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  • Merry holidays!

    Today's picture shows you yesterday's sky over Zurich: An explosion of colors under a sky turning dark, with a bright sun sinking into the horizon. A promise of a bright and colorful tomorrow.

    It is the last day of my advent calendar and I wish you and your beloved ones merry holidays and a peaceful 2013, where ever you live.

    I will make a holiday break on my blog and am looking forward to 2013 with new posts and colorful and fragrant stories.

    Today's draw: I will pick a happy winner again using, after the holidays, and will send the winner a sample set with 5 scents that the winner chooses from my range of fragrances. And the winner gets more: in the name of the winner, I will donate 100 Swiss Francs to the Swiss Red Cross. All of us who live in peace and happiness: Let us be grateful for a moment and remember how precious and fragile life is.

    Merry holidays!


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  • Day 22 of the advent calendar

    Today's picture shows you a cozy moment yesterday night: Sitting with friends at their fire place, and talking into the longest night of this year, burning 10 years old beech wood from a tree that was getting too big and too close to their house. A dry and silent fire, without the fizzling and buzzing and smoke that you get with fresh fir fire in the woods.

    Day 22 already and we will soon come to an end of the advent calendar. Wow. And the shortest day is already behind us, too. From now on, things can only get better again.

    I am looking forward to picking the winner of today's draw tomorrow. The winner will get a sample set (5 scents of your choice) and I hope that you, yes you, will win... The winner of yesterday: Picked by, was comment number 1.

    I wish you a lovely December 22 and hope to see you soon again on these pages. ah... yes, how to enter the draw: Just leave a comment, anything goes, and if you wish to write more: Are you optimistic for 2013?


  • Lights and day 21 of the advent calendar

    Welcome to day 21 of my advent calendar. It is nice to see you here and read all your comments.  Thank you!

    It's about the lights, I thought, when hitting downtown Zurich yesterday. Snow was falling in thick, wet flocks that were melting into black roads and there were lights everywhere. Lovely. Also lovely was the fact that we found the pink fluffy thing that was on the very top of the  short wish list of young Ms. J. who can't read yet so it is safe to mention it here. Ha! Super fluffiness and total pinkness combined. A dream come true for any desperate uncle.

    It is about the lights, I thought and I remembered my mother visiting me 20 years ago during the holidays, in College Station, TX. It was the longest flight of her life, she couldn't say one word in English except hello,  and we were all very happy when she finally landed in this university town in the middle between Houston and Dallas where I did some university studies and when she finally got out of the little plane in this sweet little airport. It was her first trip to the US and she could not believe how different things were. All the lights! All the houses decorated for the holidays. This was 20 years ago and back then, mostly, we would not place holiday (chains of) lights on trees and place hohoho men in public places in Switzerland. So, College Station was different, and both of us loved the lights and flying over and into College Station was like flying into a fairy tale.

    It's all about the lights, I thought downtown Zurich, where I delivered some Incense extrême to Pascal, with my moustache still smelling of NOONTIDE petals, as I touched it with a soaked paper strip before leaving tauerville. The paper strips was soaked with my newest creation that has seen the light these days. Still a mixture, a concentrate, it needs to mature and go into dilution and I need to get stickers and labels done and so on, but it is here, in my cellar and I am flooded with stellar  happiness.

    I may not be able to ship it right now, as the online shop logistics is still unsolved right now, partially at least, and it may need another 2 months until the scent is actually ready, but I am happy that it is here. It is the brightest floral that I have ever created. A thousand flower petals in bright sunlight.

    It is all about the lights, I thought, and was very happy indeed. "light" is missing in the list of the parameters of a good perfume by E. Roudnitska. In today's picture you see an old, worn out piece of paper that sits on my desk's lamp, where I wrote down his parameters: volume, tenacity, but also clarity, delicacy, radiation, strength and unique character. "Light" would fit perfectly there.

    Today, I got up before the sunlight hit Zurich. A busy day: We are running out of Mandarines Ambrées soaps. Time to make more today!

    Thus, today is your chance to win another fragrant soap, made for friends and family mostly, fresh from tauerville. Just leave a comment, and -if you feel like it- do you place lights and candles and stuff for the holidays?

