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  • passion

    I published this tuberose a couple of days ago on Facebook. I cut it in the garden and now it sits in the house and perfumes the living room in a nice way: Not too much, not too little; the thing with tuberoses...they can easily overwhelm you and balance is key, whether you put the alive in your house or whether you create an abstraction of the flower and put it into a perfume bottle.

    Abstraction. Key when we talk about flowers and perfumes.

    Abstraction. Key to understand our world. This morning, in the newspaper, I learned that there is a daily billionaire index on Bloomberg. Here's the link. There, on this website, you can learn daily how much more or less the fortune of the top billionaires on planet earth is. Today, you might find out there that Mr. Gates 's fortune is 852 Million $ US more than yesterday. Probably because the stock market were in an uplift mood yesterday after the plunge for a few days.

    The question remains: Why? Why this daily piece of information? Maybe these rich men and women are sort of celebrities and we all participate and identify with their up's and downs? Like we do for Hollywood celebrities or princes and ladies and rock stars. I was identifying yesterday with Ms. E. Taylor, and "her" celebrity scent "passion". Chatting with a perfume lover, telling her that me thinks it is one of the best celebrity fragrances out there, and that me thinks ...well, to be honest... that if it was launched these days as "niche" it would outperform many others in niche... anyhow, chatting and talking about, I ended up going to bed with a heavy dose of passion.

    And you know what: There's a nice tuberose note in there and my night was quiet and peaceful.

  • total awefullness

    I just got back home from the EMEX, a marketing and communication fair in Zurich where I met my supplier of my boxes. I also met a couple of other potential suppliers for boxes and tools and stuff. These fairs are always super inspiring and wake up ideas that have gone into snoozing mode, like ... one fine day I would love to get a branded, unique box for my perfume shipments. As I cannot ship full bottles to most countries due to air freight restrictions for dangerous goods (= perfumes) this would primarily be for the US and Switzerland/Germany/France. And there might be other opportunities for goodies or special editions; you never know and hence it is good to know what is out there and how technology has changed and what can be done. And trust me: You can do much more in lower numbers these days than 10 years ago. Amazing!

    I took my bike there, and did a  detour over the hill sitting between here and there. It was total awesomeness to stop and look down over the city of Zurich, the lake, the layers of hills lining up before the alps in their blue-white glory. The picture does not really show it well. You have to be there and see for yourself. I will publish the picture in higher resolution on my facebook site.

    Now, back in the office, I am going to pick pictures for another little video that I want to do. Story telling. Maybe this is more important than boxes, who knows?

  • a flattering video and a draw

    Sorry for not posting for a while: I discovered a little technical issue on the blog and did not want to risk a thing...

    So there we go. This is the first video that I have seen this morning. 2 minutes pure joy and I am still feeling totally flattered. Thank you so much, Carlos!

    And now: Please visit the Peace Love and Perfume facebook page to enter the give-away. Good luck! Here's the link to the page. (yes, maybe you need to ask to join the group if you wish...)

    On another note: there is a lot going on. Tauerville runs a countdown for the next tauerville fragrance. And very soon there is Pitti Fragranze and honestly: I just can't wait anymore until I can finally talk about this great perfume fair and present the newest baby in the tauer perfumes line. That's going to happen in two weeks and three days. Imagine!

  • Dark Mysterious Woods

    This is sort of a flash news and super exciting...

    Yesterday, Tigerlily 's online store went online. Here's the link: and there, on the site you find some great news, too: The UNRELEASED project. I am so proud to be included there with Dark Mysterious Woods. More about this UNRELEASED project here, on, where you find other videos by the creators of the unreleased scents. Fantastic! My thanks go to Ida Meister, who put it all together, too.

    Here's the bottomline: Every order of 60$ on gets a complimentary set of 10 samples. 10 unreleased scents from the best indie and niche perfumers there are. 10. unreleased. free.

    But: Limited to 200 pieces. Thus, they will go fast I guess.

    Dark Mysterious Woods: You can't smell it anywhere else these days. I talk a little bit about all this in a video that is a bit long, but in this video I basically draw the picture of the dark mysterious woods that you see in this post, and this needed some time.

    You may watch the video here in Youtube (Dark Mysterious Woods making of, or on my facebook page.

    There's a lot you can buy in the store that is interesting and worth spending 60 $, too. Thanks for stopping by!


  • tauer goes shopping

    That was a great weekend, sort of productive. I have been working on a formula that sits in Excel for a while now and tweaked it here and there a bit. Usually, during the week, I don't work on formulas very much, at least not physically. I think about it and do the mixing over the weekend when I have time hoping that the perfume muse is working over the weekend, too.

