back to my bottles and flowers

Yeah....I am home! Back to my fragrant bottles. And flowers (the card to the left is actually going to be a birthday card). And computer where I try to keep up with things post Pitti.

Yes, you guessed it right: Pretty busy here. But you know what? The fair was great and I actually got it paid already by the orders that I collected there. After 3 days of glamour and stardom, well... back to work and doing the blue collar jobs.

6 thoughts on “back to my bottles and flowers”

  • Well, you know what I have to post again - ``Workin` for a Livin```from Huey Lewis and the News :-) GLAD you are home safe and sound!!

  • Working for a living, yes, Hotlanta Linda, and feeling blessed to have work. Thank you!

  • Welcome back - so happy to hear you had such a great trip. Now you need a vacation...
    I'll be in London Oct. 5-14, come over and I'll buy you lunch! :-)

  • Dear Andy, - home sweet home :-)
    I've seen a lot of photos with PITTI 2015 and some great photos with you. The big event!
    With envy, Vladimir :-)

  • Welcome home! Happy to hear it was a successful trip.

    My Incense Flash has arrived, wow I love it! It is going to get a lot of wear this fall and winter. Bravo et merci Andy!!

  • Wonderful, Tara! thank you so much. I was wearing it yesterday, too, in the factory and yes: It is perfect for the season :-)


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