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Good morning from Zurich. Phew! That was quite a week! Tauerville's Incense flash went online and kept me busy for a while.

And for Tauer Perfumes I am trying to get ready for Pitti . Pitti begins in a week from now, and it will be heaven on perfume earth and a little bit of hell, too. Hell, just because Pitti translates into standing there for 3 days and this is tough. But Hey! No pain, no gain!

Today, when drinking my morning coffee outside, inhaling autumn air, humid, still warm, but not hot anymore, today, I remembered that it is around 10 years now that air du désert marocain went into the first bottles. So there you go: I picked the lot 001 bottle that sits in my bathroom and took a quick picture.

There you see a couple of things. First, it is kind of an ugly flacon, with a label that is printed on a printed by myself and cut out by hand. Quite simple. There is a picture on the flacon, symbolizing the moon rising over the desert, again: made by myself.

The fragrance got a bit darker, and it smells a bit warmer, rounder, softer, maybe a bit more powdery due to maturation. But, it still smells incredibly good.

Air du désert marocain has become a classic, and, in a certain way, I think this is just the beginning of the road. It will probably survive me.

Time to be grateful, for a moment, before continuing the marathon.

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  • Dear Andy, I reread the post, looked picture, got into a time machine :
    -) and a little sadness for the departed - at least according to what we were ten years younger :-)

  • Happy 10th anniversary to my favorite Tauer fragrance!

    Isn't it wonderful to know that the beauty we create may continue beyond our lifetime on this mortal coil? Long may you both last, Andy. Congratulations.

    PS: My Incense Flash is on its way - I am so very excited about this one! :-)

  • LDDM is a "keeper" for sure! It is so wonderfully unique. I love my bottle of it, and hope many other people will discover it too. best wishes at Pitti!

  • Happy 10th birthday to LADDM! I have one of those bottles from lot 001 and it is a prize in my collection. I have multiple bottles of LADDM going, but this one still smells great and seems to be aging like a fine wine.

    Looking forward to receiving my bottles of Incense Flash too!!

  • Thank you Tara.
    I just got back from an extended weekend, feeling a la US here :-) I hope that you will get your Incense flash very soon. Have a great evening!

  • Thank you, Theresa
    I am basically ready for Italy and (almost) nothing should go wrong now :-)
    Even there, in my "home market": Air du désert marocain is the strongest :-)

  • Thank you, Melissa, I sometimes try to remember myself that we, me, are not that important. But still : It feels great to leave something. It really does and takes a bit the fear off the abyss....

  • Dear Vladimir
    time machines are great, especially these days :-)


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