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well, today's picture is actually too small. I cannot upload a larger version here, but there's one on my facebook site if you care to see it all. It is a panoramic view, taken with my ipad. I learned about this panorama function at the stand. I did not know how simple it is to get this 360 degree pictures done with a pad. And when in the factory, today, I want to do the same thing in the factory. Let's see how that will turn out.

The panorama photo was taken early in the morning, before the visitors arrived. And trust me: We had so many visitors during the 3 days that often it was impossible to talk to all of them. Which is a pit(t)y. The Pitti is open, one day, for the public hence you have Mr. and Ms. Smith coming by with dogs and children and it often feels like being in a park in the afternoon where everybody is strolling around. The only difference: The air is soaked with a thousand perfumes.

Two days, the fair is sort of reserved for the buyers, distributors from the world, but mostly retailers from Italy and some few from other countries. The French are -like every year- missing. I feel that the French have not realized yet that perfumes are made outside of France, too. The distributors often come from the eastern parts of Europe and they want to make you rich. That's what one guy told me, not this year, but the line would not amaze me. It fits. "I will make you rich". -"Oh, wow. nice!", I go.

"yes, but you need to give me a coefficient of 8", he said (that means the retail price divided by 8 is your selling price)

"oh, ... no, not really". And then that's the end.

Quite often, to be honest, perfumes are not smelled, or not until the end. For some, the coefficient is the key. The perfumes are secondary. This helps me a lot to distinguish and who's not starting by smelling my creations is usually out of discussion for me.

And then, there is the press, the bloggers, coming to the stands. There again, there are differences. Some are passionate and smell their noses off.  Some are just trying to collect as many selfies as they can get and hence have no time to smell. But I had some great first encounters with bloggers and vloggers and look forward to talking them in the future. The world of blogging has changed, and in a good way it got more professional. In a bad way, sometimes, too.

Thus, I learned from a fellow perfumer that he was handed out a price list for coverage by a blog, together with the request for free full bottles.

So there you go: It is an interesting world, this perfumery (business) world. After 3 days in Florence, at Pitti, I am always looking forward to doing the real thing which is bottle packing and getting shipments ready. Real perfume work is ZEN.

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  • well, i guess that's how marketing and advertising work everywhere... just like how an actor who is passionate about his craft, but almost never gets recognition. I understand that you don't want your craft to be 'tainted' so to speak, so if you are happy to share it with the passionate ones, then that's all that matters. And the French... oh well ;)

    when is the Sotto la Luna Tuberose going to be available on the website?

    Liebe Grüsse!

  • Ah, well, Crystal. You know: A coeff of 8 is ridiculous and tells you what is wrong.

    Good news: October 1, Tuberose Sotto la luna will be online :-)

  • 8? Wow. Good to get that out on the table right away so you don't waste your time with such people. And the blogger pricelist! Shaking my head. The world is a mad place.

    Fortunately there is the zen of Tauer perfumes. :-) Quelques millilitres de finesse dans un monde de brutes.

  • Merci! :-)
    Yes, a mad place with sunny spots :-)

  • As the movie title says ``It`s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World`` Hugs for not getting eaten up by the greedy peoples!! :-) :-)

  • I am hard to digest, dear Hotlanta Linda :-)

  • The blogger price list!!! Really!! I could write a thousand words, but I'm pretty much left speechless by that. I understand you don't mean their advertising fees but prices for writing content articles...Wow

  • Thanks for this, Andy.

    I really do wish you and some of your fellow perfumers/brand owners would name and shame the unethical bloggers. I am so shocked and saddened by what you've written about the blogger with the 'price list'. How depressing. What's more, it gives the rest of us a bad name.

    When I was in Italy recently and I visited a few perfumeries, I was given quite unpleasant looks when, in the course of a conversation, I said that I have a perfume blog. I quickly had to qualify the revelation with statements along the lines of: But I'm not *that* kind of blogger. Very sad.

  • yes, Chant Wagner, I went like "wow!", too.
    But here's the thing: It is not a content article anymore if you get paid for it. Me thinks...

  • Good morning to you, Persolaise
    I wonder whether "unethical" is the right word. It is not unethical to make money by writing for a brand and by being paid for writing. But it must be declared, openly, and if you make money by writing on a blog then the rules that apply for any Company (at least in Europe) must apply:
    You need to tell the world who you are, an Impressum needs to go onto the Website, and everybody needs to know that you were paid for what you wrote.
    It is unethical not to disclose being paid. And it is unethical not to disclose that you got the bottle you are writing about for free.

    And last word: Yes, the blogging scene has gotten sort of a bad name in industry, among my perfumer friends. But trust me: Most of us know to make a distinction between them and them...

  • Andy, yes, I totally agree with you: thanks for the clarification. It is the lack of transparency which is unethical. Unfortunately, the lack of transparency is becoming more and more prevalent.

    I'm glad your perfumers know how to make the distinction, because I confess, I'm finding it harder and harder.

  • Sorry: your perfumer *friends*.


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