Dark Mysterious Woods

This is sort of a flash news and super exciting...

Yesterday, Tigerlily 's online store went online. Here's the link: and there, on the site you find some great news, too: The UNRELEASED project. I am so proud to be included there with Dark Mysterious Woods. More about this UNRELEASED project here, on, where you find other videos by the creators of the unreleased scents. Fantastic! My thanks go to Ida Meister, who put it all together, too.

Here's the bottomline: Every order of 60$ on gets a complimentary set of 10 samples. 10 unreleased scents from the best indie and niche perfumers there are. 10. unreleased. free.

But: Limited to 200 pieces. Thus, they will go fast I guess.

Dark Mysterious Woods: You can't smell it anywhere else these days. I talk a little bit about all this in a video that is a bit long, but in this video I basically draw the picture of the dark mysterious woods that you see in this post, and this needed some time.

You may watch the video here in Youtube (Dark Mysterious Woods making of, or on my facebook page.

There's a lot you can buy in the store that is interesting and worth spending 60 $, too. Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Dark Mysterious Woods”

  • Belated comment: I have now smelled "Dark and Mysterious Woods"! It is very "Tauer-esque", and I think the drawing sums it up perfectly. To me this is like a slightly unsettling forest walk, through shadowy places where twilight falls long before the sun has set on the fields. It is the scent of a Grimm's fairytale.

    Bravo, Andy!

  • Good morning, Melissa,
    thank you for sharing your experience! A Grimm's fairytale is perfect :-)


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