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  • day 11 of my advent calendar, or advent greetings for my friends "down under"

    This draw is closed now. Please visit the advent calendar page for your next chance to win. thank you. Welcome to day 11 of my advent calendar! Today, after yesterday's explorer set on Perfumeshrine, you can win again a discovery set, with 5 samples of your choice. Good luck. (and... .make sure to visit the advent calendar page tomorrow again: Worth it!)

    Today's illustration is for my perfume loving friends "Down Under", or "Up and TOP"... Due to the time difference, I am sorry!, they might be a bit disadvantaged entering the draws. So there you go. A little sketch for you'll. After being done with sketching the kangaroo, I realized, from a distance, that he/she does not really look super happy. And the fir twig with the christmas tree ornament is sort of floppy, too. Ah well.

    Thus, I figured: Maybe this is the unconscious, fighting its way to the surface. As nice as the holidays are, if you run a perfume business they come with extras that are a touch difficult. I am not talking about more sales or shipments or orders. This is actually nice (!) and highly appreciated. And you can prepare, sort of. Although, a comment in brackets here: You never really know what you gonna get. And: Perfumes are like wines: It takes a lot of time until they are ready. It starts with the scented raw materials: Not always available right away. Then there are all the materials to pack perfume: Sometimes, especially when ordering in France, you have to wait for months. And then: A perfume, the way I do things here, with  lots of naturals, needs at least 2-3 months; it needs to mature after mixing. It needs to mature after dilution in ethanol, and then it needs to get into bottles.

    So you see: My x-mas starts in spring.

    I usually start planning and ordering  in spring all the things that I think I might need in October, to serve the shops, and later in November, to serve clients who order directly from me. And later in December for all the last minute orders. There we go: That's one of the extras of the holiday season that is a touch difficult, sometimes: Things get very hectic. Everybody tends to get hectic. But after a few seasons I learned to calm down about the business, trying to remember what the holidays are all about. It's about giving.

    In that sense: The conclusion of this post. I guess Mr. Kangaroo is my unconscious self. But not because I am worried about my stock or late incoming orders. Nope. I guess my unconscious just told me that I did not organize any presents, yet. Not one.

  • day 9 of my advent calendar, or a christmas tree under snow

    Welcome to day 9 of my advent calendar. Today, you can win a sample set with five of my scents, your choice, or a rose flash 10 ml roll-on, but as I can only ship the rose flash within the US right now, the rose flashdraw is for the US only. Sorry. But here's my promise for 2015: I will see that I can bring rose flash to Europe. One way or the other.

    And make sure to check the link above again tomorrow. Its worth doing so...

    This morning when I fetched the newspaper, early in the morning, it was snowing! It is still too warm for the snow to stick, but still: Snowflakes in the air. There you go: The perfect excuse for today's kitsch aquarell. A single candle on a christmas tree, outside; I am not dreaming of a white christmas but make it happen on my drawing paper.

    Actually, the holidays are the perfect excuse for many things, like eating too much, or spending too much money. Not only for others but also for oneself. At least, that's the way how I do it. I sort of pamper myself with a present for myself. Mostly, it is something perfume or business related. Like: I want this cellophane wrapping machine! Please.


    Although, I have to tell you that "machine" does not really fit here. It is all manual.

    Manual Cellophane wrapper machine in tauerville Manual Cellophane wrapper machine in tauerville

    You see it standing next to air du désert marocain boxes in the "factory" tauerville picture in the right down corner.

    This year, the gift from Andy for Tauer will need to be a pad. Mine, ipad 2, is still working, but it is getting soooo slow. And, as I do all my mails during the day there and much more: I guess that's an ok present.

  • day 8 of my advent calendar, or a typical Swiss advent cow

    Welcome to day 8 of my advent calendar: Today you can win a discovery set. Just comment here on today's blog entry and you are in for the draw. I will pick a winner tomorrow by

    Today's picture: I could not resist after last week's deer. So there we go: A typical Swiss advent cow, celebrating the second Advent Sunday yesterday (hence two candles).

