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Yesterday, on the way home from long weekend in the Swiss countryside, the conversation in the car went like

(me) "you know, in a way, it feels right not to work too hard today!"

(driver) "how come?"

(me) " well, it's Labor Day"

(driver) "where's that?"

(me) " well, Labor Day's happening in the US"

(driver) "I do not get it. We don't really live in the US".

(me) "well, you know, I'm a global player these days and have my US company tauer perfume llc, and hence, I am sort of entitled to celebrate Labor Day. Ha!"

(driver) " I don't get it. You're crazy"

OK. Bottomline, I guess, is: I sort of took a day off on Labor Day to take a deep breath before heading for Pitti (Thursday) and before stepping into autumn (nowish) and before launching my newest baby, and getting ready for my early year (2016) and spring orders.

yes. I am now thinking about spring. Because, what's planned for autumn, is either there or not. Mostly it is there (uff) and there is not much that can go wrong now. But although my thoughts are already spinning around March 2016, because some things really need a lot of time,  I am like everybody else. I can feel the days becoming shorter, temperatures going down, the light changing and with all this comes an introspection and a hint of a cozy mood. Like moving into house again, suddenly enjoying warm and darker colors, reaching for the snuggly blanket and looking forward to hugging the fleece. That's why I picked today's picture. It is work in progress, warm colors, with a somewhat introspective motive or mood. I have painting class today and will continue working on it: the eye and the hair needs some work. And yes: The picture of today is a very quick shot, and does not reflect the colors properly.

I am reaching out for patchouli and amber and leather these days. These notes fit perfectly. And you?

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  • At least your guy is still wearing just a T-shirt. Here in the tropical heat today, I'm enjoying the mixture of camphor, paint thinner and tubéreuse. It would be a crime not to love this.

  • The approaching season and cooler weather have me craving spices in fragrance. I have been especially captivated by cinnamon and cardamom.

  • glad you took yesterday andy! always a good idea, taking a break! we have a few more hot days left but i broke out my rose flash cause i won't be outside. what a treat after the whole summer without it. so fresh and young!! re: patchouli..yesterday i found a 20yr old+ bottle of patchouli in the cupboard. oh wow. its funny because when i opened the bottle i could hardly detect any fragrance ( could the top notes of it be gone?) but when i put some on, just a tiny drop, it was so mellow and beautiful and lasted into the nite. when i woke up around 2am it was still there. so thats my story for today. nice drawing andy. very kinda of pensive

  • Thanks so much, Annsmith. I think I finished the painting today :-) and: did you know that patchouli essential oil , like sandalwood oil, actually gets better with maturation?
    It is one of the oils where getting large stocks pays off :-)

  • Oh, yes, Jill... cinnamon. That's perfect for now. I almost forgot about it...

  • ah, yes, Stephan, Tubéreuse.... mine , downstairs is almost over, the last flowers... but then: I have my bottle :-)

  • Burning leaves is the scent of my childhood autumns, I wish I could bottle and wear that. Meanwhile I have put on some Shalimar....

  • after a long, very hot summer in the pacific northwest, it is finally starting to cool off. I have been reaching for my chypres and orientals with great anticipation - it has been many months since I've worn them. Today I took out a real oldie - Blue Grass.

  • hotlanta linda 9. September 2015 at 3:17

    We are still quite warm - yea!, but dipping into upper 60`s at we still want tropical florals, but like Jill, the spice craves are coming in too :-) Shall we listen to some Spice Girls to be corny and fun for the summer`s last weeks?? :-) :-) GOOD luck at Pitti!! :-) :-)

  • Hi Melissa, I rarely promote other scents, but isn't there a scent by CB- I hate perfume that sort of has these notes? (not sure....)

  • That's the nice thing about seasons: There is always something to look forward to, Theresa. And be it just us looking forward to spring :-)

  • THANK YOU, Hotlanta Linda, and yes, let's go for the spice girls :-)

  • You're right, Andy! It's actually called "Burning Leaves". I had only Shalimar in the house, however... and that sufficed.

    PS: Yes, I think we are the Spice Girls (and Boys!) :-)

  • The heat and humidity finally broke and we had a beautiful day today in Montreal. The trees have started to change colors and I feel so ready for fall. I have been wearing some incense, labdanum and patchouli already, when I am inside with air conditioning. :-)


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