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  • Day 9 of the advent calendar

    Fragrant greetings from winter wonderland again! It is day 9 of our advent calendar and we look back to a most wonderful scent gathering downtown Zurich. We got snow, lots of it, on Friday, starting in the afternoon, and the next morning all was under a thick and pure and peaceful white blanket.

    The picture that goes with today's post: I took it right at the entry of where we had the getting together yesterday: At the "Felsenegg Keller" in Zurich, close to where Pascal's shop "Medieval art&vie" is, right in the middle of medieval old Zurich. I needed a minute to prepare and rethink my little opening speech and found myself on this most wonderful spot. I took a picture, and went inside again, where a little jasmine twig with a dozens of white flowers in bloom was waiting. This year's theme of the scent gathering was "white flowers", and I brought jasmine absolutes (the grandiflorum and the sambac variety), orange blossom absolute and tuberose absolute, all diluted to 5% with me. I did not show them until after my opening and after the reading by the actrice Lilie Friedrich and the speaker Egon Fässler.

    Imagine how this room must have smelled in the midst of our gettogether, when I finally put the bottles with the diluted treasures onto the table?

    What a lovely contrast to the white blanket outside: The warm perfume of these little white flowers.

    I thank you for stopping by, and gladly share another discovery set with the winner of today's draw: 5 scents from my collection, your choice. Entering the draw is simple: just say hello and leave a comment with a valid email allowing me to contact the winner after picked the winner.  If you wish, you might want to comment on snow. Here's what I think: I am glad it is there, when it is there, for about 2-3 days. And then I am glad it has a melting temperature of around 0°C and look forward to the temperatures getting beyond there. Enjoy your Sunday and good luck in the draw!

    Comments for this draw are closed. Please visit the advent calendar for the next opportunity to win. Thank you to you all who commented.

  • Day 7 of the advent calendar - the Grinch

    So this is day 7 of the advent calendar. Today it is about the Grinch who stole our christmas. Actually, this is probably the sadest post since a few years. Sorry for that. But that's reality.

    Today's pictures gives you a hint on where Andy found his christmas Grinch these days: It shows you just  some of the parcel that we shipped during the last week, that all came back and were not transported by our shipper. We got a big pile of parcels back. In the mean time, all clients got their money back, or are in the process. So, yes, here's the thing: Our shipper is confronted with new, adjusted security measures implemented by the air freight carriers. Implemented over the last week(s) and without prior notice. Yep, NOT ONE WORD. Imagine, all the perfume bottles being returned and the angry post clients. A nightmare for them....Thus, the post cannot ship perfume  bottles anymore. They used to, and this very reliably. On another side note, my shop needs to be adjusted to allow us accepting air freight orders for samples. Thus, no samples either.

    This is very unfortunate and it means that I can, for the next weeks, only serve the neighboring countries. I will soon make a news item on my site, informing about this new development, and hope that I will not get too many emails. An update is published regularly on my website: It will take weeks and for some regions probably months to establish new shipment logistics as we have to change the way how we do business. I guess it will give me the opportunity to talk about logistics and how we adjust and what the consequences are in the coming weeks on my blog.

    So here 's the thing: The Grinch has stolen our Christmas, but I am happily looking forward to 2013, and will kick the Grinch.

    For the Post, things are worse and kicking the Grinch is less easy , as they are faced not only with us, but a lot of other companies that cannot do international business with them anymore. They are not really to be blamed. But still, my Grinch is yellow.

    Today's price: A discovery set, shipped from Switzerland, your choice of 5 samples from the Tauer line. Just leave a comment, anything goes, or if you feel like it:  let's talk about the Grinch: have you ever met the Grinch?

    The comments are closed, thank you for sharing your passion and please visit the advent calendar for December 8.

  • Day 6 of the advent calendar

    Welcome to day 6 of the advent calendar. Today, for the first time this season, my little jasmine bush is blooming.

    It's scent: Amazing, wonderful creamy and rich, but less intense compared to a jasmine flower in the wild. Mine lives a wild life only in summer and then, by mid October, the plant needs to go inside and waits with us for the spring sun, for many months.

    So it starts blooming and I call this perfect timing: Right in time for our scented gathering where we will sniff some Jasmine absolute, and orange blossom and tuberose absolute. Ideal to compare the real thing with the extraction of the scent, made by humans, in a very smart and clever way, but still: A human piece of work. Like an abstraction. Thus, today's prize for today's draw: A sample of a fragrance where I use a lot of white flowers, Orange blossom and Tuberose absolute,.... LORETTA, from Tableau de Parfum, an ongoing collaboration with Memphis based indie movie maker Brian Pera, where I create scents that are inspired and directed by the moving pictures, the characters, their moods and the lights and colors of Brian's art.

    And as it is December 6, with the Santa Claus hopping around in this part of the world: I am picking three winners for a 1.5 ml spray sample each, wrapped in a little poster of Loretta. And as always: Good luck to you all.

    Participating is easy today : Just leave a comment and, if you wish, tell me what you think about jasmine.  A happy St. Nicolas day to you all!

    Comments closed. See day 7 of the advent calendar. Thank you!