    This week will see me working a lot in the factory; I am looking forward to it and with temperatures down a bit it should be a touch more fun, too. Last Thursday, when I got the delivery of the next batch of tauerville bottles and stuff, it was more than 30°C there, and piling up those boxes and bottles was like ...well: I was sweating like a horse. All these bottles et al. will have to be packed for air transport now. And that's what I will do.

    And some tauer perfumes packaging, too. For the ZEN feeling...

    I also decided to do some countdown, starting in the coming days on my tauerville facebook page. Three, on tauerville's facebook presence I have by today 3208 page likes. On the tauer perfumes facebook page I got so far 2825 page likes. It makes you wonder, right? Page likes are important because folks who like a page are more likely to see content that is published on that page. So there you go...Maybe I should devote a post or two on this topic, the facebook "like" economy. Interesting!

    On the tauer perfumes side: I am getting mentally ready for autumn. And I bought a pair of sneakers. For the Pitti Frangrance fair 2015 in Florence. That turned into some sort of tradition and you can expect to see many shoe pictures on facebook then! I love that. There is something joyful and fun about it. It takes the seriousness out of Pitti and this od glamour world of perfumes and their creators and the folks selling them. You know: After I got my sneakers, I sneaked into the niche corner of one of Zurich's larger department stores. By US standards you would be super amazed to see the brands there compared to "US department stores". Compared to the offerings by stores like Twisted Lily or Tigerlily or others it is of course still a modest offering. The brands there: Everything that I consider industrial niche. You know them, no need to drop names here. What did I do there? Sniffing a few bottles, because I heard so much about this and that. I did not spray one scent on paper. It was all just to, well: standardized might fit to describe the offering.

    And you know what: That's perfectly fine. I mean....if you are a department store you need to sell. A lot. No time for complicated stories. My little side note is just: Please, please, please... stop calling it art.

    So the sales rep of a particular brand asked me "do you know the scent"?

    "Yes, I do". I said.

    "Ah", she replied.

    That was it. The communication ended there. If I was the brand owner of this particular brand: Get the sales rep back into school.

    Another take home message there, in the department store: Not a lot of folks buying. In the niche area I mean. But at least there was a good crowd. This is great: There is a growing interest for different perfumes, also in Zurich, Switzerland. In the classical perfume theatre, where you find Chanel and others: It was amazingly quiet. Dead as a dodo. If I was brand owner of one of these classical brands: I would be worried.

    Anyhow: It was a busy weekend, and I realized again, how much is going to happen in the next months. And the more I think about the more I see how well tauerville and tauer perfumes go together and how each of my scents complements and broadens the line of things that I offer. That's why I picked today's picture: I took it this morning in the living room, in a corner where I always put some of my pictures. I do so in order to see them daily and see what is good and what's not so good about them. The pictures are very diverse in nature (watercolor soldier sitting over kitsch oil painting, a wolf hiding behind a pencil portrait of Ms. Merkel, and so one...but I can see a pattern there). In the mean time, I have so many that I need to do some serious thinking about what's next and how to deal with the flow of finished pictures. The same is true for my scents (pipeline). But that's another story.

  • heading forward

    This morning I am a bit in a hurry. I expect a delivery coming by truck to the factory and I need to be there this morning, hoping that they will get there in the morning. Thus, I am "heading" down there real soon. When picking today's picture, fitting with the word "heading", I started wondering where we are all heading to. I am heading towards autumn; in a month from now Pitti Fragranze, THE niche fragrance fair in Italy will soon be over and I will probably be totally exhausted.

    The delivery to the factory today: Bottles and pumps and all of it for tauerville. They will be heading to the US, after me having inspected them and put everything together (labels, boxes and inlay). It is kind of a detour as we could have them shipped to the US for filling and packaging right away, but ...I am a bit a control freak there. Thus, first things get into my warehouse, get inspected, repacked for air transport and then they leave.

    For tauer perfumes, I will need to head towards a new order of tin sliding boxes. The stocks are dwindling there. These boxes are one of the very few things these days that we get from China. The competence to make these kind of boxes in Europe (for an acceptable price) has gone. So they come from China, which is ok. They need work, too.  In light of the recent developments in China, it is my little tauer economic boost programme for China. Not that it would make a big difference, but still: These days everybody starts wondering where we are heading and even in China, the world's factory, the trees do not grow endlessly and there seems to be a downturn happening that is changing the name of the game (again); these days are really exciting.

    I wonder where we are heading to. But for the time being: I am heading for the factory.

  • Are you afraid of the dark?

