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  • alles neu macht der Mai

    ... that's a German proverb, meaning "everything begins anew in spring". And indeed, this is pretty much true: There is new energy, new hope, new vigor and vibrancy in the air, everywhere almost. And indeed, we will soon be entering May, spring's highlight, in my opinion. I will start my May in London, meeting potential business partners, not from the UK, and discussing philosophy and values and perfumes, while enjoying a cup of tea.

    My anew things coming with May: I am reaching out to a few potential partners for my fragrances. Although I do  it very carefully, having made my experiences in the past... but that's worth another post.

    Another anew thing, mentioned last Friday: The cap, being produced in May and introduced somewhat later. Today's picture shows you one of the first caps, zero series, that came out of the machine. It is made from Bakelite, one of the first "plastic" materials made by mankind, with a retro touch, highly solvent resistant, and with a cool feel to it. Bakelite: a powder that is pushed together really hard, under high temperature: It takes about 2 minutes for one cap. I ultimately decided to go for Bakelite, after having it on my mind for about two years because the wooden caps were not recognized as being of high value. Strange as it may sound: A lot of clients did not really realize that the wooden caps were made from wood. Thus, why bother doing expensive, tricky to manufacture wooden caps, if you can get the same in Bakelite. The price is comparable, though, but contrary to the wood, they come with a much more reliable and reproducible interface to the flacon. Thus, they should sit there well.

    Although, to be honest, except for super expensive magnetic solutions, there will always be some caps that stick a bit less, or more, due to variances in the glass, the pump, the cap, and due to wear. Although, here again, the Bakelite is very tough and does not really wear out.

    Anyhow... time to optimize my caps mid term. You see this in all brands: The cap is often the "weakest link" in the whole presentation.

    My caps will be very black, with a tauer  logo relief on top, and will be brushed and polished by hand, in Switzerland. Amazing.

    And while we still have wooden caps: Enjoy them... they might soon become collectibles.

  • visiting a new supplier

    Today, I am visiting a new supplier in Zurich, called Silac, and I should be witnessing sort of the birth of a new piece going onto my flacon. Exciting! The zero series parts will -once tested - be approved by me in the coming days and then hopp! we will start producing new cover tops for my flacon. The production will take some time, as it is a customized top, and as it comes branded, which means: another Tauer logo.

    I will take my camera with me and hope to be able to shoot a few pictures, possibly when the thing comes out of the machine. I imagine the machine to be impressive, but am quite clueless, honestly.  I will share my impressions and pictures soon.

    so... we will see! Today's picture shows you me, or better: My shadow, on top of Griffith Park, overlooking Los Angeles. I always go there, jogging up Canyon Drive, all the way to the top and back again. It is a great spot and provides 360° overview. To the very right you can see Downtown LA. I picked today's picture, as it illustrates sort of the big, very big, spreading out megapolis of Los Angeles. I feel it is quite appropriate to say that there is no market as competitive as the US market. For sure more competitive then the little Swiss homeland market where things move differently. And also quite differently competitive than the European market. Although, I would have a hard time pinpointing where the differences actually lie.

    And with this, the post closes: The new top cover will help me to stay competitive, in this super competitive market of perfumes and fragrant things, where the scents are actually only one part of the calculation, where more and more brands and fragrances are entering the arena and want to graze on pastures that may be green but still are limited.



  • back from LA

    I feel I have used today's post title a couple of time in the past: "back from LA"! But I cannot remember coming back right into such a spring explosion like this year. Tulips, hyacinths, green grass, mint leaves pushing through, and inside the house a gardenia bringing up new sprouts and creamy flowers. Just wow!

    Actually, the post's title could also be " back from JT", as I spent most of my time there, in Joshua Tree national park. Think "camping, making coffee in the morning, after a night in the high 40-ies, jogging, preparing breakfast, eggs and stuff, hiking JT, taking some pictures,  picnicking, getting ready for sunset, and cooking food in the evening. I made sure to always have my  vegetables with my steak: Mashed potatoes, vegetable stew, grilled paprika.

    This year, they did not get of rain in JT, and hence the bloom was modest.

    Back in Zurich, there is a lush green and blooming plants everywhere. And work, which is fine, too. Today, I organized a parcel pick-up in the factory, and thus, I need to run down there in a minute and will leave this post here. My goal was to say "I am back anyhow". And maybe I should add "with a couple of ideas"?  JT does wonders there.

    Here's the thing: Ideas grow slowly, and need calm moments to pop and bloom, like desert creatures waiting for rain.

    And here is another sketch of a typical JT boulder ( I publish it in larger resolution on my facebook site). Enjoy!

    Joshua Tree boulders, seen and sketched in April 2013



  • on my way

    Friday evening, when I left Jovoy, THE window for niche in Paris, I passed over the main street along Jardin des je-ne-sais-plus quoi, watched the sky and saw the most admirable rainbow. Being totally down to earth, usually, I do not really care about signs and symbols, but I nevertheless said to myself:  well, I guess , that's a good sign.

    rainbow over Paris

    I tried to make a quick picture while passing over the 4 lane road...a risky venture. But the Paris  guys and girls drive suuper attentively.

    Thus, let's hope it is a good sign! The press day at Jovoy was super, super intense, but totally thrilling. It was the first time that I presented the scent Noontide Petals, in the new packaging and I never really met the French / Paris beauty press. The new packaging for Noontide: you see it in the picture going with today's post. In the course of 2013, slowly but surely, most of my scents will go into this new packaging, that is easier to pack, easier to ship, easier to stock and looks... well: More elegant.

