bats early in the morning

For today's post I did not really have a picture, thus I had to get one. So there you go...I got up super early, for no particular reason. If I wake up I get up, usually, because you never know how many days more you are given to wake up. And I usually wake up with an idea or a thought. This morning, I actually woke up with a perfume in mind, including name and all. That's a nice start into your day, although the more you move into your day the more the ideas usually faint.

Anyhow; as it was so early I sat on the balcony, observing how the light changed from moonlight to dawn's first signature on the horizon. And: I 've seen bats. Finally! All summer I was watching out for them and -although seen at night in previous years- I haven't seen one. This morning they were there, plenty of them, catching their good night goodie.  A perfect morning.

And while sitting there and watching the bats move around, I remembered a comment on Feeling, Looking, Smelling Great (a facebook group) where someone classified fragrances as "dense" or not dense. When I read that, I learned that I keep on learning. It never appeared to me that one could classify a fragrance as dense. But there you go: It is actually a good term, me thinks... not dense is quite the industry standard these days. In noble words one might call them translucent; yes, Iso E , I am looking at you, and Cashmeran, you're part of the club, too.

And then I thought that naturals are actually dense, normally. Except for a few like lavender or bergamot, but take a natural vetiver=super dense. Or rose absolute: Dense. Jasmine: Dense. Even simple stuff like patchouli: Dense. Patchoulol, a single molecule, a natural ingredient of patchouli essential oil: Not dense.

And then, my mind stopped working and I needed another coffee as it was just too early.

6 thoughts on “bats early in the morning”

  • What a wonderful post, in all respects. Probably one of my favorites you've ever written. Early morning makes poets of us, no?
    I like the concept of density in fragrance and prefer a scent one might almost bite into, as opposed to one that slips down the throat like water.

    And words can't tell you how much I love that little bat drawing :-)

  • hotlanta linda 6. August 2015 at 6:07

    Lol on the scents of current fashion being not dense, but hey! We wonder if the boardrooms of execs that plan the newest of the new scents to make news are not dense in the heads!! Smashmouth's 'Shooting Stars'

  • now, that's an interesting question, Hotlanta Linda! :-) thanks for sharing

  • Thanks so much, Melissa
    I think there is room for both, it is just different categories, and sometimes, we all go for something that slips down the throat like water, don't we ?

  • Maybe something that slips down the throat like...champagne? ;-)

  • YES! :-)


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