and movement.
    The tuberose sotto la Luna - I hope that I will be able to learn it :-)

  • Congratulations on your high place in the Basenotes' list! Among some very illustrious fragrances.

  • MUST post the classic instrumental ``Mas Que Nada`` :-) :-)

  • So sorry to hear you are not feeling well - hope you are recovered quickly!

    As for the painting, I can believe that both approaches work well. I don't paint, but when playing music, sometimes it is better to relax and unfocus your mind and let your body play the music, other times intense focus works better. Whatever feels right in that moment.

  • Hi Tara
    Thank you! Well, last week was not really good. But I am sort of getting back to normal now. Phew! What a bummer week :-) but good in a certain way...

  • Thank you , Peter! Yes, I am a Little bit proud :-)

  • I will, Stephan, I will.
    And so true, Stephan: May it is the alignment of the stars in my little universe.

  • thanks, Hotlanta Linda!

  • Yes, Vladimir, you will!


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