  • Advent Calendar day 5

    Welcome to the fifth day of our little advent calendar!  First a big thank you for all your lovely comments. And the great inspiration that you all gave me for the creation of scents for soaps!

    Today, I am posting from winter wonderland again (we got an inch or two of snow again) and I do so a bit late as I had guests yesterday:  a "business dinner" so to say. I cooked and it got late as we had everything, from apero, salad, main course with lentis, potatoes and ham, and an apple desert. Why business dinner?... because we prepared the "Duftapero" (scent gathering) that takes place this very Saturday in Zurich. We (Pascal from Medieval art&vie, the bookshop where all started and where the world saw the first tauer perfumes on a shelf with a price tag) and me do this every year, once, and as every year this year will be special. Tuberose, and Jamine and Orange blossom are in the air, as I will show some absolutes from white flowers. And we will read some lovely texts that are about scents and memory and love.

    So, yes, everything tauer perfume related started about 8 years ago, and it is just an amazing story with lots of ups and downs. A lot has changed. For instance my flacon. But one thing still is the same: All flacons are filled and labelled by myself, sometimes with a little bit of help. That's why I post today's picture, taken in the factory yesterday:  A naked flacon, in front of a 10 liter glas dispenser, with Incense extrême.The factory: two rooms.

    And here is the prize of today, as I look back, a bit sentimental, to where and how everything started in this little Zurich bookshop: Today, you can win a copy of D. Alawi's book "Le Snob: Perfume". (in English or German). I am still waiting for my English copy to be delivered, thus, the prize will ship mid Dezember. I will sign and leave a little note inside, as some of my scents are reviewed in this lovely book, and as I have a page there where I say something serious.

    In order to enter the draw: Just leave a comment here. Anything goes, and if you wish, you may share your preferred perfume book. I have many favorites. But there is a perfume flacon book that I truly love: Bernard Gangler "Parfums de Collection, deux siècles parfumés", truly inspirational.
    Comments are closed. See December 6 for the continuation

  • Advent and cookies

    Today is day three of my advent calendar and I wish you a lovely start into your week. Here, in Zurich, I woke up under the most beautiful winter morning sky; the picture shows you a little bit of this moment when the sunlight breaks through.  So I hope it will stay sunny today, sunny over thick white snow layer. Snow fell generously yesterday and it got winter.  Quite romantic and inviting to spend your time in the living room with a steaming pot of tea, or cocoa, or a brandy that warms from the inside.

    And it would be the perfect outside motivation to start baking cookies. Years ago, I was still doing lots of cookies for X-mas, packing them into tin boxes or nice bags and giving them as gifts for friends and family.

    These days, I am packing perfumes into metal boxes, and wrap soaps into paper as gift for friends and family.

    Thus, I have definitely moved from the cookies baking side to the cookies receiving side.

    Thus, today's question for the comments: Cookies, you make 'em or you get 'em? The prize of today's draw in the advent calendar: A sample discovery set. The winner can pick 5 scents from my line, the samples are 1.5 - 1 ml in spray vials and they will come in a little tin box.

    Good luck and have a lovely start into your day!

    (comments are closed now. Please visit the advent calendar for the next chance to win).



  • Advent calendar day 2

    Fragrant greetings and a lovely Sunday to you, where ever you are. Today is the second day in my advent calendar and I thank you for stopping by on my blog.

    My childhood memories for this time of the year: Advent always came with specials that I would not get throughout the year. Special cookies made by mom, the Santa Claus visiting December 6, an advent calender on the door of our room where there was a little treat for every day to come until X-mas. Thus, today's prize is something "special", too. A fragrant soap, a tuberose scented glycerin soap that you cannot buy as product nor get anywhere else (yet).

    To enter the draw: just  leave a comment, saying hello, and if you wish, sharing what's your favorite scent in a soap. Thank you! I will pick a winner with tomorrow and will contact the winner by email. Thus, please make sure to leave a valid email address.

    One word about soaps and Sunday: Usually, I use a lot of soap on Sunday. I try to jog every Sunday and my plan, usually, for Sundays is to work as little as possible, but rather soak myself in a hot steaming bath. Especially on cold days like today. But this Saturday came with a lot of surprises, among other things a flat bike tire, and a lot that I wanted to get done did actually not get done.

    Like packing the Tuberose soap that still sits in my little 2 room factory. So.... happy soap packaging today! The picture of today shows you one folded and some unfolded wrapping paper for the soap packaging.

    One final word on the scent: It is a tuberose that I composed specifically for scenting soaps, and it comes with natural rose and jasmine absolute to give it an extra depth and richness.

    And do not forget: just  leave a comment here on this blog, saying hello, and if you wish, sharing what's your favorite scent in a soap, and make sure to leave a valid email address.

    A lovely Sunday to you!


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  • Advent calendar 2012

    It is this time of the year again: Advent, with its warmth and scents bringing back memories from our childhood. It is the time of the year where we prepare for the holidays, a time to look back to 2012, and to look forward into 2013.

    Click here to get to the advent calender 2012. Good luck to you all, and enjoy the season's blessings.


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