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Uff. We (my two helping hands and me) sort of managed to get packed and ready what needed to get packed in the "factory". Like: Piles of air du désert sitting there, waiting for autumn and the holiday season and "if we are lucky" it will last into early next year.

Thus, that exercise is sort of over for the moment. Back to the routine of doing every day a bit of everything.

And back to working on ideas and scents: Like... sandalwood. Sandalwood, Santal notes: I just love them. Quite often I feel that real sandalwood from Mysore (santalum album) is actually good enough a material to make a perfume by itself. A single ingredient perfume: compare this to other single molecule perfumes.... But then I also feel that a nice "sandalwood centric" perfume is actually missing in my line or the tauerville line.

Not too easy, though, as sandalwood as a note is very gentle and it is tough to come up with a nice sandalwood note that stands out, without being overcome by other notes. And then: Sandalwood, the real thing, is expensive. Thus, you need to build a sandalwood core that is enhanced (enhanced sounds better than diluted) and that costs less.

For instance with Bacdanol. A creamy, cosmetic feel, less woody, more on the floral side, sandalwood note. An single molecule that, combined with other molecules, like Sandalore (a bit more on the woody sandalwood side) gives actually quite a natural feel of a sandalwood note.

Now... the question: Do you really need the real thing inside, a least a bit,  if the substitute is close? Actually, the substitue might be recognised by many perfume lovers as the real thing because the real thing is not known to many and we are all conditioned to the substitute.

Well, my answer so far: Yes. You need the real thing.

I am really looking forward to playing again with scents and talking about it. Time to get out a bit more of the factory....

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  • Hi Andy, yes, I'd say I'd need the real thing if it's coming from you. My argument is that we almost don't get the real thing from any other house (to my knowledge)... so getting it at least from my preferred perfumer would be a unique and extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime thing...

    Speaking of once-in-a-lifetime... any thoughts of issuing a special, limited edition, Tauer Perfumes' 10th anniversary Orris release? :-D

  • Good evening Andy, now you have sent me dreaming a dream that isn’t likely to come true, I’m afraid. When I was a young lad, the scent of Indian Sandalwood was ubiquitous, and easy to find. I loved it very much and never forgot its appeal. Planets have moved on, and I moved to other pastures, as I wasn’t yet the perfume devotee I am today. Meanwhile, I have tried to rekindle that memory, albeit with no success. The few perfumes that are said to contain detectable amounts of Indian Santal, do not really smell like the stuff that my brain had memorized. They are mostly overlaid with other notes. Then a few years back, the shop in Zurich that sells your creations had a small bottle left over from one of your scent apéros with diluted Santal album (Sandelholz). I was instantly transported back to my adolescence.

    To your question. It may be hard, but possible to make a veritable reconstruction of the original Indian Santal note, like Diorissimo did for muguet. But since true Santal album seems to be still in existence in small amounts and at a price, it should sit at the core of the perfume and be recognizable and long lasting. If the cost shoots up, then make it a Special Edition. Let the younger generation partake in the wondrous aura this perfume creates. I would certainly be more than delighted.

  • good morning, Kal
    well, well.... I haven't planned anything like a tenth anniversary release. The orris 10th anniversary would, I think, translate into 2016. Hmmm. I guess redoing what has been done already is boring, from a creator's point of view. :-) but for sure, Oriss was loaded with sandalwood, too. Thus, thanks for bringing this to my attention! I forgot about it :-)

  • Good morning to you, Stephan.
    I think it was a revelation for me, too, when I smelled Mysore sandalwood, years ago.
    And, to be honest, I rarely worry about the price these days. Every time when I am in a perfumery, I feel that there is room "up there " :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  • I'm glad I raised the issue Andy... and to make it better (in my point of view, at least) you might consider issuing the special limited edition of Orris on the 10th anniversary of your first launch ever... which I think would be this year, as Le Maroc Pour Elle came out in 2005 I think :-D
    (do I dare dream of that? I wonder...)

  • In my mind, authenticity is always best. There is no true substitute for the real thing. I tease Andy about making a tomato leaf accord, but it would not be the same as going into a garden to pick a sun-warmed tomato and brush against its fragrant leaves..... Although hmmm, Andy's creation might be equally amazing in a completely new and different way! :-)

  • a sandalwood perfume would be heavenly andy. i have a small bottle of the magic stuff and can only imagine what your creation would be. like nothing else!

  • Thank you for your enthusiasm, Annsmith :-) Let's see where we might be heading there....

  • actually, Kal, the 10th anniversary of Le Maroc pour elle was in January, this year... technically, I am operating in my 11th year now :-)

  • Yes, Melissa,
    and the same is true, for instance, for lavender. Touching these in the garden is real, so much more real than smelling an essential oil. Even if this, the essential oil, is wonderful, too. But it just misses some qualities. And a synthetic substitute there feels like plastic :-)

  • I would love an Andy Tauer sandalwood scent! It is such a magical note.

  • hotlanta linda 30. July 2015 at 19:15

    Another lesson in the Tauer classroom! We usually go for the real thing, but then we need to be open to all ingredients in the recipe! Song is. Hey, hey good look in' Whatcha got cook in'


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