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  • past and present in an interview

    Today, I love to share with you an interview on Les Topettes, a shop in Barcelona that has new also Tauer flacons. It brought me back to my days in a little medieval village where I was born and raised, and a couple of years ago, when I started my venture. Here is the interview. As it is Friday: Today's photo is a quick sketch on the first question and answer in the interview. Enjoy!

  • Elle, and being belle

    It is like super proud and happy that I share today's picture with you: Elle Croatia did a wonderful feature on the 100 5* fragrances from Tania Sanchez's and Luca Turin's book "Perfume: The guide."

    The photos are really amazing and here's the photo credit: "Elle Croatia December 2013. / Photo: Mladen Šarić; Styling: Mladen Šarić, Saša Joka & Ivo Parać; Text: Ivo Parać".

    What I like about Elle's pictures: They are off from the average dim color vintage  assembly pictures of a desk, boudoir with a flacon or the art-related pictures of flacons.

    They are fresh. I uploaded the pictures in an album on Facebook here.

    It kind of kickstarted me thinking about how - in 2014- I should come up with something like a family reunion picture of all my scents that I did so far. I have never done it, and I think that might be a neat idea.

    You have probably realized: Yes, the last few days were busy, but now..... now.... things start to softly calm down and I will go into easy gliding mode again. Hopefully. There are a couple of building lots and construction areas still in tauerville, but the more and more I will have time to get into my 2014 projects. Like getting some nice pictures done, of what tauer is all about.

    And -of course- Sotto la luna®. Can't wait there anymore.

    And for all my US friends and fans: A blessed Thanksgiving to y'all. Enjoy!

  • it's the holidays

    So yes: The holidays are approaching. Living in a thanksgiving free context here in continental Europe, I just realized that Thanksgiving, and the interlinked activities of everybody visiting everybody and eating turkey or other delights will delay the delivery of PHI into the shipwire warehouse by a day or two, or three. It will get there, provided that FDA is nice enough to proceed with the inspection of the parcel this week.

    This is  a first déjà-vu of things to come: Festivities ahead, last minute wishes, delays, and dreams of all sorts. Like ordering urgent x-mas gifts Dec. 23 and getting them the 24th. So in a sense, it is funny: Although the holidays are nice and a wonderful opportunity to give, and buy and although they are super important for shops,  if you talk to retailers, some of them would just wish the holidays to go away. Because everything is always so complicated and so over excited and often maniac. One told me the other day: Oh let's just get over with the holidays and go back to normal, please. It is getting too much. And it starts earlier and earlier. "

    Yes, things start earlier these days.

    But then there's this other side to it all. The rituals, like my event in Zurich, called "Duftapero" (scheduled this year for 2014), the lights, the glitter and this one time in the year when we can indulge in luxury, the luxury to give.

    Today, we got a bit snow again in Zurich. Perfect to slowly but surely embrace the season.

    Today's picture: Getting ready for the holiday season.





  • terroir perfumes, foulards and cookies over the weekend

    Like Ronny said on her blog: A lot is going on these days. I guess this is true for most of us. It's the holidays...

    Here, we are a bit behind schedule, with a few minor things, like soaps (Mandarines ambrées), scents (Le Maroc pour elle) and concepts (Sotto la luna). Besides the holidays approaching, there is another perfume brand approaching, and since last Saturday, it is actually officially here, or there: In Zurich. Richard Lüscher Britos, terroir perfumes, featuring 5 scents by five perfumers, and one of them is me.

    The fragrances are all natural, in my case free of any isolate and consisting exclusively of essential oils, resins and absolutes. It is a fragrance that I  have built around the terroir Causse Méjan, and the lavender growing there. And here's an amazing detail on the side: This scent lasts for hours and hours, and if you apply it overnight, chances are good you might wake up with it in the morning. The brand is called Richard Lüscher Britos for the last names of the three founders. Friday evening was the official opening of their store in Zurich, and I could for the first time see their flacon, the packaging and the super cool foulards that they got done, with fine print on silk, one picture for each terroir. My blog picture today shows you a little detail of the foulard that goes with my terroir, 44N 3E. So that was cool.

    Equally cool was Valerie visiting me, bringing cookies and sniffing scents. This visit or rather: My baking cake for this visit, is documented on Facebook.

    So.... I hope that this week will allow me to get done what needs to get done and that by the end of this week, I will find the time to work on the good stuff that is less important, for sure not urgent, but I so much love to do it: playing with scents again. But first things first: The urgent and important stuff.

    Ah, yes: I forgot : Amazing but true, I have seen three scents from my kitchen being launched in November. That's kind of a lot.




  • Advent Calendar 2013

    The advent calendar draws are over. We wish you a peaceful holiday season.


    Welcome to Tauer Perfumes' advent calender 2013.
    It is this time of the year again: Advent, with its warmth and scents bringing back memories from our childhood. It is the time of the year where we prepare for the holidays, a time to look back to 2013, and to look forward into 2014.