    Thus, I spent a full day, talking Noontide Petals, in French, rusty French ( olàlà: I need more practice) and was super happy. Noontide Petals was well received. And so was I at Jovoy: well received. Here's a big thank you to the many helping hands at Jovoy, and if you, dear reader, ever are in the area: Make sure to visit this wonderful boutique, right in the heart of Paris: Here's the link to Jovoy's website again. Their selection is amazing.

    And now, back in Zurich, I get through the last most urgent things, like putting Noontide Petals online in my own online shop, and packing the suitcase. In some hours I am on my way west again. Time to take a deep breath and calm down for a few days there, in LA, and Joshua Tree, before moving on. And trust me: I am looking very much forward to moving on.

    Bottomline: All is absolutely fine here. Noontide Petals is out, you can get it at Luckyscent (where you have the chance to win a full bottle, too. Just check out their latest newsletter for the HOW to enter), on my site and soon in May in many places more in Europe.

    And, believe it or not: Spring is here in Zurich. Finally. Jogging in 20°C plus. I guess right now, everything is as good as it can possibly get. àWith fragrant greetings, enjoy your Sunday!


  • the video of the Noontide Petals sketch used for cards

    Fragrant greetings to you all! This week will be super busy and I need to keep my blog posts (and replies) a bit short. I will be trying to pack and send some orders to retailers, and I will need to continue stocking up a bit. One of these stocking up items: Noontide Petals, in order to have enough to ship when I am back from LA.

    Noontide keeps me busy these days: The samples are online now. The full bottle is also online but not activated in the shop, yet. I need to wait until the full bottle is in stock in the US  by mid April. By then I just need to click a button, and it will go online on my website, too. I prepared the shop over the weekend, and : Jupiehhhh... it just feels great! Thus, I picked a shop picture as today's illustration going with the post. One week more and I will be in Southern California, and Noontide will be online. By the way: In Southern California, I will hide and hike in the desert. Kind of recharging and refueling and getting ready for the next big jump.

    Thus, today, I stop writing and just share a link to a video. The link points to a mov file on my server (you can watch it with apple's quick time programme), 32 MB, that shows you how I did the sketch of the Noontide petals flacons. This video comes from the programme brushes that runs on the ipad. And it is one of the cool features of this app: You can see what you did: One stroke after the other. And here is the link to the video (click here). Enjoy!

  • Noontide Petals samples in the shop and the world in blue without blues

    If you have not participated in the "Post Easter happy rabbit draw" for sample discovery sets: You might want to do so by visiting this post (click here). Tomorrow Saturday, I will pick the winners there. Good luck and thank you to all who commented already.

    Today's picture shows you a part of the "factory" where I fill bottles and label and pack them, seen through the blue glass of a pentagonal flacon, holding the camera right in front of it. The glass bottle sits on the crimping machine (think : one-armed bandit), and in the middle of the room I grouped the air du désert marocain bottles, ready to get labels on. A blue world. Without blues these days.

    Yes, yesterday was a great day, as I finally got the last piece of the new packaging for Noontide Petals and could make the first shipment(s) ready for the US. Thus, things fall in place. The shipment will leave next week and around mid April Noontide Petals flacon will start being available in the US. Europe will follow a month later. I need to ramp up things a bit carefully this time. And I am travelling a lot in the next weeks.

    On Wednesday, tatata! and uff!uff!uff!, we managed to install the online shop shipping extension and after solving a couple of unexpected errors, it all seems to work nicely, allowing me to accept single sample orders or discovery sets,  from many countries again (without offering shipping of full bottles to most).

    Thus, another happy news: Noontide Petals samples are online, as single product or part of the sample discovery set. Next week, before leaving for Paris, I will need to prepare the full bottle products in the shop. Ah, yes: I will be in Paris, second half of next week, to officially present Noontide Petals during the Press Day at THE Paris niche perfumery JOVOY (the perfumery is closed for this day). And when back, I will just have the time to pack the suitcase again, grab my tent and hop into the next plane, bringing me to LA.

    It's about time!

  • Happy rabbit post Easter draw: Discovery set, including Noontide Petals samples

    Remark, April 6 2013: This draw is closed. The winners got an email and  are :


    Thank you to all of you who participated and good luck the next time! Congratulations to the winners!

    It is this time of the year again: The Easter celebrations are over and the Easter rabbit is happily hopping back home, relaxing and enjoying the rest of the year.

    So, there we are again: Welcome to this year's Post Easter Happy Rabbit draw on my blog. As this draw has become sort of a tradition, I picked the same picture that I used last year: A happy rabbit hopping through lush green. However, this year, I could not take this picture yet. We had snow for weeks, and it is still bitter cold. Not much green lush spots out there.  I guess this year our happy Easter rabbit hopped right into a hot pool.

    But spring will come! And with it a new fragrance for my line of scents. And today you can win sample discovery sets, and add my new creation to your sample box. Number 14, Noontide Petals, an eau de toilette, and it will become part of my "classics" range. I will present it tomorrow in my online shop: Samples will be available on my site by April 3 and full bottles will become available by mid April (shipping to the US, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland).

    How to participate?

    I invite you to leave a comment to participate. I will leave the draw open for a few days and will announce when it is closed here,  together with the winners' names. The winners, picked by , will get an email from me. The draw is open for everybody from everywhere and you can win one of 5 sample discovery sets with spray vials of 5 scents of your choice, including Noontide Petals, if you wish.

    You can participate by leaving a comment, anything goes,  and a valid email address, and by leaving your email, you allow me to contact you in case you win. Otherwise, I will not make use of any data that you leave, nor will I forward nor sell your email address. For more details on our privacy policy: Please follow this link.

    Good luck to you all, and let's hope that spring comes soon!

    Remark, April 6 2013: This draw is closed. The winners got an email and  are :


    Thank you to all of you who participated and good luck the next time! Congratulations to the winners!


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