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  • Day 20 of the advent calender

    This is a super short post on day 20 of the advent calender. The reason: we move from panic mode into full gears action mode. This means: Andy rides downtown in order to look for the gifts that I have in mind. At least I have the gifts in mind. And as its mostly gifts for children: Easy!

    And, when heading downtown, I will bring some fragrant stock to the shop in Zurich, Medieval art &vie, the little bookshop in the historic center of Zurich, where you find my scents. You find my scents there exclusively, because it was Pascal, the shop owner, and me, who had the idea of starting this venture, and we went together through thick and thin. Right now, he is sort of desperately waiting for my appearance, as stock is low. Actually, stock is always  a bit low, as his shop is very small. Today's picture shows you a picture of him, of me and of Beatrice Gaudenzi who creates spice mixtures and chutneys that are heavenly and that you find in Pascal's shop, too. Her DAL mixture, to be used with lentils or potatoes and more is to die for.

    Actually, Pascal and me always believed in what we did. Even in days when almost nobody believed in tauer perfumes, as nobody knew them, yet. Since then, a lot has changed, but not how Pascal and me work. I think we are a dream team. And one fine day, when I am grown up: I want a shop of my own. Maybe. That's one of these dreams ...

    Et voilà: This post got even longer than I thought.

    Today, in the draw, you can win a sample set, your choice of scents from my range. To enter: Just say hello and if you feel like it: Any dreams for the time when you are "grown up and got serious"?

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  • Day 19 of the advent calendar

    uiuiui.... we are approaching fast towards the end of this advent calendar. 4 more days after this post. A number that you can count down with one hand. No need for excel. Thus, I feel it is time for panic mode now, as I still did not find the time to head downtown for some gifts.

    Time to hurry! Unfortunately, I need to work in the factory today, and I have to work conceptually, on some changes and adjustments for 2013. Maybe I try to stand the panic and wait until tomorrow with my few x-mas presents. And get those little presents and gift boxes and soaps wrapped and the gold ribbons curled tomorrow.

    To be honest: I love, love, love to work conceptually, and I could invent another brand and another product and come up with exciting scents every day. Mostly during jogging in the woods. It is like ideas are in the air there.  There is so much you can do in the entertainment business: I sometime think perfume business is an entertainment business. Entertaining the nose and other senses. I like this. Sometimes, I wonder why there are some many copies of copies of copies of concepts and scents around, though. It must be the fresh air missing.

    Today, in the draw, you can choose your prize: Either you pick and win a fragrant soap, Mandarines ambrées, or you pick your prize to be a sample set with 5 samples from my line of Tauer scents.

    And as usually, you enter by commenting here, saying hello. And if you feel like saying more: I wonde...are you in panic mode, yet?

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  • On holiday cards and day 18 of the advent calendar

    Welcome to day 18 of my advent calendar. It is wonderful to see you all here! Today, I share a picture of my holiday cards: a gardenia, painted on the ipad a while ago. For the X-mas cards, I printed it on 220 gr/m2 artist's paper ( medium surface cartridge pad by Winsor&Newton) and folded the A4 formatted card. Thus, the picture is on the right side/half of the A4 page and the other half, the back side, is empty.  Then, after writing a few words in the middle of the card, it goes into an envelope that I got specifically for the card: Kind of beige, with a shiny insert.

    I picked a gardenia for this year, as it was besides Joshua Trees the most painted object in the house of tauer in 2012. And it was the flower that has seen most perfume trials in 2012: Starting in spring I was in a gardenia inspired frenzy and the result will be a gardenia fragrance in 2013. It will be late 2013, though, as I am faced with logistics and shipment issues and due to this with a big money issue first. The regular readers of this blog know the name of the line where the gardenia will find its place: SOTTO LA LUNA (under the moon). Actually with (R) , as I got SOTTO LA LUNA registered. It will be a line of white flower scents. Think: Gardenia, jasmine, orange blossom....Anyhow: It will be later in 2013.

    The cards: I printed them over the weekend. And since I have them, I started writing some. Most of them will leave the house, reaching Swiss recipients in a couple of days, hopefully before X-mas. Due to the turbulence with the shipper and meetings and preparation work for the meetings, I am a bit behind. But I guess a day or two after X-mas is still ok?

