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  • post 800

    Wordpress tells me that this is post 800 since I switched platforms. 200 more and we got a thousand. Yes!

    Today's picture shows you a less "yes!" picture: bunch of yellow narcissi, based on a 5x5 cm little picture from the watercolor class, wet in wet, as our teacher told me "you have to try it again and again and again...". So there we go again. But it is very tricky. All the factors playing in there, the paper, its wetness, the structure of the paper, the color, the brush, you name it.

    But I will soon switch to other illustration modes again. This wet in wet thing gets a bit tiring, to be honest.

    In my perfumery days and weeks and months I -happy me!- can switch from one activity to the other, too. Not every day/week/month I feel like composing. Somethings notes and failures just go on my nerves and I prefer to fiddle with other stuff. Rearranging bottles. Or working on new concepts, but not the perfumes. Or revisiting old trials that sit on the bench, a while ago labelled as "failures". Quite often, when revisiting, these failures actually look better than before.

    Maybe it is because they really got better maturing (I doubt this, though) or because the perspective is different. Sometimes, time really helps. Sometimes it doesn't.

    Right now, I am sniffing an amber trial that I did two weeks ago.. Yes, I think it can go into dilution. I have no plan, really, yet: I guess I was just reaching out for notes that are perfect in winter. Warm "reminding in incense"  labdanum, comforting vanilla, balsamic benzoin, floral woody happiness of sandalwood. If you wonder what "amber" means: Here's the perfect article about amber in perfumery on Perfumeshrine. Enjoy!

  • bunch of flowers and tomatoes

    Good morning from Zurich, still in winter's grip, which is ok as it is February and this tends to be the coolest month of the year around here.

    But it is also the time when I start getting sick of winter. So, what can you do? I tend to look at winters here from my historic perspective and this tells me that things are about to change soon. And I buy flowers and hence myself some hyacinth bulbs that will bloom in a  week or so. The flower of today's picture help, too. These are one of the results of yesterday's painting class (very wet in very wet and super difficult...). The class is always a warmly welcomed break in my week's routine. A couple of hours where there is not one single neuron thinking about the various news we get these days; and we get a lot of news that are somewhat troubling. Although, to be frank, when it comes to the Euro I sort of went into resilient mode. Looking at things from a historic perspective helps there, too. Like: Since 1800, Portugal and Greece went bankrupt 5 times. Spain even 7 times. Here's an article from 2011 about this an other facts in the Telegraph.

    So you see: States failing and going bankrupt is sort of normal.

    Bank Runs are also sort of normal and happened here and there every couple of ten years. The generation before me, for instance, new about this from their parents and they -often- were hoarding the little money that they had somewhere at home, but not on banks. Or at least not everything.

    Maybe we are just in for a new normal.

    Anyhow, to fight the winter cold and the winter blues and in anticipation of happy spring days I buy seeds, too. This year: Tomato seeds. After last year's spectacular growth and harvest - although our summer was a pain to grow tomatoes outside with a lot of rain and cool temperatures- I am looking very much forward to this year's tomato venture. I will soon get seeds from special tomato types, one of them being a wild species, a mini tomato (think fingertip sized), originally from Peru that is said to be unbelievable taste. The real thing. And super robust. And getting big. ... you see: We are in dream mode already.

    Thus, today in the factory, when trying to pack empty glass bottles and pumps and all, I will be in dream mode about a bright sunny tomatoes future. In case you wonder: The empty bottles fly west, to the US, to get filled and packed there. This is a developing story, a new venture in a way, an experiment, a game, and a bet, and a first step towards leaving Euro wonderland.



  • UN ID 8000

    Brrr. It's cold outside. I guess we are getting the cool weather here from the US East coast. I will be heading down to the factory by bike and will do so fast, the faster the sooner I will be in my cozy spot, surrounded by boxes, putting more boxes into boxes. T0day, I'll finish some Incense rosé, and will pack more air that goes there where the cold weather is coming from. Kind of a nice exchange: Warm dry perfume air in exchange for cool arctic air.