    My second advent Sunday was busy and perfect. Besides the usual stuff that needs to get done, such as paper work for shipments and mails that got unanswered during the week, there was time to work "conceptually". My term for coming up with crazy ideas and thinking them through. Thinking them through: This actually means different things. Yesterday, coming up with crazy ideas was about crazy fragrances, and thinking them through basically means evaluating them next to each other, looking into their formula, trying to see what can be done better, and whether there's a mistake in the formula. My five scents, of course.

    Thus, a Sunday, full of smelling and looking into excel formulas on the computer screen, and trying to figure out what's ok and what's not. And, besides judging the esthetic quality of a fragrance trial: I always worry about  whether a particular fragrance is or is not "necessary".

    And now: Good luck to you!


  • an advent calendar update

    Good morning to you all. It is Sunday, Dec. 7, and this post is just a quick update.

    Some might have realized: Yesterday we had a little glitch and the Dec. 6 draw got published late for my European and Far East friends to participate. Thus, we decided to let the Dec. 6 draw for an explorer set continue until Dec. 8. So there you go: Just leave a comment there (click here).

    In order to avoid confusion I deactivate comments here. Tomorrow, Monday, Dec. 8, we will be back, with a more regular advent calendar happening. Thanks for your understanding and a happy Sunday to you.

  • Day 5 of my advent calendar, or an odd interpretation of the x-mas tree theme

    This draw is over. But there is another one waiting for you. All days through December, up to Dec. 24. Don't miss it :-)
    Welcome to day 5 of my advent calendar. Today, you can win again, without any purchase or other obligations. You just need to leave a comment here, on this post, and you are in. We pick the winners with The prize today: A rose flash, 10 ml roll-on, perfume! A pretty rare rose that you cannot buy nowhere right now. (more details here about the scent and there about the draws).

    So there we go; another day, another chance.

    And another water color sketch going with today's post. Not to be taken 100% seriously. Comic style. Sometime, when in search for distraction, I sketch these deers and dogs, out of the blue, without any deeper second thoughts. When it comes to perfumes, I am a bit more serious; although comic style perfume sketching - in the sense of - playing without the goal of creating another BIG masterpiece that everybody will continue talking about for the next 200 years- is fun!

    You know: Everybody these days makes "pieces of art" when it comes to perfume. Here, I stopped talking about my perfumes being art quite some time ago. Overused, terms become useless. And you know what: It is completely irrelevant whether something is considered a piece of art or not: What matters is you, the wearer of perfume. That's there where the magic begins.

    Thank you for your comments: Anything goes. Good luck in the draw and enjoy your day!

  • Day 3 of my advent calendar or "my rose X-mas tree"

    (This draw is closed. Please visit the advent calendar 2014 starting page for more chances to win, every day. Thank you, and good luck!)
    Good morning to you all: Day 3 of the advent calendar! Today's prize:  a discovery set with 5 samples, your choice of scents shipped to almost everywhere :-). For details and in order to make sure not to miss draws happening outside: See the advent calendar page 2014. Just leave a comment here on this post to enter the draw.

    Don't miss tomorrow's draw!

    Today's picture is a very quick illustration that I did yesterday in the factory, during a break from packing air du désert, playing a bit with complementary color schemes, and imaginary roses in an imaginary x-mas tree. Actually, this tree would be perfect for a perfumer: Cliché, cliché. Actually, there's a lot! of clichés surrounding perfumes and perfumers.

    But, here's a (non-cliché) thought for the day: Every morning, when waking up, before getting up, which usually is a short  5 seconds, I'll try to think of something nice. Something that I will do during the day and that makes me love to get up. There is always, every day, something nice to look forward to.  Even at days when the world seems to be dark and black.

    Today's first thought: In an hour, I will bake the bread that I prepared yesterday.

  • Day 2 of the advent calendar or "my big fat X-mas tree"

    (Comments closed Dec. 3. Thank you to all who participated!)

    Welcome to day two of the Tauer Perfumes advent calendar 2014. Today, you can win a bottle of Rose flash, 10ml, roll-on, perfume, all about rose.  A little treat (described for instance here) that I offered for about 2 days this autumn until it was all sold out. It will come back next year, but right now, I don't think you can get Rose flash anywhere these days, thus: Good luck! Just leave a comment here on this post. Anything goes and you are in for the draw. Please just comment once. For more details: See below.