    Thus, today, you can win an X-mas card, signed by Andy, printed by Andy and with a motive that was drawn by myself. And it will come to the winner together with a fragrant soap: MANDARINES AMBRÉES again. Just leave a comment here to participate and say hi, and maybe, if you feel like it, you may comment on: How about your holiday cards?

    Comments for this post are closed. Please visit the advent calendar for your next chance to win. Thank you.

  • Day 16 of the advent calendar

    A couple of years ago, in another life, when I was more or less working 8 to 5, and had a pretty much 90% work free weekend and a 100% free time during the days between X-mas and New Year's eve, well, then I used to play. Computer games, mostly Civ, starting from 1 and buying every major one that came out after that. I do not really feel sorry for the time spent in front of the screen, biting on my lips when loosing. Like all hunting carnivores, humans have to play. Furthermore, I am convinced that my excel tolerance today and my happily sitting in front of the machine for uncounted WORD and PHOTOSHOP and ILLUSTRATORand you name related hours is directly linked to a couple of euphorial highs when I built my empire, explored the huge oceans or went to nuclear war (after uncounted hours of going through humanity's scientific and cultural development) in my computer game.

    The last few years have not really seen me doing many computer games. I guess that's ok, too. I do not hunt my meat and hence the carnivore excuse does not really count. And...I am getting close to the first half of my life, turning 50 in 13 months, thus: Time to get serious.

    Being serious today means: Calculating numbers, and writing text and being conceptional about where Tauer Perfumes should be heading. And it means writing into excel and sniffing from time to time. Like today: Think .... sandalwood! Ah...... what a treat!

    Today, is day 16 of the advent calendar and I wish you a lovely Sunday, and I hope you have something nice and cozy to treat and spoil yourself, too. You can win a fragrant soap today: Mandarines Ambrées again, fresh from my hand making thigns factory.

    How? Just leave a comment here, saying hi, and - if you feel like it- you might tell us what games you are playing, if any. Fragrant greetings!

    Comments are closed. Please visit the advent calendar starting page for your next chance to win. Thank you!

  • Doors and day 14 of the advent calendar

    There we are again: Day 14 of the advent calendar with a picture of doors leading to a bright unknown. Today, you can win a fragrant soap, called MANDARINES AMBRÉES, made for the season and not available as something you can buy. It is probably the most popular soap that I have created so far. Well, actually, you can buy it in the book shop in Zurich, where everything began. Pascal, the shop owner of Medieval art&vie, asked me to get some, as he has many clients asking for the soap. So I made a few extra. Their wrappings are not designed by my design guru from the Designers Club, but I put the Tauer logo on the wrapping. That's already something.

    When I started with my perfume venture about 8 years ago, I did not put a logo anywhere: It only said "tauer perfumes" in small, very small letters on the packaging as you are legally forced to put the producer's name there. Thus, when I first met Donovan, my designer friend, he asked me, how clients know that a scent in a box is from me, Andy Tauer, and I told him that there on the backside of the box, at the bottom right, there it says made by tauer perfumes.....

    That was a while ago and since then I have successfully upgraded my brand and venture. Next year will see me doing a lot of things differently, and from today, I start working on these changes.

    I picked this picture as it fits perfect with the end of the year, and the new year starting, with new opportunities opening: We hope so at least. Right now, to be honest, we are however still in the dark tunnel and the next door with light is not that close.

    Today, we learned that we cannot ship perfumes out of Switzerland to our retailing partners with air freight, using our shipper of the past. The consequences are somewhat cheerless. Some channels will not be served anymore, air freight shipment costs will explode and product prices with them.  A lot will change, as we cannot just pick another shipper but have to go through a lot of certifications and paper work issues.

    Thus, if you are in the US and elsewhere "airfreight abroad" , get your tauer now. They might be off the market for a while.

    Thus, I picked this picture, hoping for new opportunities opening, although some of the views in these rooms I will not like.

    To participate in today's draw: Just say hello. And maybe, if you wish, share which perfumes you think must stay on the international markets, under all circumstances....

    Cheers from Zurich!

