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  • comes with golden sticker: trademark registration from the USPTO

    How cool is that: I post about sotto la luna® yesterday, and at the same time, one hour later, the postman rings and brings the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) Certificate of Registration for the trademark SOTTO LA LUNA. And -as always- the US document, in comparison to the Swiss pendant, comes with a shiny nice, golden, blingbling sticker at the bottom. Love it! The Swiss paper is a grey mouse in comparison.

    So....Yes, Sotto la luna is ready now. And I know how to type ® on my keyboard (ALT 169); so we are ready, at least from the registration point of view. Some may ask: Why another line within the line? Why Sotto la luna?  Actually, some already did. Why not just add one number after the other, like 15, 16, 17, ...

    Here's the thing: You could of course do it. Says me, the guy who is filtrating Carillon pour un ange right now in the background in order to fill more HOMAGES bottles later in the factory.

    There, with the homage line, in the amber colored flacons, we did the same thing: a line within the Tauer line. Initially, I wanted to create a line within the line in order to be simple and clear and for perfume lovers easy to remember.

    In the mean time, having learned a couple of lessons from (perfume) life and business, I realized that having separate lines allows to selectively correct mistakes that you inevitably make. These mistakes, the little errors that sneak in when a lot of what you do is a first in your life, these mistakes can then be corrected, without having to rebuild the entire house. And lines within lines allow me to do experiments, without having to completely rebuild an entire house.

    It is actually like having different rooms that you decorate differently, the sotto la luna room will feature quite some silver elements on the outside of a 50 ml flacon,  and inside highly concentrated and expressive, present fragrances, all of them are linked by their particular formulation: Very complex and deep. And by the underlying inspiration: Flowers, white in color, blooming under the moon. I am curious already now to see who will visit this room in the house of tauer and how it will look in the end.

    Until we get there: Carillon pour un ange needs to get into bottles. Urgently!


  • tuberosa a Zurigo

    Today's picture shows you a tuberose plant, in baby state, still, seen in Zurich about a month ago. Today, the same pot is all covered with green leaves and the Zurich perfumer hopes every day to see the first tip of a flower bud appearing. Our summer is very short and it took a long time until the tuberose plant would sprout. Now, it is still in the state of growing leaves. Let's hope there is a nice August and September ahead, allowing for a nice bloom. I planted a lot of tuberose bulbs in May.

    If there is not enough time in late summer for their bloom, then I will need to compensate and spray a bit more generously my latest tuberose trial that I did for a while for the Sotto la luna® line. As all the trademark registration work is done, and as I am talking about it since a very long: Time to move on there.

    The scents are more or less ready. Three of them. I feel sort of comfortable with them. Gardenia, hyacinth, tuberose. Each of them with a twist.

    Next is the decision how to present them, how to decorate the flacon and for which price range to aim, and the timeline.

    On decoration and how to present the line: I know exactly what to get done there. I will need the help of my super design guru, though.

    Pricing: Here's one message that I learned, knowing that I cannot turn the wheel back in time, like it or not: the price tag and rarity of an object makes for a good part of its attraction. So, I have my ideas there, too.

    And the timeline, well, well. Initially, I figured that I can present the line in autumn this year. But, I feel that this is not possible. I think it will be early 2014. Ah well.

    Anyhow: I just wanted to update you. The next steps will be: Getting a quote from my guru to be able starting the decoration work on the/for the flacons, soon. Fitting with the scents, I want to go a touch more extravagant.




  • ramping up

    Today, I am ramping up production. Packing scents mostly, getting bottles ready to ship later this week. I informed all my retailers that I am on a vacation a couple of weeks before actually leaving and everybody was nice enough and waited to place orders until I was back from the bike trip. But now: No excuse anymore. It will be a busy week, and, mentioned here many times before, it is the price to pay for doing everything perfume related myself: I have to spend quite some time doing this hand made in Switzerland thing.

    Although I talk about it quite often, many of my perfume loving clients actually do not know: I am one of the very few who still does it all himself: Designing scents, producing scents, filling scents and packing scents. It is one of the major differences and one of the factors why I can still keep my products in a moderate price range. Not cheap, but moderate. It is also the main reason why I can do experimental things, games, scented games from time to time, like the Pentachords, as I can still produce in somewhat low numbers. A freedom that you loose as soon as you start working on a different scale, using external packers and bottle fillers. Then things get different.