    The picture today shows you packed UN ID 8000 items. Perfumes, consumer commodity, packed for Fedex Air transport, with all the labels on. As it is dangerous goods, it needs to be packed and labelled and shipped in a certain way, priority, with extra fees, and a shipper's declaration(extra paid for) that I get from an outside party who confirms that the packaging is done properly. It all adds up, in the end. I mean: $$$.

    What I ship is 50 ml. If it was 30 ml or less, then it would be "exempt quantity", meaning you can ship as exempt quantity, Fedex Eco, without fees, without shipper's declarations that you have to pay for. In my next life/for my next brand that's the take home message: Don't go for 50 ml.

  • flowing

    Yesterday, in the factory, under my tauerville sign that I got from a friend, years ago, to celebrate the opening of the two rooms where I spend most of my time these days, yesterday, I made today's blog picture. Very,  very wet. An experiment really.

    Kind of out of control. You see how the colors flows over the face? Magic!

    Here and there (perfumes) I love it when things start to flow and get out of control. I learned, however, that most people do not. Flowing can also mean: Doing something in a different way than before and reinventing things and yourself. Like saying cheers to playtime with Calone. Or goodbye to xyz. To some extent, there 's a part inside me that welcomes crisis mode and the fluidity of breaking points, of interfaces between yesterday and tomorrow. First because I am more effective. And secondly because I am more decisive. Stuff that might have been accepted for years, without complaining, like retailers paying late, or perfumes not selling well, or better said: investments to bring a perfume from one packaging to the other or onto the shelves with little financial return, stuff like that, from one day to the next, gets changed, eliminated completely. Like the Pentachords. What is out there on the shelves may sell and then: That's it.

    And in this sense, every thunderstorm is a relief.

    When announcing the price hike, due to the Swiss Franc going through the roof and due to increased uncertainty of where we end up,  on Facebook about two weeks ago, Marianne asked me there what might change. I think I said something like "everything". Unfortunately, this ship is already partly loaded hence to change everything needs time, more time than I wish. In other words, the homage scents will stay a bit longer because the next batch is made. This however is not true for Zeta- a linden blossom. 1 bottle left. For me. I am sorry.

    But you see how the color flows in the picture? Magic!


  • was calone putting an end to high end male perfumes?

    This morning, for no particular reasons, I woke up thinking: "I need to make a Calone centric fragrance". The second thought was "maybe with a big flower next to it. That would be so odd, maybe a tuberose or rose". The third thought was "there is a reason why I do not have Calone here in my perfume studio/lab/creative mess".

    The first thought might be due to my greedy subconscious and from a business point of view makes a lot of sense. Talking to my perfumer friends, we often discuss what scents work in the market and which scents don't and why this might be. We always come to the conclusion that you never know, really. But there are trends. Like: Calone  works for men. And women. Often. And hurray! Calone is cheap. Thus, why does it work? It might be conditioning. My generation got into the perfume buying age when the world was flooded with huge ozonic waves of cool waters and many other waters and l'eaux I survived this era, and yes; I am sort of an exception, I sort of do not like calone really.

    But, coming to my second thought, there might lie a rewarding challenge. Fighting with what one does not really like (yet). Although, I am not sure that "rose and calone" go well together. Better to keep it simple, like  Calone and grapefruit and a hint vetiver. Cliché par excellence. Anyhow....Maybe my subconscious tells me that it is time for an aqua di Andy. Although, again: I do not like Calone that much. But then (see thought 1): It is not up to me to decide what people like. And from time to time, as a creator, one should reach out to the observers and try to offer them what they want.

    The third thought this morning might be not ok. There is no good reason for not having Calone (see thought 1): Thus, I will get some.

    Although, I will do so shuddering. There are a couple of reasons to shudder: Assuming that the answer to today's blog post title is "yes", and this yes is confirmed to me on a daily basis by what I see and read and smell in most male perfumes corners, and  knowing that I do not like Calone that much: But I think I have already said that.


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