    This is how  you participate day by day: From December 1-24 every day will get a hyperlink. Click on it, follow it, and leave a comment there where it brings you. Good luck!

    December 1
    December 5
    December 9
    December 13
    December 17
    December 21
    December 2
    December 6
    December 10
    December 14
    December 18
    December 22
    December 3
    December 7
    December 11
    December 15
    December 19
    December 23
    December 4
    December 8
    December 12
    December 16
    December 20
    December 24.

    Your chance to win a great prize every day, December 1-December 24. We will publish the pseudonym names of the winners for every day here (click to get to the list).

    Advent Calendar

    Prizes during these advent calendar days will be samples, fragrant soaps, and Explorer Sets from my range of products.

    We ship the prizes to the winners worldwide, and the advent calendar is open during December 1- 24 for everybody from everywhere.


    You have my promise that I will not use your address for any purpose other than this draw: To select a winner, get in contact with the winners and send prizes. We will not make any other use of any information you provide on this and other draw related pages. And we will not forward your contact details or other information to third parties.

    For details about my privacy policy: See our impressum here.




    And the winners are:

    December 1:Ms. E A
    December 2: Z...1
    December 3: Ursula
    December 4: (prize goes to F.A, in S... S, MD)
    December 5: FA
    December 6: SK from SC :-)
    December 7: Marte
    December 8: Aaron
    December 9: EI
    December 10: Veronica (Greece)
    December 11: JH (UK)
    December 12:Tuskan
    December 13:Noemi
    December 14:NS (Colorado)
    December 15:CM (UK)
    December 16:Alex Andra
    December 17:Annie A.
    December 18: Lubka K
    December 19:
    December 20:Victor Da
    December 21:Phi... Rou...
    December 22: Maggie E.
    December 23:Lisa
    December 24: Elizabeth T.

  • roses

    Richard Lüscher Britos Store Build UPRight now I am testing two different rose oils from Iran, methyl eugenol reduced, just from an olfactory point of view. Methyl Eugenol (here is what IFRA has to say about it, pdf) is a potential carcinogenic, present naturally in a couple of essential oils, like rose, clove or basil essential oil. Thus, there is a growing demand of methyl eugenol (ME) free rose oil. The price of ME free rose oil is higher, the scent quality is usually lower. It is the same with Bergamot oil: You cannot really use the real thing with all the bergaptene in there anymore, but it has to be said: Bergaptene free Bergamot oil is just a touch less rich. ah well.

    I am not considering buying the Iran rose oil right now. Just testing it. I mentioned it yesterday, PHI -une rose de Kandahar is doing just great and I feel like I should just stick there for a moment. Yesterday, I poured more bottles of PHI and packed them. Tomorrow, if all goes well, they will fly off towards my Shipwire warehouse in California. Am I happy with Shipwire? You bet!

    Do I love to work with roses? You bet!

    Here is another proof: Next Friday, 4pm, Zurich, Markthalle, will see the official opening of the Temporary Store of Richard Lüscher Britos. There, the world will see among other Terroir scents my take on the Lavender 44N 3E (lavender was harvested at 44 N, 3E). Here is a short video of the
    Richard Lüscher Britos Store Build UP

    More on Richard Lüscher Brito? you can find it here.

    And what's this to do with the roses? No lavender without roses... thus, there in the Lavender 44N 3E, I used a rose oil, in order to support the spices and the gourmand notes of lavender. The rose oil used is just one out of 28 all natural components, oils, resins or absolutes, no isolates, and it has a wonderful effect. So, yes, roses, here and there, everywhere.


  • Canyon Dr.

    Back from Los Angeles.


    It is always amazing like you are  catapulted  from one reality into another, from bright lala land into grey z-land, z like Zurich. This time, the catapulting process took a bit longer than expected as the flight to Zurich was cancelled and I was sort of rerouted. But that was ok, I got a dining voucher that I invested into sushi, and knowing this situation I was the first guy on the desk getting a re booking. When I heard "cancelled", I was in jump mode and was on the desk within a second. 

    I was also in jump mode up Canyon Dr (today's picture) a few days ago, on my way up Griffith park, overlooking Hollywood. I learned that there's a mountain lion up there in Griffith Park, since  a while, living up there, peacefully eating mostly coyotes. Imagine. How cool's that? Life really is different there in LA, and a mountain lion on this island of wilderness, in an ocean of highways, is like super amazing. There is a picture on Facebook, a first selfie, of me up on the highest point, after jogging up there for about 50 minutes, with the Hollywood sign in the background, proof that I made it up there.