    So there we go: December 2. Is it December already? Like 3 weeks only until we will be sitting under the tree again? Wow! Amazing! That's what I thought yesterday afternoon, in tauerville (the place, two rooms, where we pack and make fragrances shipment ready). And with that I went into distraction and procrastination mode immediately. And painted an X-mas tree. A big fat Christmas tree. One that will never make it into the house of tauer. For sure not before Dec. 24.

    Is your tree up already?


    Fine print for the draw: We try to make as many as possible happy. But, unfortunately, Tauer Perfumes is no longer able to mail to Italy, Spain, Croatia, Russia or Greece, sorry! (But yes, you are still welcome to enter so long as you can provide a mailing address elsewhere.) We will pick the winner by and will ship for free, covering all Swiss taxes and fees. Wherever yot the prize.u live, local taxes, VAT, and import fee may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible for making sure that they are allowed to import their prize.

    When commenting: Please leave a valid email address. We will contact the winner by email, only. We will not publish, nor forward, nor use your personal data beyond the purpose of getting in touch with you for the shipment of your prize.

    Good luck!



  • Advent Calendar 2014

    Fragrant greetings from Zurich, and a wonderful advent season to you all!

    The Tauer Perfumes Advent Calendar just started; you chance to win every day Dec. 1- 24. For more details click here and make sure to follow the links there every day....

    It is the time of the year to give. To give back for all the good things that happened to us.

    Advent, with its warmth and scents bringing back memories from our childhood. It is the time of the year where we prepare for the holidays, a time to look back to 2014, and to look forward into 2015.



  • Advent-Calendar-2014

    Welcome to Tauer Perfumes' ADVENT CALENDAR 2014 where you can win every day, Dec. 1-24!
    It is the time of the year to give. To give back for all the good things that happened to us.

    Advent, with its warmth and scents bringing back memories from our childhood. It is the time of the year where we prepare for the holidays, a time to look back to 2014, and to look forward into 2015.

    This is how  you participate day by day: Every day, December 1-24, you can click on a day.  follow the , and leave a comment there where it brings you. Good luck! The link goes to my blog or participating external blogs.

    December 1
    December 5
    December 9
    December 13
    December 17
    December 21
    December 2
    December 6
    December 10
    December 14
    December 18
    December 22
    December 3
    December 7
    December 11
    December 15
    December 19
    December 23
    December 4
    December 8
    December 12
    December 16
    December 20
    December 24.

    Your chance to win a great prize every day, December 1-December 24. We will publish the avatar names of the winners for every day here (click to get to the list).

    Advent Calendar

    Prizes during these advent calendar days will be samples, fragrant soaps, and Explorer Sets and other goodies from my range of products.

    SHIPMENT: We ship the prizes to the winners worldwide ( with some exceptions, such as Italy, Russia, Spain, Croatia as we are not able to ship there), and the advent calendar is open during December 1- 24 for everybody from everywhere. We cover all shipment costs, Swiss taxes and Swiss fees. We cannot cover local taxes and fees, to be paid for by the winner.


    You have my promise that I will not use your address for any purpose other than this draw: To select a winner, get in contact with the winners and send prizes. We will not make any other use of any information you provide on this and other draw related pages. And we will not forward your contact details or other information to third parties.

    For details about my privacy policy: See our impressum here.

    And the winners will be published here:
    Dec. 1: Nat_m
    Dec. 2: Helen
    Dec. 3: Ro.. gre...(contacted by email)
    Dec. 4: Vlada
    Dec. 5: ros...
    Dec. 6: Jensi
    Dec. 8:  HLL
    Dec. 9: Elena.....
    Dec. 10: Open
    Dec. 11: Rachel H.
    Dec. 12: Patricia R.....
    Dec. 13: TL
    Dec. 14: Maur...
    Dec. 15:Marce....
    Dec. 16: AllGirlM....
    Dec. 17: Mrid...
    Day 18:Vanessa....
    Day 19:Alicia
    Day 20:Maneki
    Day 21:Marj....
    Day 22: Ariel
    Dec 23: wefadetogrey
    Dec. 24: Lorind...



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