    "Are you afraid of the dark? Don't be; I'm not. We'll guide you through the Forest Primaeval, have no fear. "

    This is Ida, Ida Meister, about Dark Mysterious Woods, in a scented snippet on Fragrantica. Here's the link to Fragrantica.

    Ida presents, in her beautiful imaginative words, 10 scents, all part of the UNRELEASED project by Tigerlily in San Francisco. The UNRELEASED collection is a collection of 10 perfumes by 10 independent perfumers (tauer included). You can't get these scents nowhere, as they are ... well: Unreleased.

    By August 19 Tigerlily will open their online store and for those wondering about the details on how to get one of the Unreleased collection of samples from 10 perfume houses: beginning August 19th the Unreleased boxes will be a free gift with a purchase of $60.00 or more from the new Tigerlily Perfumery online shop [itself not yet officially open for business].

    How exciting is this? This is... well: It brings back memories of the golden days of niche. And it is super exciting!

    Today's picture: My interpretation of my unreleased "Dark Mysterious Woods".

  • publication notice

    today,  a little tauerville note, just because.

    Yesterday, I got the official Notification of Publication for the brand name  "tauerville"® by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The mark is already registered in Switzerland, though.

    That was a nice message to get in the evening. Another little step forward there.

  • bats early in the morning

    For today's post I did not really have a picture, thus I had to get one. So there you go...I got up super early, for no particular reason. If I wake up I get up, usually, because you never know how many days more you are given to wake up. And I usually wake up with an idea or a thought. This morning, I actually woke up with a perfume in mind, including name and all. That's a nice start into your day, although the more you move into your day the more the ideas usually faint.

    Anyhow; as it was so early I sat on the balcony, observing how the light changed from moonlight to dawn's first signature on the horizon. And: I 've seen bats. Finally! All summer I was watching out for them and -although seen at night in previous years- I haven't seen one. This morning they were there, plenty of them, catching their good night goodie.  A perfect morning.

    And while sitting there and watching the bats move around, I remembered a comment on Feeling, Looking, Smelling Great (a facebook group) where someone classified fragrances as "dense" or not dense. When I read that, I learned that I keep on learning. It never appeared to me that one could classify a fragrance as dense. But there you go: It is actually a good term, me thinks... not dense is quite the industry standard these days. In noble words one might call them translucent; yes, Iso E , I am looking at you, and Cashmeran, you're part of the club, too.

    And then I thought that naturals are actually dense, normally. Except for a few like lavender or bergamot, but take a natural vetiver=super dense. Or rose absolute: Dense. Jasmine: Dense. Even simple stuff like patchouli: Dense. Patchoulol, a single molecule, a natural ingredient of patchouli essential oil: Not dense.

    And then, my mind stopped working and I needed another coffee as it was just too early.

  • dirty hands

    I painted the second last picture published here on the blog, the elephant in orange, with the brush that you see in today's picture. The brush is pretty rough, pretty large and round. This translates into: Difficult to do details, and nice structures due to the brush's rough hair. The brush helps to stay "generous" and free when painting.

    Here's a detail.


    Thus, the tool is defining the result. When composing fragrances, my tools are pipettes and a balance, and the raw materials. In my composition work, with very few exceptions, I always use the undiluted raw materials. Sometimes, they are a bit hard to weigh in as you only need super tiny little bit of -for instance- a powerful aldehyde. I mention this because there are different ways to compose. Some use pre-diluted raw materials. My fragrance brushes are rough and heavy. To be honest: I do not know whether it makes a difference, but I guess it is part of my style. In an analogy, I might say: It helps staying "generous" and free when painting with scents.

    In the brush picture you can see more: a dirty hand.  When painting, you get dirty hands. (and dirty rooms and shirts....) When creating perfumes, I quite often get dirty hands, too. And when packing and making shipments ready and piling up boxes and fiddling with palettes: Dirty hands. Does it matter? You bet. It makes a difference because you get involved, soaked with scent, covered in sweat when lifting boxes, and you go home with a shirt that tells what you have done all day long. I have long working hours, but every day I am feeling blessed: What I do, everything, I do for myself. And my clients. What a difference compared to turning burgers or piling up soup cans or filling excels or ... The price to pay for that: Constant uncertainty as the next pay check is not guaranteed. I guess it is a choice.

    The brush picture shows you more, in the background, out of focus, but nonetheless very important: Aluminum cans. These are post- production cans, with not much left, fragrance raw materials, that I use for creating and all sorts of experiments. My perfume "organ", my collection of scents, is spread out everywhere, a complete chaos, but I know pretty much by heart where the bottle of vetiver oil stands. Again: It is a matter of style. I cannot get organized there and I don't know why, but I feel this is important.

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