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  • Stretch it or: Day 12 of the advent calendar

    Welcome to day 12 of my advent calendar. And today, today it is a serious post about the holidays logistics at tauerville. Tauerville=the two rooms where I put all together: Juice into bottles, bottle into box, box into large box and if things go to Italy: Put the box in a box onto palettes. I have rented two rooms in a not so fancy business building, one room is stock only, one is shelves and tables.

    Logistics =making sure that things are in stock to be shipped at the right time to the right place using the right means. Thus, it means making sure that you have enough in stock. But it also means making sure that you do not too much in stock. A lot of things take for ever. Literally. For instance, I have to decide in spring what raw materials to get for the summer production of a scent to have it ready in September/October, for shipment to Italy, to be in the shops in November/December. It's like going to Phytia in Delphi and asking the Oracle about next year. So you basically never know what you gonna get and prepare for what you think you might gonna get.

    I think you got the message: Not easy. And the closer you come to the end of the year, it means stretching things. And to top it all: I am sometimes a little bit like a squirrel in winter: I forget about some of the things that I put in the back of the shelves for winter...So we tend to discover from time to time a couple of bottles, boxed and ready, put aside as "reserve" for x y z.

    To illustrate this stretching of things, I use a scan from a catalog that I got the other day. It shows you a stretch PolyPropylene foil that is used to pack and seal boxes on a palette. Thus, it is a picture in a packaging catalog. And I love, love, love these packaging catalogs. We got a couple of these stretch foils, too. They are cool. Although,I have to admit:  I look less cool than the lady on this picture....

    For a one man perfume house with two rooms as factory, packaging catalogs are dream stuff! I dream of large space, and cool men and women packing my palettes with stretch foil.

    Today, you can win in the advent calendar draw a sample of Lys du désert, my decennial contribution for Luckyscent (not available here), sent from Switzerland, hand sprayed into a sample vial, with a little greeting card, signed, a print of one my sketches from my visits to Joshua Tree, where I try from time to time to get out of my logistics worries...

    To enter the draw: Leave a comment, say hello, and if you wish.... what is your dream catalog these days?

    Comments are closed for this draw. Please visit the advent calendar for your next chance to win. Thank you!

  • a first little Xmas panic blast and day 11 of the advent calendar

    Welcome to the 11th day of my advent calendar! We are approaching half term soon (tomorrow) and wow! this basically tells me that there is not more than two weeks left for a trip downtown to go and get some gifts. And I haven't done my Xmas cards yet. Shame on me. As every year, I said to myself: "this year, everything is going to be different". I will be a good boy and get my gifts early, early, like November! yeah, you bet!

    The only presents I got were the ones for me so far. Or no, rather for my enterprise.  I got Tauer Perfumes a new scale, to measure in the near milligrams range, for weighing perfume formulas. Today's picture shows you where I got it (Labor Faust) and my enterprise is soooo happy. A nice, simple to use, electronic balance, made here in Europe (Germany I think), and used here, in Switzerland, weighing plus/minus 1 milligram.

    The picture of today shows you something else, too. A sample vial that I got from Flavex in Germany, a producer of carbon dioxide extracts. This is a super generous sample of a 95% Vanillin CO2 extract from Vanilla planifolia extracts. Vanillin is the molecule that gives the vanilla pods some of their vanilla smell and taste. Vanillin is what is used in your yoghurt. So this extract is a natural CO2 extract, with a concentration of vanillin of 95%. And, as it is an all natural extract, it comes with an incredible rich aroma. These 5% extra non vanillin ingredients are just wonderful. It is like combining the best of two worlds. Vanillin is great to use and easy to balance in a mix, and the natural side notes give it this richness that you only find in true natural vanilla pods extracts, like an absolue.

    The whole thing comes as power and in order to mix trial scents, you really need a good balance. That's why I figured: time to get it.

    So, I guess, this does not count as X-mas gift to self, does it? Today's draw, with the winner picked by as usual, is for yet another sample set (I am behind my soap production schedule!) where you can pick samples of your five favorite scents from my collection. To participate: Just leave a comment. Anything goes. If you wish, you might share with the world what you will give yourself for X-mas. A lovely December 11 to you all.

    The comments are closed. Please visit the advent calendar for your next chance to win. thank you!

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