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First: Thank you to all of you who commented on my last post about the discovery set. Actually, I got - thanks to you- a couple of more ideas what to do there. I love, for instance, the idea of a "tauer starter set" and a "the latest" set. Great!

One of the reasons why I am commenting less and writing less you see in today's picture: one of cardboard boxes that I use for shipments of goods. I fetched more of these yesterday, using the car, in anticipation of August and especially September's spike. About using the car: In a certain way I am running a green company, using almost never a car, and transporting as much as I can by bike. But there are limits, of course.

Anyhow, I am still very busy labelling bottles and packing them, and will continue to do so in the next weeks: Today I will fetch 1000 bottles of rose de Kandahar, filled for me by the company providing me with the raw materials for my perfumes. They do the "liquid" stuff, and I'll do the rest there, like sticking the labels on, putting the o-ring cache pomps and and and. I am also a bit more silent on facebook as I really want to focus on my flacons. That's the issue with handmade by tauer, that the hands are somewhat limited. And that's one of the ironies of working artisanal: At some point you (I) really can't talk all the time about what you do , but you have to do the work. Which is quite a contrast to brands, like designer brands, that get all the communication done by professional companies. You can't compete there. In a way, I am dependent on my clients talking about my products.

And I am dependent on retailers talking about my products. And there, things change, too. There used to be a time when it was enough to simply put a product online and start selling it. These days, you need to do more. Otherwise, there's Amazon, eating you up.

In that context: Here's a great "SCENTED SNIPPET" that you should not miss, especially if you are US based. It is about Tigerlily, a fun project initiated by Antonia, the founder of Tigerlily in San Francisco, involving the best there is in artisanal niche, and it's about ... perfume that you have not heard of nor smelled yet.

Here's the link to the Fragrantica scented snippet, written by Ida Meister. Enjoy!

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  • Interesting stuff. I visit Fragrantica a lot so will keep an eye on the Unreleased project.

    Nice picture of you too!

  • Thank you, Peter
    It is a two-selfie, done by Jeffrey: He is good with his camera :-)

  • Hmm, a dark woody scent, sounds great! Hopefully I can get my hands on one of those samples.

  • hotlanta linda 17. July 2015 at 4:18

    'We Are Family' from Sister Sledge Just keep your heart in the driver's seat, all will be well!

  • Andy, what magical and mysterious dark, woody potion are you hiding in a barrel down in your cellar?! Now my curiosity is piqued.

  • I will do my best, Tara :-)


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