    Super amazing is also PHI- une rose de Kandahar, and how it was received these last few days: We are sold out in our Shipwire warehouse in the US. In a couple of days, we should get more stock in and be able to ship again. All orders placed now, for PHI- une rose de Kandahar, with delivery within the US, will ship automatically, following the date of order, as soon as we got stocked up again. Swiss, and other orders are not affected, as we ship directly from here, Zurich. And yes, we can only ship full bottles to Switzerland, France, Germany. There is no need to ask me for exceptions. Thanks.

    "as soon as we got stocked up again" actually means: I am on my way to my little factory where I will fill more bottles, label them put them into metal boxes, and pack them for shipwire individually (lick 'n stick), and pack them for Fedex, and get the paperwork done tonight. So you see: I am busy again, which is just about the best I can get right now to fight jet lag. Cheers to you'll from grey old Zurich.



  • soon on my way

    I am leaving shortly for LA, and during these last hours in Switzerland I prepare what needs to be prepared. Among other things: washing clothes. Yep, rather profane. So there we go: Let's talk about washing my 501. When hanging my 501 up yesterday night, I suddenly realized that I have seen thousands and thousands of posts on Facebook. Posts where folks share what wonderful food they just cooked, with vegans publishing a bit more than meat tigers, or where folks let us know a deeper truth about life, like "do what you wish to do",  or "eat right and mother nature will take care of you", or cat pictures, or posts about art, or perfume....

    But I have not seen and do not remember one post where somebody shares that they are washing their everyday clothes, and hang them up, eventually, or put them into the tumbler. I hang my jeans up, as we got rid of the tumbler a while ago. The picture shows you how. So, this is interesting. Could it be that most FB friends don't wash their clothes anymore? Watching TV, I know that one of main worries of women and men there is getting clothes clean. And fresh, and fragrant. They talk about it on TV all the time. There, besides being food obsessed, mankind seems obsessed with their washing clothes result. The social media tells us that this is not true anymore for those who are populating facebook et al.

    Modern facebook man has stopped washing his clothes mostly, it seems.

    It seems as if there are two mankind on this planet: One fossil TV species and the modern facebook species.

    Thus, hanging up my jeans, after turning them, I realize that I am probably on the fossil side. I turn my jeans before washing them, and yes, I hate it to turn them again when they come out of the washing machine, because they are wet and stubbly.

    So you see: Even when washing jeans you can discover the world and learn about yourself.

    Ah, and yes: I do not use a softener at the end of the washing cycle. Believe it or not: I use vinegar, to soften the water (and the clothes), as I do not like my 501 to smell like a gigantesc spring garden.

    I wonder: do you belong to the clothes washing species or have you evolved already?


  • endlessly inspiring

    Today I invite you to take your chance at Fragrantica, to win one of 100 samples of PHI-une rose de Kandahar. Thanks to Jeffrey Dame and Hypoluxe, and to Fragrantica, I got this great chance to share this latest fragrance of my Collectibles line with perfume lovers who share their passion there.

    And I got the chance to  talk a little bit about what makes PHI special and why it is not part of the regular line, and more. You find it all here on Fragrantica, and a quote that I will use from time to time again. I came up with it at the end of the interview and found it fits perfectly.

    "I am convinced that the world has not seen enough roses, yet."

    (today's picture shows you details of the tin box packaging of PHI with the cardboard around it, and the PHI - collectibles label on the side)

  • another word on PHI

    Today, I have another shipper coming by and picking goods up, there where I pack them- in the two room factory; some when during the day a truck driver will knock on the door and pick goods up. The problem: You do not know when they are going to make an appearance. Technically, it could be in an hour from now or in 9 hours from now. It is the second last shipment that needs to get out to retailers before I need to get to LA.

    It was a busy week so far. With little down time really. So here's the promise to self, another kind of selfie so to say (following up on the last blog post): Not many meetings in LA! Combing back to the topic of selfies: Interesting. I had my nieces over for dinner, and was shown the pictures of their holidays. Selfie, selfie, selfie, and jealousy inducing pictures of empty beaches and sunsets. I made a lot of pictures when I was in their age, using an analog click-o-matic kind of thing. No selfie there. Not one, really. But epic pictures of forests and rivers and trees. Digital picture taking does not only changes how we look at  pictures, objects, people, how we perceive them, but also very much how we take them and obviously also from what objects and people we take pictures in what way.

    There are two things that I don't really understand: One is ...Why is selfie written with "ie"?

    And finally, to end the selfie reflections:  I haven't really any selfies on my phone. I have to change that.  My phone is full with sunsets, and pictures of flacons and flowers. Today's picture shows you one of these: edited and cut out a bit. A detail from the PHI- une rose de Kandahar 50 ml flacon, in black and white, a picture with a lot of straight lines and angles. Black and white lets you imagine the color. And I chose to go black and white, as it kind of illustrating  that in the next days, perfume lovers will get their samples, and a black and white idea of PHI will start to develop color, and become real. I am really curious what colors you will you see.

    But before that: I have to work on these orders as soon as Mr. truck driver made his appearance. Hurry up, please, Mr.


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