    For how long this will remain like that, I cannot say. There are factors out of my control making it the longer the more difficult. Like increasing regulations, especially in Europe. But for the time being: Factory work-out ahead. While packing, there is time however. Time to think and reflect about what to do next and what not to do. And what to cut and rearrange in the house of tauer. This is one of the many fascinating aspects of running an artistic house/company these days: Everything is changing so fast that you constantly have to evolve. On a daily basis almost.

    And there is time to dream of a few wonderful hours spent on the beach not long ago. Hence, today's quick sketch. Done yesterday, using Corel draw, on my cintiq with emulated water colors. A technique that -one fine day- I need to practice a bit more. Enjoy the start into your week, and sweet dreams of beaches.



  • weekend greetings and a lily in bloom

    Fragrant greetings and a scented weekend to you! Here, finally, the lily is in bloom, grown in a pot, having survived a rough spring and sending its powdery delights into the air.


  • mirror thoughts, still undecided

    Today's picture shows you a lake, early in the morning, seen shortly after sunset in France, in a very remote area. We got up early as it was a long tour and we wanted to get over the mountains before noon, and started cycling into the sun rising over the hills, leaving a little town that contrary to many villages and little towns in France was still "intact": Little grocery shops, a restaurant, a bar, a boulangerie, a boucherie, you name it.

    We have seen many villages where the grocery shop does not exist anymore. You can still get your bread there, but that's about the only thing you can get without jumping into a car and riding towards the next center, where there is a super U, a Casino or another chain' store. There, super cooled down, you find everything: Pineapple from Guatemala, plastic stuff from China, apricots from France, chocolate from Switzerland, sun protection lotion from Germany. You name it. And as all the grocery stores around the center died, because of the center, and the other way round, you have lots of traffic; cars coming and going. And trucks. And children crying and adults in arguments because shopping is stressful to him or her.

    And me, while enjoying all the choice and idea of getting a refreshing coke or a juicy peach, perfectly riped and fresh from an orchard 250 km away, me wonders what to think about it.

    Sometimes, especially when biking for hours without being in this context of cars, trucks, AC, shops, and light and noise, sometimes,  it all comes as a shock. A shock to the senses, and you just want to get away again. And sometimes, it appears like an oasis on the horizon after a long walk through the desert and you look into blinking lights and inhale the car's exhaust joyfully looking forward towards the cuddling blankets that modernity provides.

    Ah, and yes; my impression is that the same happening to the little groceries in France is happening in other areas: Sephora et al asking for their tribute.


  • Private life: Bike vacation and the sweet scent of freedom

    Today's picture shows you a moment of peace, sketched after a refreshing hop into a pool, in a pretty, but rather "plastic" hotel. I used the last 15% of my ipad's battery to quickly sketch an nice contrast of colors and shadows, straight and less straight lines and a tree that falls out of an otherwise balanced scene. Usually, I am not a pool person, but after cycling 100 km in 30°C (+), a pool is nice. And usually, I am not a plastic hotel person, but if there is no alternative: I gladly take it and cannot but realize that a chain hotel may miss the soul, funny front desk clerk, and dusty corners and little bathrooms and odd pictures on the wall, but it comes with streamlined comfort and optimized amenities. 

    So, yes: like every year the last 15 or so years we went for another bike vacation. Southern France. Supported for the first time by our electrically assisted bikes: Wonderful. We could do a tour that we never would dare to undertake. Up and down the Haute Sevennes. And yes, it is called Haute Sevennes because there are amazingly high mountains and steep slopes. Thanks to the ingenuity of a couple of engineers and a few Watts we followed the wild lavender there, and wild rosemary and enjoyed the scent of freedom the hair flowing in the wind under an endless blue sky, for two weeks.

    Of course, if you run a business and basically run it by yourself, there is no such thing as doing nothing, really. There are always urgent interviews to get done, questions from perfume lovers, shipment details and supplier issues. And there is always a line of thoughts of new things that I want to do, of pictures that I want to paint and of scents that I want to present. There is always something, but still: It is freedom, and sometimes a vacation is the perfect excuse to simply not answer some queries that I sometimes grumpily answer, like requests from duty free stores....

    Unfortunately, this vacation ended yesterday night, and after downloading the 420 emails back home, I am back in the tracks of everyday. And, yes, I am looking very much forward here where I am again: If I put my ear on these shiny tracks, I can hear the train, autumn is around the horizon, and I hope for some yummy fruits.

    I wish you all a lovely day and am looking forward to sharing a few more pictures and stories and insights after two silent weeks!

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